Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Carpenter's Daughter @ Taipan, Subang

Oh hellllo! Happy Sunday everyoneeee! Decided to spend my time on updating my blog today because my bro is still away till in another few hours lol. So Imma maximizing my internet speed all by myself now first. WOOHOO! So he don't complaint I'm dragging the line slow and caused him lose his Dota match. -.- 

Anyway, went to this place called The Carpenter's Daughter at Taipan, Subang with KL for our breakfast / brunch 2 weeks ago. My first time here and I'm very keen with this shop with their good service and nice ambiance. Price wise was reasonable too. Oh ya, the shop is quite pack during peak hour around noon, so do go there earlier to get a seat Heh! :)

*This post is NOT a sponsored post. It's mainly my own opinion*

The menu. 
It looks like some newspaper type. 
Very classic ya. :) 

The counter that sells cake and for payment! 

 They do sell varieties of bread as well! :)

The ambiance at the shop. Not bad, feel kinda relaxing though! :)

The process of making cake. 
It's open concept where everyone get to see. :)

Our cup of English Lipton Tea. Lol.
Added English in so it sound more atas. HAHAHAHA.

Some photo session time because I brought my baby along.

 Uhm, a lil bit senget-ed.
*close one eyes*

Day-dreaming with my atas tea lol.

The food that we ordered. :)

Carbonara Al-Funghi, RM18.90+.
Creamy flavour with 3 different types of mushrooms in it!

All-In-One-Pan, RM23.90+ come with a Lipton tea.
In simpler term, it's big breakfast. 
People like me who can't choose what to eat, this is a good choice. HAHAHAHA.

We ordered dessert too.
This is Lemon Meringue, RM9.90+. 

We both love this as it taste not that sweet. More towards sour-ish taste!
Yums! :)

HAHAHAHA. Sorry if I scare you.
I'm not a killer and don't worry, I won't eat you up. 
Picture is just for illustration purpose. XD

Location: No. 46G, Jalan USJ 10/1E, Taipan, Subang.
Contact: 03-80811218
Business Hours: 
--> Monday - Friday: 830am - 930pm
--> Saturday - Sunday: 830am - 10pm

For more info: Please click here!

Will definitely come back when i got the time! :)

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