Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Blessed 24th Birthday Lover! :)


Once upon a time...
She don't know me. I don't know her.
When I first saw her, I only had a so-so feeling with her. 
*cough cough cough*

But as times goes by, I get to know her bits by bits.

Kept telling me she is fat but she is NOT. -_-

She is fierce. =/

She is STRONG.

She will go emo. T_T

She is also flexible too. HAHAHAHA.
I mean, cheerful. XD 

Taken in 2010.
We know each other by a middlegirl, named Piggie (middle).

We get to know each other slowly. 
By plucking the apples, uhmm leaves. Lololol.

The 3 are getting closer and closer.

I somewhat, somehow, anyhow.....tend to ignore the close one.
*Don't ask me why lol*
But, that doesn't de-value our relationship.
Instead, it gets us closer and closer, because...
They understand me. :)

She / They understand the reason behind my smile. 

They both are taking picture, but I'm still in the picture lol.
*jealous la*

We go trips together. :)

Took a lot of memorable pictures! :)

When we argue.

The best thing is... We are all FINE in awhile. ;)

We are posers too. HAHAHAHA.

We fight too.

See, I always kena bully. Haih. T_T

Sometimes, not much words are needed.
Because we know each other by heart. :)

We celebrate important events together and they are there for me all these while. :)


Friends won't let you do stooooopid things alone.

If you don't know how to swim, don't worry, I'm NOT gonna save you.
Learn yourself lo.

My favourite quote with them: 不知所谓!
Yea, she also always 不知所谓 me. Lololol. =/

I don't talk much. I listen more than I talk.
I always tell them; Hey, I'm fine. BUT they know I'm not.
Uhmm, interesting. Are they reading my mind? 
NO NO NO. Psychologist don't believe in reading mind, I observe behaviour. =P

We don't talk to each other often.
We don't meet up often as well.
Because we are all in different field and path.
But we make sure we still keep in touch with each other at times. :)

When I do wrong, they'll correct my mistakes.
They told me to be myself, do what that makes me happy.

My appearance are tough, but I'm not.
I promised myself I will change for the sake for myself now.
ONE call, ONE text, they will ALWAYS ready there for me.
Even though there are asleep or in toilet poo-poo-ing.. Lololol.
Yes, I know you all do. =P

She will be there for me when I need someone to accompany.
Wait me for hours without complaining anything. :)

P/S: Wahh. We are so YOUNG; past and now lol.

2012. :)

I used to always carry my baby around, but it really depends on my mood. So, this explained why some pictures are missing lol. Plus, don't know which nerves of mine dakik dy, I got a period of time I HATE taking pictures. Lol. Ehem. But, nothing makes us apart despite all the journey we've went through. It makes us grow stronger instead of weaker. We tend to understand from each other perspective instead of judging it. I love them NOT because of what they are, but who they are. Thanks for these awesome memories and years we've been through together. 6 years of friendship and still counting! :)

The many faces of US.

 Happy Buttday dear Lover. :)

May all your wish come true. :)

Happy Birthday once again, Lover.
I hope you enjoy your day and always be happy and stay healthy. :)
- 15.5.2015 @ Elilai -

P/S: Speedy recovery for your beautiful leg. :]

Happy Blessed 24th Birthday! :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Short Getaway :)

9 - 10 May 2015

Woohooo~ A short getaway trip with friends are da best! :D

It was indeed a blessed weekend with them. It has been quite some time since we last meet up, so it's time to catch up with each other lil bit. Heh. :)

Fetch both of them at MV and there our journey start. There's a lot of hehehahas in the car. Just DAMN.A.LOT.OF.LAME.JOKES. LOLOLOL. I can't remember everything, but basically just one word, FUN. Thanks for the awesome memories guys. :)

We were chit-chatting all the way from KL to PD, non-stop. HAHAHA. Don't know how we started this conversation, but basically, we were singing this song; Timber by Pitbull. 

It's going down, I'm yelling timber.
You better move, you better dance.....

And out of nowhere, I just......crap la. As usual I know. Lololol.
So, I sang.....

It's going down, I'm yelling timber.......LAND. 
You better move, you better dance.....

Uhmm, both of them straight away burst laughing. WAHAHAHAHA. 
I explained to them... When you cut the timber, it will then fall on the land.
Hence, timber......LAND.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Very lame I know. But so serious for what? No fun la then. Anyway, both of them just -_- me and now, they also followed me my way and sing together with me. LOL. And yay! This song is now stuck in our mind lolololol.

Okay, I don't plan to write long story anyway. But this posts will be FULL with pictures just because I'm just so in the mood to edit pictures (it happened once in a blue moon), so before I put these pictures aside, I better take this chance to update my blog a bit. Lol. Don't waste my effort for taking such nice pictures ma, right? Right. And also I want to pen down these memories with them before I forget everything. Hah.

Sorry guys, I have goldfish memory lol. 

