Friday, April 22, 2011

Jusco Memeber's Day Sales

Helloooo. It's time to update my blog! =)

Sorry, late update again. Ehem! My schedule are quite PACK nowadays! Heh! Went out most of the time. Wanna find me out was really quite hard. LOL. No choice, I'm just too FAMOUS I know. My life was just too busy. My new nickname..[ Busy-Zizi ]~ Muahahaha! =P

I slept till 2PM today. Wakakaka... Still very proud to say so. Ehem! o.O!! Anyway, don't felt SURPRISE with it. It's just a normal thing with me. I admit I love to sleep. Hahahaha~These days I slept quite late at night. Sigh. Becoming a PANDA now. T^T.. I need and MUST back to normal life. Sleep on time and wake up on time! Heh! As if I can do so eh? LOL. ><"~

Oh ya. Stop saying bad things about myself. It's not a good thing to say so. Hehe. Let me update about Jusco Memeber's Day Sales post. 3 days ago. Ehem! Not really late la! I think so? =]

Reason why I went there is because mummy wanna buy things. O.o!! It's normal, women job! Hahaha~ Need to save money and so the best way to do it is when having SALES! 50%... 70%... After saw this figure, eyes all blink blink.. Muahaha.. In mind, as long as it's cheap. Just BUY BUY BUY! Saving = nothing at that time. =P

By the way, I'm NOT a women yet. I'm still a young GIRL. Lalalalala... Auntie this name is still far far away from me. Muaahaha.. =P

I got PLENTY of pictures! Just too many! Reason? Because whenever I went out, my NEW BABY will be along together with me. Anywhere & most of the time. Feel like wanna upload all of it. But too bad, I got not enough time to blog. Hmmm, will update it as often as I can yea. =)

It's picture time! Enjoy everyone! =)

Outside Jusco. People are queue-ing to get vouchers.
Redeem RM5 Jusco Gift Voucher for every RM200 spent.
See those figures?
50%.... 70%....
Too bad, it's NOT FOC. Hahahaha!!

 Heh! I'm NOT lying. 
See. Most of the buyers are WOMEN~ O.o!!

Randomly took this. Hahahahaha!
Funny!! LOL.. x]

 Mama bought this. Soya Milk Powder.
For our breakfast. =)

Brush your teeth before you sleep! x]

Just hang in Jusco for around 30 minutes. And spent the rest of my 2 hours plus time at The Garden there. Walk around there and searching for the stuffs I want. At there, I took some photos about those gallery pictures and the place where I went to. Randomly took. Nice! =)

The Garden drawers. Randomly took. x]
Taken at The Garden.
The outside of The Garden. 
Looks so DIFFERENT. O.o!!

At The Garden highest floor.  
The garden bridge! 
Nice! =)

The Garden Photo Gallery.
Emo-ing feeling. =] 
The Garden Photo Gallery.
Outgoing feeling.  
The tree in between the Gallery.
The Garden Photo Gallery.
The decoration seems to be more attractive than the model. LOL.

The Garden Photo Gallery.
Lady Gaga 2? x] 
The Garden Photo Gallery.
Basically I personally feel that this picture was a bit too dark. ><"~ 
The Garden Photo Gallery.
Looks like Winter feel. But yet it was Summer I guess. 
Hahahaha.. x]
The Garden Photo Gallery.
Kinda like this one. The feeling was just nice!
The Garden Photo Gallery.
The first feeling when I look at this photo.
The mouth was very attractive. o.O!! Too red. -.-

The Garden Photo Gallery.
The Garden Photo Gallery.
Senget one. ><"~ 
The Garden Photo Gallery.
This was not bad! Night view! Nice!
The Garden Photo Gallery.
I love this one too.
The contrast between blue and red. Nice one!

The Garden Photo Gallery.
No comment. For me I feel weird. -.-

The Garden Photo Gallery.
80's fashion.

The Garden Photo Gallery.
Blue blue sky. =]

Went to the Art.Friend to look for some stuffs.

Most of the time I'm at here. But yet, I bought nothing.
Because I don't know what to buy.
Too many choice..
If can, I want all of it. T^T...

While on the way back, raining...
The sky are dark. Drive carefully everyone!

P/S: Another day where I went out almost whole day. ><"~ I really don't feel like continuing my assignments. Done most of it, left part of it only. Gosh. Lazy.. Lazy.. Lazy.. Gotta finished it up faster! =]

Another day ended.
Do enjoy every single seconds everyone!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hey people! I'll give you guys a test. It's a simple test to test whether are you a genius. It's easy. You can done it within few seconds. Just have a look on it. Then you'll figure out how GENIUS are you. =D

Let's start.
Question: Can you see a RAINBOW there? If you can, which mean you're a GENIUS. x)

Can you see it? Muahahahaha...XD
If you can't, please let me know. I'm definitely a GENIUS! =P
I'll let you know where it is. =P

I bet 99% of us can see it. CONGRATULATIONS! You're DEFINITELY a GENIUS then! x)

And, from the way I blog, you can see that I'm back! Wheeee.... I got no idea what makes all my moody mood gone! Whatever, not important. As long as I'm happy. *Clap Clap* Hahahahaha~

P/S: Went to Mid Valley Jaya Jusco Members Day Sales today. Many people. Pack like nobody business. ><"~ Will update it tomorrow. Gotta sleep early toady, having morning class tomorrow. Nights! =)

A smile is worth more than anything.
Don't worry, be happy! =)

Sometimes, I hate myself.

