Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cameron Highland

Venue >>> Cameron Highland
Date >>> 18/12/2009 - 21/12/2009

Just back from Cameron Highland yesterday.... Not that bored as what I think..... Weather there was really COLD!!! >.<'''~ Rain non-stop there..... Make the weather more cooler, jacket is my best friend there.... Hahahaha..... And now, back to KL, feel like a bit hot! Hehehe...
Went there with my family members....16 people...... Really many! =.='''~ Well, anyway, I did enjoy this trip! 4 days 3 nights....... Went there to sleep, eat, walk and watch drama.... Hahaha..
The only different is, I got NO computer to used! :X~ Hmmm, I still can manage to survive... Hahaha... lol~ Those FB games I asked my friends help me play..... Pig Ching Ching and Pig Voon Voon~ Wakakax~ XD~ Thanks a lot!!! :D Upload part of the photo's........... Due to my laziness.... Hehehe~ :)

2:45pm start journey and 9pm only reach!!! ==

On the way, our car kena langgar!!! We tried to stop the person, but he don't wanna stop!! But at last, he stopped aside!! The most funniest thing is, he say just wanna pay us RM50 for compensation!!! That people dreaming arrr!!! RM50 can settle this!!?!!?? ><

Sighhh~ My car~ T.T

Aunties and Us~ I must enjoy every second and moment with my family!

Flowersssss :)

My dad ==''' His expression very funnY! XD

Playing snooker!

My brother and I :) 

My family~ :D

Ah Yih Gaik and I in the hotel lobby~ :) 


Yee Mee 

My family members all came to our room! :) 

My mum cook Rendang!
Niceeeeee! =) 

The weather make those food fast cold....
So, use candle to heat it up....Hehehe...

Fruits!! Every stalls also sell the same things..... Price was not really that cheap as this was a tourism place~ In addition, public holday some more~

Big Big Oranges!!! Hehehehe~ XD
My auntie bought this RM10 for 7 oranges! 

Sell everywhere..... 

My favourite!!! :D 

Honey... Not that 'HONEY'~ Hahahaha..
RM60 original price...
My mum bargain it until RM28!!!
Geng arrr! =.='' 

Fireplace inside the hotel....
This is the only place to keep myself warm~ 

The last day... Finally can see the SUN!
Others day no sun at all!!! Cold~