Saturday, November 27, 2010

After 3 years...

It's time for me to update my blog. Been really abandoned my blog these days. Time is insufficient for me! Assignments and exams! Sigh. Studying life........... *Will briefly update this part later.*

Back to topic, "After 3 years..." Had dinner with my lovely Sio Ying a.k.a Arithmethic teacher and my brother yesterday. It was AWESOME! I miss her so much! If I'm not mistaken, at least, it has been 3 years we didn't meet with each other.

She taught us arithmethic last time. Hmmmm, I guess it supposed to be 6 years ago? Hmmmmm, not really sure. HAHA! Anyway, we really had a lot of fun yesterday. Even though it has been quite some time we did not meet each other, but yet, the feeling was still like we meet each other everyday. HAHAHA!

We chat and laugh non-stop! NON-STOP! We chat about our life and talk a lot of jokes! Lauging like mad people! I guess people around there thought what happened!?! These people gone CRAZY! HAHAAHA!

Sincerely thanks for the dinner! Thank You very much! We will treat you next time, MAMAK STALLS! [RM100+ versus RM10+] HAHAHA! No worries, as you said, at least Baskin Robbin ice-cream. Okay, deal. I will treat you this! Heehe...xD

 Our food~ Yummy~ xD
Thank you for your treat! x]

 My lovely Sio Ying..

 I called this as "Tofu"~

I miss you! 
I'm waiting to meet you up next round! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pressure are hitting me!

Been busy recently. Reason? Yes, ASSIGNMENTS! Arghhhhhh!! Not much, 2 only. But yet, I'm almost get killed by it soon. You've never see me again I guess. LOL. -.- *Touch wood*

 I HATE ASSIGNMENTS! Well, I guess no one in this world will like it. Seriously struggling with it now. 1 was group work and another one was personal work. 

Group work- Corporate Finance assignment almost KO soon. Lecturer don't wanna teach us how to do it. He said he don't wanna teach us because he want us to do it WRONGLY. WTH? Very funny, right? -.- 

Well, I understand why he do so. But...........Since it was a 100% coursework based, and it was really hard for us to do it. Can't he just guide us a little bit more on how to do it? He did guide us on what to do, but just 30% of it only. The other 70% was like totally BLANK at all.

Sigh. We're not asking for answer, we just want to know what should we supposed to do.
Personal work- Sales Management assignment, Halfway done, but I don't know whether am I on the right track. Worried now. Everything seems to be so BLUR. Correct? Wrong? I don't know... :(

Insomia nowadays. Those pressure is back to me, AGAIN. Everytime when assignments arrived and exams are just around the corner, I'll sure suffer from insomia. Suffering. I'm tired. I really need to take more rest. Take care everyone. 

I'm dead soon... ><"~

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friends with Benefits

Been disappeared these few days in Facebook. Thanks for those who worried and concerned about me. Sorry for not or seldom replying you guys message. Sincerely, I apologize, SORRY... Many things happened this few days, and I, myself can't even do anything for it. And so, it makes me really feel vexed. 

Assingnments deadline are near. 2 courseworks in hand. On the other hand, exam is just around the corner too. Both of it are just 1 more month away only. I really do not know whether I can handle it or not. I'm worried that I can't concentrate on it. My mind just BLANK. :(

I really do not know how long I still can hold it. I got no strength to handle it anymore. Things become so complicated. And I really don't know what can I do to solve this problem. I just hope everything will be fine soon...

Been out on this Thursday and Friday. Went out with Chee Ching and Pei Voon. Thanks for everything. Whenever I need help, you guys always stay beside me. Chat with them, they gave me advice and cheer me up. It really makes me feel better. Thank You. [P/S: *I owe you guys a drink yea*]
I also appreciate those who care and concerned about me. Thank you so much. I know who is my true friends. ♥~

Never shall I forget the time I spent with you. 
Please continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.

 I hope everything will fine soon.
God bless.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My "Best Friend"

I've found my "Best Friend" today. I have to or MUST visit him/her a few times a day. When I met my "best friend", the feeling was like WOW, awesome. But yet, I dislike those feeling.

This was my second time my "best friend" came to visit me (Tried this few weeks ago...) I know YOU miss me so much, but can YOU please stay far far away from me? And be frank to YOU, seriously, I don't miss YOU at all. -.-

Guess you guys were wondering. WHAT...? WHY...? HUH...? Many question mark in your mind right? Wanna me to tell you who is my "Best Friend"? Can guess it? Give up? 

Tadaa, let me reveal the answer. It was.........................

I'm NOT enjoying it like this face. -.-

Yea, my best friend was TOILET. Having DIARRHEA again!!! Second times... T.T~ Went to toilet non-stop! I guess I ate the wrong food or unclean food? Hmmmm... >.<"~

In addition, drank TEH in the afternoon and I guess it worsen my Diarrhea? >.<"~ And I ate Tiramisu cake as my dinner because I got no appetite to eat proper meal. I guess I might Insomia tonight. Oh no! T.T~

P/S: Pray for me so that I would recover faster. God bless. x]

Dear "Best Friend"...
Please go far far away from me...
I don't miss YOU at all...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010






对人好,甚至好过对自己。到最后,我所得到的就是孤单、寂寞。我并没有后悔对他们那么好,因为这就是常识- “助人为快乐之本”。甚至到了现在,我并没改变过。很傻吧?