Pictures time. :)

Day 1

Our first stop was at Seremban which I introduced them this shop which I described it as the Haji Green coloured shop. Lololol. Yea, my way of describing things somehow is, uhh weird. But yea, we manage to find it and we had our lunch here. :)

Haji Shariff's Cendol.

Went to Seremban for this famous Cendol. 
RM1.70 with Jagung.
Yumm Yumm. :)

Mee Rojak, RM3.50 

Burpss, done with our so called lunch.
Let's wefie before heading to our destination. Heh. :)

Reached safely. 
So glad there're rooms available, so we get to check-in early @ 2pm. Heh. :)

Junk food~

Photo-bomb tidbits. XD

 Taken outside our room.
The sky is so so so blue!! So beautiful. :)

It's some outdoor time, also means pictures time! HAHAHA.


Model of the day. XD

A happy kid is happy. HEHEHE. 

Eating a Subway sandwich from the sea. Lololol.
Uhmm, it taste....salty though. LOL.

Hi, I'm a potential waitress. 
I promise I'll give you gooooood service okay. XD

Sometimes, I'm a monkey too.
I mean...Gorilla. LOL.

My hair smell nice lol.

 Okay, a nice one, finally.


Done with all AWESOME photos.
Sun is too shinny, so we back our room to relax and enjoy air-cond. Heh. 
Nuah-ing on the bed before heading to the beach in the evening.
Here we're all lying in our bed watching Lion King. So syok! :)

Going to the beach around 5pm.
Then make a U-turn back to our room because...... I forgot my car key.

While N headed back to our room to get the car key, KL took a picture of me eating bread cause I'm hungry lol.

The contrast.
So got feel. 

Pantai Saujana.
Awww. So so so beautiful! :)

Hi, our long awaited bitch. Uhmm, I mean beach. =P
Blue blue sky.
So thankful the weather was so good and nice. :)

Woots! Woots! Look at da sun!

Beautiful but hot. O_O!

Playing kite. :)


Helllo. :D

My part-time photographer. XD
What what what?!

With slippers.

Where's our legs?!
Under the sea. Sorry, I mean, sand. 

So natural.
So beautiful.
I mean the sand, trees, sea and..... US of course. 

We took too many picture, so only few AWESOME one were selected. 
Too lazy to edit all. Lol.
Look at the middle one, the smile is so charming and bright.
Okay, kindly please ignore me lol.

Meh. Play with my hair AGAIN. -_-


Jump Jump!

Jump Jump Jump!

 HAHAHAHAHA. I don't know what am I doing.

Hi, Leng Zai over there lololol.

Back to car to another beach; our initital plan.
Then, drive halfway, saw this..........

Wahhh, pasar malam.
Okay, our dinner was decided! HAHAHA.
Straight away forget out sunset plan and squeeze in it. Lol.

All sunset photos were taken while driving.
Of course the both of them, not me.
Because food won over our heart. Lolol. 
But it's okay, we still manage to capture these awesome beautiful pictures. :)
Tell me how can you not love nature? 

This shot was taken with my Baby N4. :)


Back hotel and attack!!!!!

2 cup of Soya Bean
1 cup of AsamBoi
1 packet of Kuey Teow
1 packet of Nasi Daging
2 pieces of Apom Balik
2 pieces of Roti John (Ayam & Daging)
1 piece of Kebab
2 cups of Jagung

Conclusion? Cannot finish, full die. =<

This is what your friends will do to you.
Putting all pillows and bolster on me to decorate me.
They said I look like a... Snake. Lol. >_>

Day 2

N and I woke up quite early. Don't know why lol. While KL was still in her lullaby dreamland till we have to wake her up for breakfast. Ehem. *cough cough* Oh ya, it rained in the morning. Was slightly disappointed though cause raining means the sky will look grey-ish, pictures won't come out nice. But hey, NO. The sky was still blue! Yay! Such a beautiful Sunday! Heh. :)

Taken from the car park. :)

We were waiting for the buggy service, but too paiseh to sit, so we ended up wait for 10+ mins and.....walk back to our room lol. #wastetime = # picturetime 






We are Butt-ies. XD 

What are youuu thinking? O_O

Yea, can see clearly in this picture she don't like me. T_T 

Fine, I go away lo.
She... YAY *look at her face*

*Sky is pink because over exposed lol*


Imma gonna join in the fun. XD



Our family portrait lol. 

A rabbit. =B

A close up shot. Heh.

Nuah-ing on bed before leaving.

My babies are so fluffeh~

Lying on bed till the last minutes seconds.
Extended our check-out time till 1pm. :)

Last wefie before leaving.
We will be back! :)

P/S: Was supposed to post this yesterday, but can't finish edit and arrange those picture nicely. Yeap, thanks to my OCD-ness. =]

P/S 2: Wow. It has been ages since I update my blog so fast. Lol. Yeap, thanks to my laziness. =]

P/S 3: Wow. I actually touch my computer for few hours non-stop cause of editing these pictures. The last time I remember I was using computer that long was months ago. Yeap, because I've graduated. HAHAHAHA.

Thanks for the awesome memories guys.
Miss ya lots. :)