Photography History

I started to fall in love with photography since don't know when. I love to take many pictures because they gave me back a lot of memories. The moments of happiness all can be view back through pictures! :)

Those previous days I used Canon PowerShot G5, which is my dad's camera. Long long time ago one........ I think at least 7 years ago. Hmmm, and it started somehow not to functioning now. So, I got the opportunity to get a DSLR camera for my 21st birthday present this year!! Thanks mummy!! =D

25th March 2011, my new baby born in my life, Canon 60D. I love it so so so much! I learned everything by myself. From don't even know how to take a single picture, till now I handle can it without any doubt. And yeah, I am still in the learning process now.

You can say I did not have good skill in taking photos, but DON'T.........................

  • Don't say I took photo for fun!
  • Don't say I got no objective when taking photo!

P/S: DO NOT JUDGE ME IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME! I am still a newbie in this field, but I know practice always makes perfect! Thanks for visiting my blog here! Cheers! =D

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