Who is Vanzy Lee?

Among thousands or millions of blog, and you have accidentally or coincidentally stumble into this blog, it seems that we got fate? Felt interesting and enjoying? Yea, I bet you will. Ehem...... What am I talking about? Well, it's such a sensitive issue, so let's talk back about myself. :)

Vanzy Lee.  I do have another nickname, which called "Miss Whatever". There's reason behind it. Read till the bottom part, then you'll know why. HAHA. xP

Attention everyone! Please do remember the date of 23rd January, where I will eventually grow older by a year. And of course, if you're willing to give me some presents, I don't mind to get it from you. :P

The little girl which is ME :)
Who are them?

My beloved family. I thank god for giving me such a wonderful family. They are the one that I love the most. They gave me everything and I spend most of my precious time with them.
The stuff I used to blog is mostly about my own personal life. I used to make my blog as a diary, so that I can remember every moment that I spend through. Sometimes there might be some experiences and opinions to share around too. I also tend to include some humour photo's or information into my blog so that it's more interesting.


One of my main interest is PHOTOGRAPHY. Within 1 hour, I can snap about 70+ photos. My friends used to said I'm crazy (I don't mind, HAHA). That's why, sometimes you might realized that your computers will STUCK or JAM there because of those awesome photos. HAHA...xD

If one day you see me where I'm quiet, that's mean there is really something wrong with me. Being crazy, silly, blur, noisy and funny is just me. I can't stop talking and laughing everyday or even every moment. People used to said, whenever they see me, they will be laughter. (Xiao Zha Bo) HAHA...xD

A picture paints a thousand words. HAHA :P
I love to say WHATEVER. (Now you get to know why my nickname meant that ya...xP) Sometimes my friends really can't stand me. I have idea of it but just that I don't like to make any decision. Hmm, weird huh? Whenever they're fine with it, I'm okay with it too. My thinking is just easy, "As long as people around me happy, and so as me too!"

Well, I think I have to stop here. I afraid that you might fall asleep with my script. LOL. Wanna know more about me, just stay and read through my blog. :)