Sometimes, I seriously don't understand what others want. What do they actually want? Different people got different attitude? Different people got different perception? Or well, an easy answer, maybe its my problem. Blame myself for everything.

Sometimes, people make me don't know how should I react to. Be an innocent one and pretend that I don't know anything? Or straight away say out everything that I'm not happy with? Which to choose? Hmmphh. I rather not to ask or know anything. REMAIN SILENT.....

Sometimes, I might not be the one you like. But what do you want me to do? This is just me. I am who I am. Should I really changed myself into another person? Or remain the same just like now?  Both seems to be complicated. I wanna be in the middle. Can I? :(

Fine, or else, tell me what you want me to do.

Sometimes, I regret what I've done, said, request or whatsoever things. But time never turn back for me. And so, what can I do is just to go on as life still goes on no matter how. Feeling like giving up, but yet, it was not that easy like what we think. Continue and giving up is both hard. Then why don't we choose to be positive and continue rather than just giving up. Agree?

Sometimes, I might not like the way you are. But as I said, different people got different attitude. Even it's towards family, friends or in a relationship. We do need to tolerate. REMEMBER, NO ONE IS PERFECT IN THIS WORLD. And so as me too.

Sometimes, I hate myself so much for just being myself.
I hate myself for not having the courage to ask or to know the things I want to know.
I hate myself for not being patience enough.
I hate myself for not giving enough care to others.
I hate myself because I got no courage to face the truth.
Sometimes, I just hate myself for no reason.

No matter what I did, people will not appreciate me anyway. I should reflect what's wrong with me. Sorry for being mean sometimes. Sorry if I make you feel sad. Sorry if I did anything wrong that make you all feel bad. S O R R Y.

 Dear SMILE, you gonna come back with me soon.

No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change. 

P/S: 2:10am now. It's time to sleep. My eyes get a little bit swollen. :(
Good night people.

Sometimes, I just hate being myself for no reason.
Vanzy. Cheer up! Everything gonna be alright.
This is the only thing I can say to motivate myself.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

PC Fair

Slept around 2:30am in the morning and woke up at 8:30am in the morning too. Conclusion is SLEEPY laa! LOL. 6 hours of sleep for me is definitely NOT enough. And now, I'm in BLUR + SLEEPY mode~ T^T..

But.......... I still wanna blog. Just in the mood to blog and I hope this can always continue, because recently I'm just addicted in taking photo's and editing photo's, and my blog seems that gonna be abandoned SOON. Hehe! =P

Stop writing rubbish. Let's back to topic. =P.. Went to PC Fair today with Tracy, my brother and his friends. Reached there around 11:30am and inside there were TERRIBLE HORRIBLE MANY PEOPLE! OMG! Pack like nobody business.

Could hardly breath. o.O!! Almost DEAD. Thank god, I'm still SURVIVE now. Or else, I might not be blogging anymore now. Hahahaha! LOL. x)

Nothing much to describe else than MANY PEOPLE. Oh ya, many PRETTY MODELS too. =P.. Seriously, I still kinda blur with my NEW BABY. Kinda confusing sometimes. Gotta practice more. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Wheeee.. But the first thing I need to do is to finished up my coursework. -.-

Oh yea. Took some photos in the PC Fair. Be frank, the photo still not really nice. I'm still a learning baby anyway. =P

 3rd floor of the PC Fair
MOL Online Games Models
 HTC Models
 Brother's friends =)
 KLCC Twin Tower and Maxis Centre =)
 The condition inside PC Fair. 
 Panda Models.
Hahaha! The name sounds weird I know. x]
 Panda Panda...XD
 仙剑 Toy..
Looks like Green Apple....XD
 Me with the Green Toy. LOL.
仙剑 model with gun!
Bang Bang Bang!
P1 4G
The last picture of model- P1 Model.
My bro said that I'm something wrong because I kept taking those model pictures. -.-
Reason, because I'm a GIRL.
Usually ONLY guys will did that. LOL. [>o<"]~
Can guess what's this? Muahahaha..
I bet you can't. =P
The sky while on the way back. =)
 Old Town White Coffee Nasi Lemak. Yummy. =)
My brother and I tried this new drinks called "Gula Melaka Soya Cincau". 
Taste not bad I guess. =]
 One of the FUNNY picture.
Felix: Rarwwww!!
Shen Wei: OMG! I'm shocked! 
The stuffs which we bought. It cost us around almost RM1000. O.o!!
Took this while entering KLCC car park.
Edited this by using my NEW BABY. ^^
Toy Camera Effect- Standard. =)
Edited using my NEW BABY. 
Grainy B/W~ =)
CIB Mall.
Just sign up their online games, then you can LUCKY DRAW and get free gifts like this.
I get MUG and my bro get Cellophane tape dock.
Can't be denied. Human are just GREEDY and always looking for FOC things. =P
CD. Nothing useful to me anyway. -.- 
RM300 above per receipt can get this so called FREE GIFTS. -.-
Kedekut.. ><"~
Colour Note Pad
The External Hard Disk that my we bought.
RM350 for this. o.O!!
Yea, this was the most costly equipment that we bought.
My HP Ink.. RM 185 per box.
3 boxes = RM555. 
And we can get FREE GIFTS for this!
Hooray. Happy?
This was the FREE GIFT we get. 
I know you were just..............=___________________="..
Just like me. LOL. ><"~

It's really a tiring day. Sorry if I make you feel awkward.. =)

P/S: 我的心情就像天气。有时候是晴天、有时候是雨天、或是打雷等。而今天的我就在于阴天。

 Things will changed. 
Nothing will remain forever.