Friday, June 27, 2008

All about Mc Donald's!

Today my 'Intro to Business' class is movie week...
Interesting and Disgusting !!!

Arghhh !!! .....After watched this... I don't think i dared to eat McDonald's in these few months... Who ever watched this before you will know... I didn't say that you cannot eat, but it's your choice...

Let's me describe to you a bit about the movie~ It's actually all about McDonald's. It's a REAL documentary film... This guy eat McDonald's. If u want to belanja me to eat MC Donald's...Thanks ya...You can just give me your money larxx...Wahahahaaa :p
3 meals per day for 30 days...Can u imagine it ??? He's actually put himself in a danger zone... He start to gained weight and he felt sick after kept on eating it... After 30 days, he gained 11.1kg, a 13% body mass increase, and his body mass index rose from 23.2 (within the 'healthy' range of 19-25) to 27 ('overweight'). You will never think before that !!!

Let's watch this... (=.=')
Experiment: How Mc Donald's food stay after some time ?

What's this ??? Sales ???
Hahaaha :p
This is what we brought to class !!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jurulatih of Jugra


Monday, June 2, 2008

The days in NS~

" Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything, It's the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it " -Trey Parker

The whole Banana Family !!!
I’m from Company Charlie and we’re also the “ Kompeni Terbaik ” for this batch…Charlie Rocks !!!

Time passes so fast. It's already almost 3 months I'm back from National Service. 2nd batch is coming back soon, 3rd batch is going soon... Sometimes, when I was free, I will always think back the days in NS. I really had a great time there, although sometimes I felt really tired and not enough sleep…(+) dating with Cikgu Syarina at night outside Dorm C… Hehe :P

I really miss all of them especially the Bananas and of course all the trainers of Jugra. Mantaplah Jugra !

The 3rd week, I was sick, fever 38.5’C…I hate that so much. I go Medic to take medicine…I feel like blur blur der. Really want to thanks all my friends that they take turn to take care me! Thank You very much !!!

19th January was my friend birthday. Ee Lei and I celebrate together (My birthday was on 23th January)…My aunt bought me a cake and Ee Lei bought 1 too. We have 2 cakes…I celebrate with all my friends and teacher, Cikgu Nadia…Do you know what ??? The Bananas family, they also bought us a cake… Total we have 3 cakes!!! Haha ^^ I’ve never have 3 cakes before to celebrate birthday! So happy that day!!!


I played Rakit there. Really enjoy it so much !!! 10 people in a group. It’s really a nice experience. Especially after playing the rakit, my arms were so so pain…Gosh! Haha ^^
Really had fun there especially we have pertandingan with others company…
We need to shout out the sorakan to support our company…

“I Say Charlie You Say Rocks ! Charlie Rocks ! Charlie Rocks ! Charlie~Rocks !!! "
We're the WINNER !!!


About the highest place in Jugra, Flying Fox! It’s really scary although it’s the 2nd time I’ve play…Top of the tower, windy and shaky…hehe (^0^)

Does it looks scary~ ?

About Wirajaya, 2 days 1 night in the jungle...Really a good experience...with a lots of mosquito ! Kakaxx :P We set the poncor by ourself !

Have you ever hold a real gun ? ~ M-16 ! It's the best ever experience holding a gun! Bang !!!~ I get 70 marks for it...Don't play play !!! Wahahaha :)

Wow!!! ~ M-16 !

Dorm E ~ The place we stay for 2 n half months…It’s hot in the afternoon, we usually had a nap before we’re out for physical activities...or wash our clothes~ Every morning, or before we go out for any activities…We have to do layout… [x.x]
Dorm E~ So NEAT ! :p

About food, actually the food there is tasty but bored with it. Sometimes we’re thinking, should we eat Maggi Mee or “ Ikan Jugra ” for our dinner??? lolx (=.=”) Aishh !!!

I usually didn’t have my breakfast or dinner as well and the Bananas will always nagging me…(Wen Zi ! Go makan laa…) Hehe ^^

Dewan Makan workers!

The last dinner in Jugra !

During free time, we either sleep or open pesta makan…Love it so much !!!

The thing I dislike most about NS is…Changing Clothes !!! DO YOU AGREE ??? All trainees waste their time changing. That’s what we do everyday… Morning 6am we have to change into PT clothes...

After having breakfast, 8:30am we have to change into Baju Kelas… After having lunch, 2:30pm, we usually have physical activities like kawad, tali rendah and so on... So, we have to change into Full Loreng…It’s the worst among all…It takes at least 10 mins to 15 mins to get the boots fitted in…
After that, 5:30pm, riadah time, we have to change into Baju PT again… After dinner, we usually wear baju biasa or bersopan and gathered at Dewan Terbuka… lolx :p
Sometimes if we’re lazy…Especially ??? We will changed our clothes at night…So that we can wake up a bit late next morning…Hehe ^^…When we have to wear Full Loreng next early morning. We will usually wear Baju Loreng and Seluar Loreng before going to bed… :P Wahahaha :)
It comes…(T_T)

Especially the last day when we have to send all my friends back…Gosh! My friends and I cry non-stop~ Our eyes and nose became red like a CLOWN…Haha ^^ I really miss the days in NS so much~ If can, I hope it's a 6 months or 9 months training ! :)

All sweet memories and loves ~ Charlie Rocks! ~YYYYY

The last photo we take before leaving~

Graduation Day !

Part of Jurulatih Jugra~

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Back from SLC~

(26th May to 28th May)
Yeah! I’m back from camping. Do you know what I think when I first reach this camp ?? ~ It’s the days in NS… Haha ^^ It’ true ! I have no idea why ??? Wahaha :) The activities here is almost the same in NS…All is about team work !!!

On Monday, my mum fetch me to the LRT Station, Tasik Selatan. I reach college at 8:40am. When I reach there, my friend told me that the bus will only leave at 10am… Oh No~

4-stories Rock-Climbing / Abseiling / Flying Fox

About flying fox~ Although it's the 3rd time I've played, it's also scary~ Haha ^^


Whale Watch

.Looks like a big SEA-SAW ??? All of our team members have to balance it...
The Spider Web
SPIDER WEB ??? We need to cross over it...Without touching the web...One hole is just for 1 person...Our team have 16 people...
My dorm

Can fit in 20 people...but my dorm only got 10 people !!!
(I have to wait 1 hour)… Finally, we reached SLC at 1:30pm…First, we have briefing. After, we have our lunch! Then, look into our dorm and blah blah blah...

These were some of the activites we've done in this 3 days !!!Few days ago, I receive a sms from college that I need to be at college before 9am…

Smile :)
This is just a part of the activities, we have done more than this. In this camp, I've learn a word, it is RESILIENCE, meaning is DON'T GIVE UP! When we play those activities, we really face a lot of problems~ We also have "sorakan"...Our sorakan sounds funny... "Alamak, Ulamak, Fulamak, EXTREME!" Wahahahaha :p
For this year, we only have land activities...Now I'm hoping for next year camping because we will have water activities...!!!