Sunday, March 23, 2014

5 ways on how to show LOVE to people

So, attended church just now. Heard a very very meaningful message and I wanted to share this to all of you; and also a message to remind for myself. :)

So, the topic is about LOVE. What is LOVE? It consists of love-ship, family love and also friendship-love. Some years ago, I heard a message regarding LOVE too, and from that time onward, it makes me think and learn how to love people around me. It's easy to love people that you care or you love. BUT, it's definitely not easy to love your enemies. Agree?

Matthew 5:44 stated: "But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."

The pastor said: “爱人如己。爱神,也要爱人。” / "Love others like how you love yourself. Love God and also love people."

So, basically, the pastor shared 5 ways on how to show LOVE to people:

1) 肯定与鼓励 Affirmation and Encouragement 

Sometimes, it's not that hard to make people feels good. A very simple thing like giving positive encouragement to him/her anytime and anywhere. It can be either in a good or bad situation. In good situation, it shows that you actually acknowledge the things that he/she has did. As in bad situation, by giving such encouragement, you make them gain confident towards themselves. Aren't its good if all of us actually practice this habit? =]

For me, I always like to use God's word to encourage people around me as God's word will never goes wrong. :)

2) 精义时刻 Quality Time 

Spending quality time with people to show you love them. It's really hard to balance our time between work/studies. Often, due to our busy schedules / routines, we often neglect people around us. Somehow, I feel so bad because I know once my classes start, I'll have very little time to spend with those I care. T_T.. Most of my time are being occupied in my studies. In addition, this is going to be my 3rd year and I'll be having thesis. Means I gonna be extra busy than usual. #stress & pressure. :(

3) 送礼物 Gift

Always learn to give more than take, that's what my mom taught me since I'm young. She taught me to help / give those who needed, without asking/expecting anything in return. Sometimes, it does not necessarily to give expensive gift to show that you actually love them. It can be as simple like giving card, give small treats like sweets, ice-cream.... and so on. Of course, I does not mean it apply to everyone, it also need to depends on who you're giving to. It's all up to you. :)

4) 惊喜 Surprise

Tadaaaa, surprise! Hehe. Personally, I like to give surprises to people and also, I like surprises too. Thinking back, I guess I give quite a lot of surprises to different people. Yayy? As what my friends always said, I'm always unpredictable. =P

5) 肢体语言 Body Language
A simple thing that most of us can do is to give a big hug to people. Err, for me, I rarely do so. What I normally do is to pat people's shoulder or head. Okayy, that's my way to show I love that person. Uhmm, fineee, I'm weird I know. Lol. =]

After listening to what the preacher said, it makes me think. Confess just now and almost cried. I feel so bad. I feel like I'm not giving enough and love those people around me. Feeling so guilty.. T_T..

God, please grant me a bigger heart and courage to love everyone, including those who love and also those who hurt me before. Please blessed them with Your name. Please forgive my sin, I'm not perfect and I made mistakes. Sometimes, when I face difficulties, I choose to escape and my faith towards You might not be strong enough. Sorry dear Lord, I doubt even I know I shouldn't do so. I pray to You not only in bad days but also in good days for all those countless blessings you gave even I didn't ask for. Dear Lord, I know You're always there for me, anytime and anywhere. I know You're always my listener, my best friend, my companion, my one and only heavenly Father. God, I put my trust in You, although I do not understand my situation right now. I know it's according to Your plan. Amen.

A song that really touched my heart and I feel so so so calm after listening to it. Actually, I still feeling kinda stress and down, but it was so much better compared to the past few days. I pray to Him and He answers me through this song and telling me He will lead me through. He will never leave me alone when I'm facing difficulties...... Thank you Lord, I know You listen to my prayer and You'll be always here for me. :)

Pray for my family and all my friends too. God, please look after them, bless and grant them Your guidance and wisdom in dealing with any difficulties. God bless.

Designed by me: Nom nom and da family. 

