Friday, November 16, 2012

3 months and I'm back!

More than 3 months disappeared in my blog. Uh-huh, can see how busy my life is? O.O

Not really into blogging nowadays, sometimes busy until I don't have anytime to do others things. Daily routine, go Uni study, do assignments, presentations and blahhh.. Uni life is tough but challenging. Exams are scary and I'm still like the old me, lack of confident in doing anything. -.- So yea, nothing change on me, just that I might look exhausted sometimes, LOL. =]

So what I fully utilized in this week holidays? Sleeping like a dead pig for some days. 15 hours. Muahaahaha, regain back my energy! =P

Oh yea! This week is the best week of this semester!  Even my semester break I still need to go Uni. Uhhh, but this week, so syok! Many holidays this week because some lecturer cancel class! Hahahaha.. week all replacement class. Which mean normally is full, so next week will be PACK. Uh-huh. -.-

No guarantee how long will be back for another blog post, maybe after finished my exam which is just less than 1 month to go. Ohmygosh. =(.. Wish me luck! =/

Before I MIA again [very sure], post one pic of myself when celebrating Halloween in Uni 2 weeks back. =D

The blur witch. Hah! =P

Good Night people! =)