Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gathering With Std 6 Friend

My Friends

Today I have a gathering with my Std 6 friends. Actually, they have gathering every year, but this was the first time I attending it. It is because I did not have their contact. Last year, I met one of my friend, Casey, at Martin Tuition Centre. Then only I have their contact…Hehe ^^

I drive there…DRIVE !!! This was also the first time I drive alone, I mean to Leisure Mall…A bit scared~ At last, SAFE… lolx…

We met at Leisure Mall…McDonald…

I was really nervous when I see them. They have change a lot ! I can’t even recongnize them…
Haha… I really had a great time with them… Then later on we go to the café to chit-chat and have our lunch…Beside that, we also have some games..Hehe…^^

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back To Camp Open Day!

- 20th April 2008 -

When we reach there, I go to “ Padang Kawad ” to see our juniors performance…It’s really a great job they did…Then, I met Cikgu Nadia, which she is my Company Teacher…Charlie !!! I miss her so much and others too…

The weather was so hot and we go to “ Koperasi ” to buy drink…Then, we met Cikgu Syarina…She is a physical teacher…Last time, I really afraid of her~ Hehe (^^) I also dunno why leh ??? But now, I like her a lot… She also “ belanja ” us a drink… Thank You oo. Later on, we also met Cikgu Bard and Cikgu Azami. Both of them were in Company Charlie too…

As time passes, we have a small gathering with Cikgu Nadia and our juniors in Dewan Makan…We also taught our juniors some “ Sorakan ”…Haha (^^) It’s 3pm…My daddy came and fetch us back…But~ I’m still waiting for Cikgu Nadia to say BYE ! Luckily, she came out…~ I really miss a lot!!!

I reach home at 5pm…Later on, at night I have dinner…It’s really very tired and tomorrow I have classes but I felt very happy because I can back to my camp open day… I hope I can back to visit my camp again !!!

It’s really a happy day…I went back to my camp open day with my friends…Trixie, Thong and Ee Lei. There are only few of them back…Banana Family got 4 members, then is 2 Bravo girls, 6 chinese boys and 1 malay boy…

KJ and I
Cikgu Bard, Me, Cikgu Azami, Cikgu Halim, Ee Lei and Trixie
Cikgu Bard, Me, Cikgu Azami, Cikgu Halim, Thong and Trixie

Dewan Makan...With Cikgu Nadia

Cikgu Ramesh
Cikgu Noor and I
( PK 2 )

Cikgu Ayu and I

With CB teachers and ex-trainee

Charlie and Bravo...with Cikgu Dino

Only these Chinese back to Camp Open Day !

Cikgu Azami, Cikgu Sam n Me

Friday, April 25, 2008

SEGi Orientation Day

25th April 2008
Orientation Day...It starts at 12pm to 4pm…

I reach there about 11:15am. It was too early and I’m the first person to reach there. I was so blur and kept on finding where is the orientation held at. Finally, I found it. The hall was empty and I sit there alone, luckily there were councils around there. They were so friendly…

At 11:50am, the hall start crowded…They were 115 people inside the hall and they divided us into 10 groups. I was in Red Group. Later on, we had our lunch. The lunch is provided and with a bottle of mineral water…

Now, is the most exited time, it is GAME TIME…First, “DANCING” . Our seniors and the participant dance around the hall. Then, it is “TREASURE HUNT”…We have to run all over the SEGi college…The weather is so hot and we have to run, climb up and down the stairs. All of us were sweating. Last game, “STYLING HAIR”. This game is quite interesting…hurt…When I reach home, it’s already 7We have to style the boys hair…Hehe ^^

I was so tired after attending the orientation. While on the way back, the bus accidently knock on the motorcycle. All the passengers were shocked. Luckily the motorcyclist did not pm. Although I felt very tired but I’m really happy !

Empty Hall & Nasi Lemak

Finally Done !!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Video of Kem Jugra

I'm learning how to make a movie...Enjoy!!!Mantaplah Jugra !

Khidmat Negara, Kem Jugra!

2008 is a year full of new challenges and new beginings.

This was my very first time to write a blog. I hope I can make it as interesting as it can. Hope all of you do enjoy it!
Perhatian ~ Khidmat Negara

At 29 December 2007...I was been to the National Service for 3 months.
This is my Company Charlie...I really enjoying there...
" I Say Charlie You Say Rock "

Wow...A gang of Charlie n Charliewati...

This is Cikgu Nadia... My Dorm teacher...Dorm E~
She is a physical teacher...but totally not fierce...
I like her so much...(^O^)
Wahaha :)

We were taking pictures while waiting for the bus..."Wirajaya"
Ready~ 1...2...3...
The moment of Jumping with my friends n Cikgu Nadia...100% natural...But, why am i not jumping...???