#Classes gonna start tomorrow. I'm actually very nervous and worried. Pray for me. =]

Good night peoples. :)

LOVE is never an easy thing. 
God is LOVE and we should learn from Him.
Learn to love everyone, including your enemies.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy 21st Birthday Baby Dino! :)

There's really really really many posts I wanted to post. But, again. I got no time to post all of it. So....I will discard / postpone some of it, AGAIN. Lol. =/

Btw, the weather is getting worse by each day. It's just so bad. So-the-hazy. My place seriously look like Genting Highland, lol. But, with very warm and smelly air pollution. Ishh. All my house windows, doors or any lubangs, all closed. Lol. So yea, please keep yourself indoor wherever it's possible and drink more water. =] 

Hmm.. Lack of sleep for the past whole week, one word.......tired. ><"~ But, I still wanted to blog it TODAY!! Rarely happen, usually my post will be an outdated post. BAHAHAHA. And yea, I'll try to make this post super short. =]

And.............. Happy 21st Birthday Baby Dinooo! Wishing you the best of luck, good in health, joy and may God bless you always. Hope you have an amazing day and an even more amazing year ahead. Always stay happy kay? :)

So, went out with her whole day long yesterday. Went Uni to do our stuffs and then headed to Sunway Pyramid for our lunch. Had Sushi Zanmai, again. Lol. HAHAHAHA. Then hang around the mall and bought some other food to eat. And yes, at that moment, we're FULL. =P

Sukiyaki Beef Set

Tamago Mentai + Salmon

Then, our next station, The Curve, as we'll be having dinner with another gang of friends at night. So yea, my first time driving to Damansara Area from Pyramid! And yay! Another achievement unlock. HAHAHAA. I'm getting braver these days. *clap clap* =P

Of course, we reached safely without driving the wrong way. BAHAHAHA. Yay! Then again, nothing to do, so, we ended up EATING again. Lol. Went Ikea and bought curry puff and ice-cream. Wheeee~ So, at that time, we're VERY FULL. Our tummy is very-the-happy. I mean, overly happy..XD

Someone is so the happy because get to eat ice-cream. Lol. XD

Went Italiannies for our dinner. Niceeee. Good service! Price I think still reasonable, not always eating it what. Hahaha. And a lot of laughter around. Sosopo and the gang reached around 6pm, but at that time, all of us still weren't that hungry yet. *The waiter kept approach us. Loool.* Especially Dino and I. We're still so-the-full..... ><.. And yea, we both share our drink and food. :)

Bread was served before the main course arrived.
Apple juice, Watermelon juice and Strawberry juice. :)

Aren't it looks so the yummy? Slurrrrps. :) 

After done with our dinner, plan to go for another round to makan. Tadaaa, dessert time. BUT. We're really really really very full. Seriously, we, I mean Dino and I ate non-stop since morning till night. So, before heading to the dessert shop, we need to hang around the mall just to let our stomach to "rest" awhile. Lol. And, this is what we do, taking pictures. HAHAHA. =P

The group photo. Special thanks to the guard. :)

Baby Dinoo looks so pretttty. :)

My goshh, the view is so the beautiful. Amazing! :)

We went Paddington Pancake for our dessert. :)

And yea, here's the time for present time. I hide my card in my bonnet. Lol. Thankfully, it can fit it in. Just nice, no extra space. And.... I park at Ikea and the shop we ate was located at The Curve. -.- So, have to walk all the way back to Ikea then walk back to The Curve. So-the-far. Lol. Thank you Sosopo for teman-ing me to get it. *Yay! My plan goes well.* Hehe. :)

So yea, I guess she was surprised? Lol. We didn't take any photos at that time. Sad. T___T.. As I was really very tired dy, then I become so quiet, the typically me. Lol. =]

The environment of the shop. :)

Not sure whether is it me who taking this photo? -.-
Blur to the max.. Zzzz..

HAHAHA. The funny NJ..XD

And tadaaaa, the birthday card for my Baby Dinooo. :)
The bunny lover..XD
Took me months to complete it. 
And lucky me, my small small car manage to fit it in. Lol.
So happy because of this. BAHAHAHAHA. =P

And yea, we ended our day with super-happy-tummy, a lot of laughter and it create another set of memories between all of us. :) I thank God for letting me to drive home safely as I got no idea at all how to drive back from The Curve. LOL. =]

Not to be forgotten, thanks Sosopo once again for calling me to check whether I find my way out. Hehe. :)

As for today, her actual day!! So happy get to spend time with her today even though we just meet up for like 2 hours. And, we went Kuchai Lama for Snowflakes. Hehee. :)

I'll end my post with our picture. Hehe. :)
Last but not least, Happy 21st Birthday again Dino! :)

And yesh, I'm superb happy. Literally HAPPY DIE ME. HAHAHAHA. All my plan goes well! Yayyy! =P

P/S: Short enough? Or you still think it's too long? HAHAHA. Lol. But I think I've cut off a lot of details that I usually will write. Hmm.. O.O~

First birthday celebration with her and I'm so so so happy everything goes well!
Thanks for everything and I hope you're happy.  :)