Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy Blessed 25th Birthday Piggie! :)

Ohai. This post was meant to be posted like... Err...3 weeks ago. These photos were gathered like about more than a month ago actually. Oh well. =/

Yes. Nothing new, I'm a fail blogger obviously lol. That's why blogging is not my main job. HAHAHAHA. So, please don't expect next post to be up that soon. Bleh. =P

Since I got nothing much to do today and da brother is not at home (YES!), so I can update my blog while he's away cause when he's around, he'd be Dota-ing. This means I'm not allowed to upload any photos because the line will be lagged and he will lose his game. Ya ya, blame me la. Hmph. -_-

There are actually a lot of duplicate photos if I wanted to post here, exactly the same in my previous post because we went through these memories together. So, I've decided to not re-post the same pictures in this post again. -----> Click here for more pictures.

Okay, let's start!

Uhmm, a short introduction about this person. =]

Name: Piggie
Aged: 25 (HAHAHAHA OLD!)
Interest: Sleep and Eat
Hobby: Sleep and Eat
Relationship: Love and Hate for 7 years
Reason for knowing each other: My Instant-Dictionary lol

The first pic we took together during our revision time. :)
*Someone never know how to smile like forever lol*

Finally can see her beautiful teeth. 
But I decided to not smile in this pic. Lololol.
LC enough? Hahahaha.
Okay, let's not to be rude, I mean... Cool? :3

Our first outing, taken at PetroSains @ KLCC - 2008. :)

I love to bully her. My all time favourite. XD

Still rmb there are once we went Bdr Tun Razak to play badminton, while we reached our car, we both got shocked. Ohgawd, someone broke my car mirror!!! T_T

I did NOT kiss her. Lol.

 Those. Moments. :)
Pictures don't lie, it capture moments and memories together. :)



Another cool pose. 

I'm a Koala. Hee.

Sometimes the best place to take picture is in the fitting room. =P

Everyone here looks cacat ok!
Not that I look extra nice in this pic lol.

Chatime @ Puchong. :)

i-City. :)
Someone will NOT want to see this picture. 


Camera decided to focus on her because she is more beautiful than me. =]

We celebrate important events together; ALWAYS. :)

Merry Christmas trip; 2011. :)

Playing with her legs. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

 I'm too thirsty.
Sorry, all my photos are just weird I know. XD

 People 千手观音, we 六手怪物。=]

Told you, she cannot pose la. 
Her pose always looks weird. >.>

Fierce look!
*She is more fierce than me please*

The 3 of us. :)

Someone can finally wink. HAHAHAHA.

2011. :)

2014 @ 3 Little Pigs. :)

Okay, just in case you guys are wondering why there're no pictures in between those years, because I suddenly develop a hate-relationship to take pictures. The end of story lol. And yes, I didn't plan to write long story because I know someone will just skip my long essay one. Ehem ehem. =/

So many things has changed all these years. From long hair, someone become short hair. From thin, someone become not so thin. LOLOLOL. Yes, I will still laff you no matter how and what you become. HAHAHAHA. =P

The only thing that never change is our relationship. 7 years of friendship and still counting. Thanks for always being my awesome pig, piggie. Thank you for always buying me stuffs when you balik kampung or go for even a short trip. Please continue to buy me stuffs. Hahahaha. And also, you please eat more and more ya. So that when I see you next time I can ZAT you more. HAHAHAHAHA. XD

2015 @ Shogun - 1 Utama. :)

Sang Yat Fai Lok, Piggie.
Loves ya. :)