Friday, August 3, 2012

Dato LCW enter the Olympics 2012 finals!

Second weeks of holiday gone. Left approximately 26 more days. Oh gawd. Felt so demotivate now. Once results haven't out, which mean I'm still in a worried mode. =(

And yea, Olympics started, and one of my favourite thing to do is to watch the Olympics 2012! Muahahaha.. I have no idea since when I'm really into in and watch till 3am in the midnight?! I seriously don't know...... Just no reason. =P

I didn't watch all of it, just few selected sports; Diving, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Archery and of course BADMINTON!!!! Hahahahaa! =P

The one and ONLY one sport which Malaysia can get for the very first Gold Medal. Aiks. And I had a good news, which is IF Dato LCW won and get the Gold Medal, all people can get a scoop of BASKIN ROBIN ICE-CREAM FOR FREE, Click and view here! Muahahaa...XD

And yea, the latest news, Dato LCW get into the Olympics 2012 Finals! Congratulations again! Keep it up! One more step to Gold Medal, and also FREE BR Ice-cream. Yoohoo~ =P

And yea, my boy boy also watch the match together with me. Hehe.. ♥ =D
All the best and good luck in the final match! 
Fully support!!! =D

And yea, tomorrow I'm gonna participate in the 30 Hour Famine Camp. Hopefully everything goes well. And yea, wish me and all participants all the best! Cheers. =)