Sunday, December 2, 2012


In another week, I'll be having my finals. I was like.........exam? So fast? I thought I just started the course like few days ago? Hmmmm? Less than 1 more month, 2013 is arriving. Time just flies without waiting you. I've studied Psychology course for like 1 year? Wow. Surprisingly, I'm still alive! lol..

Life just became miserable since the first day I step into Psychology. I like what I'm studying and I enjoyed. At the same time, I'm in the process of die-ing. Uh-huh... =/

Only last week we finished our last presentation, and exam is just next week. Yeap, is NEXT WEEK! 2 weeks to finished 5 subjects is IMPOSSIBLE. *Though I started earlier, it's still insufficient time I have now* Like seriously, 1 subject 12 chapters, so 5 subjects 60 chapters.....

Thank god! God seems to know I'm stressed out with it, SOME lecturers do gave us tips! Just unexpected! Really glad they do so, or else, I can assure that now I'm DEAD. Hahahahaha~

Yes, if you're wondering how I look like, I'm half-dead with information overload. It's just DO or DIE! Wish me good luck! =]

FYI, I sleep with my notes and textbook day and night!

Love what you do.
Do what you love. =)