Sunday, April 27, 2014


Guess I should give myself a short break. So, I am here to update my blog. Slept for like 10 hours peacefully without thinking about assignments. Like finally, yayy. A superb-rare-moment which I choose to sacrifice my work and just go sleep. The normal stubborn me, die die also I'll do my work first then only sleep. =/

Uhmm, thanks to Mr.Headache. Couldn't concentrate on my work at all when he came visit me last night. Getting worse these days. And I bet this will continue till year end. Ughh. T_T..

Feeling so lazy today. Like literally just don't feel like doing anything. Don't even feel like using my laptop at all. But too bad, work is still work. NEVER ending work. T_____T..

So, how's my past 1 month? Well, no need I further elaborate, you can see it clearly on my blog title.. First word. STRESS. Second word. HECTIC. Third word. EXHAUSTED. It has been a very very very stressful and exhausted month. Literally feel like wanna kill myself so badly. =/
  • First of all, one particular assignment, we need to change topic for 5 freaking times. Used like almost a month to do research and of course approved by lecturers. So, what we need to do at that moment is just practice for our presentation which will held on the 5th week. Then, out of the sudden while having meeting, they told us the topic that we've been doing is wrong.... We were like....WHAT? -.- So, obviously we lose, and yea, we have to redo and make us stress like mad for the past 1 week.
.........As though like we have plenty time on doing research. FML. Nevermind, told myself, it's OKAY.

Took this after presentation. :)

My awesome team mates. We work together. Stress together. Play together. Last minute change of topics almost killed all of us. At times we feel like giving up, but still, we manage to get out work done within a week which we supposed to have a month to complete it. It prove that problems does not kill us, instead if make us grow stronger. Wanna say million of thanks to everyone who help us out, giving us positive encouragement, support and also prayers. Feeling really blessed. :)
  • Secondly, as you know, I'm in my final year now, means I'm having my final year project a.k.a thesis. Really having tough time in doing thesis. Because......blah..blah..blah.. Been struggling earlier as this was my 5th topic, like finally decided. Seriously, what's wrong with me this semester, nothing seems to go smoothly. T_____T.. Anyway, sent my Research Ethics to my supervisor, waiting feedback. If something went wrong, means I need to redo, again. *Finger-cross* =/
  • Thirdly, exam timetable was out. Like finally, this year only taking 3 subjects + 1 thesis, thought we could have a better exam timetable and more time for us to prepare our finals. But, faster say congrats to me first....... Really "lucky" me, we'll be having 3 exams in a week. Like what the........ We have 2 weeks exam period. But whyyyy... Whyyy give us 3 subjects in a week?? T_____T.. 
#Means I'm dying soon in dividing my studying time. Stress....Sad....Pressure.....

Sighhh. It's the 6th week tomorrow. I wonder what have I been studying for the past 5 weeks? Nothing seems to go into my brain. Those memories that I could remember is I've been burning midnight oil in doing/changing/rushing assignments. Having a really bad headache sometimes cause my sleeping time went upside down. Those pressure and stress keep hitting me.....

I have to admit due to all those stress and pressure, it affects my emotions as well. Sometimes, I just couldn't control my emotions like how I used to. I can become really passive and emo.. Somehow, my mood will went a bit off. Actually, most of the time I angry at myself. Hmm, don't ask me why. Feeling useless somehow. Hmm, I feel like I couldn't go through it. T____T..

I'm trying to control myself, not for the sake to have a better control on my own emotions, but also for the sake of having a better mental health. My health doesn't seems to be as good as last time. I don't usually have headache, but now.....I'm having it quite often which doesn't makes me feel good. :(

Though it was really difficult for me to go through for the past 1 month. Like seriously, been struggling.... Feeling really lost *as usual -.-*. Feeling tired, stress and pressure with all those workload. And still, I know there's still a long way to go. Sighhh. Anyway, still, I wanna say thank you to those who always be with me all the time; family and friends. Not to be forgotten, dear God who is always here for me too. He will NEVER leave me alone. Never. :)

"If you feel like you can't go anymore just pray. God is listening and everything will be okay in HIS perfect timing."

To my family, especially my mom. She's the most caring and loving person in the world. She loves me more than herself. She willing to sacrifice her time for me / us. No matter how tired she is, she's always readily for us all the time, giving in her best and taking care of me like a princess. She's been pampering me a lot recently, especially with FOOD. Lol. Bring me here and there. Although sometimes I feel really lazy and tired to go out, but I pray to Him so that I could spent some of my time with family, and at the same time manage to finish up my work. I have to admit, it wasn't easy to balance my time between my work and family, but I know God will always make things work for me. Have faith. :)

My house is full with FOOD. Here's just part of it, too lazy to arrange all those food. Lol. When there's war, I guess I won't get hungry. Lol. =]

To all my friends. Thanks for all your support. Thanks for always being with me when I'm feeling really really stressed out. Thanks for all those time and advises you guys gave me. Thanks for all the tolerance as I know my work is not the best piece of work. Thanks for helping me out in my work as I'm always lost. Really really appreciate a lot. Thank you so much. :)

Been receiving different gifts from my Uni mates. Thanks for all these gifts. Feeling really blessed. :) 

First pic on the left: Pressie from Lyssa, Thailand. 
Second pic on the left: Chocolates, fridge magnets, sweets, tortoise and shoes key chain from different countries. Thanks Mama Kek, Elephant and mates.
Pic on the right: From Sosopo! Shin Chan and elephant key chain from Thailand! Hehehe. :)

So, the most recent pic we took, just yesterday while having LD discussion at Uni. :)
Oh, I called it as JAMBU day. Lol. *Thanks mom *

To my daughter. Thanks for spending your time in helping me to correct my bad English. Lol. Thanks for accompanying me throughout those good and bad times. Thanks for buying me food to make me happy. Thanks for all those positive messages you send me. Thanks for offering to be the driver as you know I'm always lack of sleep. Appreciate a lot on what you've did. Thanks for everything. :)

Thank you Dirty Dinooo. :)

Another day gone. Time flies. Feeling really tired recently. A lot of pressure in my studies. So afraid that I couldn't go through it. Hmm, still trying to find a way for myself to release out my stress and pressure. Still, I couldn't figure out how to help myself. I can help others, why can't I help myself? T_____T..

Anyway, thanks for those who's willing to spent their time talking to me, it does help me to feel better. Thank you. :)

With Honey yesterday. A short meet up with her. Thanks for the time. :)

It has been a very challenging sem for me. Nothing seems to go smoothly. Whatever things I do, surely there's something blocking me from doing it..... And this increase my stress level. T_____T.. But at least, today is a good day for me. A very relaxing Sunday.. I get to stay at home and chill...

How I wish I could do this everyday? I wish.

Stress.. Pressure.. Exhausted..
I really wanna take a short break for myself....
How long can I actually hold on?
I don't know.