Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Carpenter's Daughter @ Taipan, Subang

Oh hellllo! Happy Sunday everyoneeee! Decided to spend my time on updating my blog today because my bro is still away till in another few hours lol. So Imma maximizing my internet speed all by myself now first. WOOHOO! So he don't complaint I'm dragging the line slow and caused him lose his Dota match. -.- 

Anyway, went to this place called The Carpenter's Daughter at Taipan, Subang with KL for our breakfast / brunch 2 weeks ago. My first time here and I'm very keen with this shop with their good service and nice ambiance. Price wise was reasonable too. Oh ya, the shop is quite pack during peak hour around noon, so do go there earlier to get a seat Heh! :)

*This post is NOT a sponsored post. It's mainly my own opinion*

The menu. 
It looks like some newspaper type. 
Very classic ya. :) 

The counter that sells cake and for payment! 

 They do sell varieties of bread as well! :)

The ambiance at the shop. Not bad, feel kinda relaxing though! :)

The process of making cake. 
It's open concept where everyone get to see. :)

Our cup of English Lipton Tea. Lol.
Added English in so it sound more atas. HAHAHAHA.

Some photo session time because I brought my baby along.

 Uhm, a lil bit senget-ed.
*close one eyes*

Day-dreaming with my atas tea lol.

The food that we ordered. :)

Carbonara Al-Funghi, RM18.90+.
Creamy flavour with 3 different types of mushrooms in it!

All-In-One-Pan, RM23.90+ come with a Lipton tea.
In simpler term, it's big breakfast. 
People like me who can't choose what to eat, this is a good choice. HAHAHAHA.

We ordered dessert too.
This is Lemon Meringue, RM9.90+. 

We both love this as it taste not that sweet. More towards sour-ish taste!
Yums! :)

HAHAHAHA. Sorry if I scare you.
I'm not a killer and don't worry, I won't eat you up. 
Picture is just for illustration purpose. XD

Location: No. 46G, Jalan USJ 10/1E, Taipan, Subang.
Contact: 03-80811218
Business Hours: 
--> Monday - Friday: 830am - 930pm
--> Saturday - Sunday: 830am - 10pm

For more info: Please click here!

Will definitely come back when i got the time! :)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Penang - Short getaway with family!

Ohaiyo. I was on holidays for FIVE days last week! Muahahaha. Happiest moment in my life being a working adult. XD

So, how you spent your holidays? Hope all of you enjoy your long weekend yea. For me, I've been away for a short getaway with family. :)

It was so fun spending time with your loves one. In this trip, I decided to keep it low profile (okay, not like I'm famous anyway lol) - that I don't even want to update my social networking at all. Even I'm so into Dayre these days (to pen down my daily activities; as much as I could) yet I decided to not update anything during the trip.

And yea, what's the point to have data right? When I got no data last time, I want data plan so badly. Now I have it, I decided to neglect it. Bleh. -.-

Anyway, long story cut short. In this trip, the only thing we did mostly is EAT and SLEEP. Yea, no play because I don't even want to go to any visitation. Partly because I'm bored with Penang dy. Went there too many times till I feel so meh. And weather is so blardee hot there. OMG sweating like buckets once I stepped out the hotel room. The only thing that make me go out is to MAKAN. HAHAHAHA. Okay, this post will be FULL with pictures.

P/S: Most of the pictures taken using N4 and some using my baby camera. Definitely can see the difference in some of the pictures. =]

Enjoy! :)

17-20 July 2015

Day 1

Stopped by Ipoh petrol station and found out they have Mydin there. Because our butt gonna kemek due to long distance of travelling, so we decided to went in for a short walk. 


 Need to teach them how to take picture dy. Both of them also not looking at the camera. LOL.

Because it was CHEAP. So, we lugged these to Penang too. Lol.
Go till where buy till where. HAHAHA.



 Uhmm, I don't know why am I laughing so happy.

 Maid of the trip. XD

 Hi, we are Pakcik Lee and Makcik Lee. LOL.

 Night view while walking to Gurney.

A husband who take handbag for his wife while the wife is busy trying clothes. =]

Day 2

Good Morning. :)

Curry Mee, Yums.


Banana Pancake

 Putu Mayung


After breakfast, movie timeeeee. 
Doraemon - my love. 

HAE-ing in hotel room. Woohoo~

After breakfast, tapao KFC and Sotom Thai. Geez.

And also tapao coconut ice-cream and Mango Kerabu! Slurpss.
Told you we eat NON-STOP.

Famous dessert stall @ Chew Jetty. :)
Look at the queue and crowd. O.O


 Iced-Lemon Jade! Slurpss!!!
Best to beat the hot weather!

Asam Laksa! Err, the dirtier, the tastier. LOL.

 The making of Siew Pao~

Freshly egg tarts! :)

Look at these egg tarts, 脆波波!

 Egg tart very yummy look~

The layers~ 

So cute~

Another ice-cream. Slurpsss.

Went Gurney for this!
So good!

Night time leisure.
Bro doing thesis. 
Me watching TV. BAHAHAHAHA.

Day 3

I'm so colourful. HAHAHAHAHA.

 Air Itam famous curry mee! NICE!!

Talking about food service.
I don't remember that rude when I visit Penang last time. When we refuse to order any drinks (like helllo, we got the right to order or not to to order okay) because we tried it before and it taste sucks; then this auntie rudely says: 你不叫水我怎么赚钱啊?!!TMD, damn rude I tell you. Not like I sit there for free, I got order food eat please.

Went Wah Thai to sapu food. Hehehe.
We bought about RM500 here lol.


 The decoration inside the shop. Not bad yo! :)

They used tayar as table. So creative! :)

Their kuih is really NICE!!!  

ABC is nice too. Cendol not bad too. :)

 Personally, their Asam Laksa not my favourite.

Same goes to this Har Mee, it taste OK only.
Plus, portion very small. But never try, never no. :]

Some random old building.

Dinner @ some hawker stalls beside Wah Thai Native Inc. And PLEASE DON'T GET ME WRONG. This is the MOST AWFUL SPAGHETTI THAT I'VE EVER TASTE. Normally I'm not that picky with food, but this one really........ CANNOT!!! It taste so milky NOT cheesy. Even my mom asked me to just leave it there. So MEH. -.-

Something to make up my dinner. This Apoms is so YUMMS. So so so YUMMS that I insist to tapao back to hotel. Err, but the service is quite slow, to wait 5 Apoms, it took me 30 mins+ lol.

The sky. :)

Continue HAE. Hahaha.

 After dinner, continue eat. Lol.

Day 4

Da best breakfast among all the days!
Good service also! I'LL BE BACK! Heh.

Best Tau Fu Fah!!! 

Best Char Kuey Teow @ Siam Road.

You need to line up for hours to eat it.


Otw back.
Look at the queue OMG.

The queue to public toilet. Zzz..

My mom and I.
Ya, toilet too dirty, the smell is......... @#%#$^#$%#@...

So ya, it took us about 8 HOURS coming back. The traffic is CRAZY. Despite that, we had a lot of fun. Next getaway coming soon yo! I love my life! Heeee.

P/S: 5 hours to edit this post. Lol. And I'm very into blogging now! Partly because I'm more free but not so free as compared during my study life. Another reason why I can spend like 5 hours to update this post because I work till 1230pm only. Hahahaha. This week schedule are still quite free. Hopefully my next post will be up soon. But ehh, no promise ya. Hahahaha. 

Okay. That's all now! Babaiiii! :)

I love my family. 
They are my everything. :)