Sunday, August 29, 2010

寂寞寂寞就好- Hebe 田馥甄

Extremely bored! Arghhhhhhh! Don't know what to do. Sigh. My mood was just like this song. 寂寞寂寞就好~ Not really in the mood since this morning because....... (I don't wanna mention why...) Hmmmmm.... What-So-Ever!

Having Corporate Finance Class today. This class was like really Stress-Free class (currently). The things that the lecturer kept mentioning is..... No exam! 100% assignment! Weeeee :) Yea, it was true then. Every Sunday going to class just like sitting there and day dreaming. LOL. I know I should not do that, but 100% assignment what. Who cares? Heeheee xP

And for today, get a surprise from our lecturer. He gave us a TAT assignment today. I was like WHAT? Shouldn't be there's NO TAT for this subject? Well, the lecturer told us that he, himself don't even know we supposed to do this. He thought our syllabus had changed, so, we're not going to do this. But who knows, we still have to do that. =____="~

Anyway, since we're late to do this, question given was quite easy. (Our lecturer told this to us...) And he already guide us the things that he's NOT supposed to do so. HAHA. Good, right? But, we only given 1 week to finished this! (Usually should be 2 weeks...) I think we can finished it on time, supposely? Gonna start do this, hopefully everything will be fine! :) 

By the way, felt this song is just so nice. 寂寞寂寞就好, sang by 田馥甄 Hebe. This song was really meaningful though. Hehehe, just sharing to all of you. Enjoy! :)

hai shi yuan lai na ge wo

bu guo liu diao ji gong shen lei suo yi bian shou

dui zhe jing zi wo cheng nuo

chi zao wo hui hai zhe zhang lian yi tui xiang rong

不算什么 爱错就爱错
bu xuan shen me ai cuo jiu ai cuo

早点认错 早一点解脱
zao dian ren cuo zao yi dian jie duo

wo ji mo ji mo jiu hao

这时候谁都别来安慰 拥抱
zhe shi hou shei dou bie lai an wei yong bao

jiu rang wo yi ge ren qu tong dao

受不了想到 快疯掉 死不了就还好
shou bu liao xiang dao kuai feng diao si bu liao jiu hai hao

wo ji mo ji mo jiu hao

ni zhen de bu yong lai wo hui yi li wei xiao

wo jiu bu xiang xing wo hui ben dao

忘不了赖着 不放掉
wang bu liao lai zhe bu fang diao

人本来就寂寞的 借来的都该还掉
ren ben lai jiu ji mo de jie lai de dou gai huan diao

我总会把你戒掉 Oh WU Oh~
wo zhong hui ba ni jie diao oh wu oh~

hai shi yuan lai na ge ni

shi wo zi ji zuo meng ni you gai bian shen me

zai duo de ai ye mei yong

mei ge ren yao mei ge ren de nie zhang

会有什么 什么都没有
hui you shen me shen me dou mei you

早点看破 才看得见以后 OH~
zao dian kan po cai kan de jian yi hou OH~

wo ji mo ji mo jiu hao

zhe shi hou jing lai dou bie lai an wei yong bao

jiu rang wo yi ge ren tong dao

受不了想到快疯掉 死不了就还好
shou bu liao xiang dao kuai feng diao si bu liao jiu hai hao

wo ji mo ji mo jiu hao

ni zhen de bu yong lai wo hui yi li wei xiao

wo jiu bu xiang xing wo hui ben dao

忘不了赖着 不放掉
wang bu liao lai zhe bu fang diao

人本来就寂寞的 我总会把你戒掉
ren ben lai jiu ji mo de wo zhong hui ba ni jie diao

人本来就寂寞的 借来的都该还掉.....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Outing with girls at Pavillion!


Out with girls! Went to Pavillion yesterday to celebrate my beloved Kutu E-1 birthday. Well, not really celebration, no cake also. (Got heart then Okay la ya... xD)  HAHA. Spend about 4 hours there. Had our lunch and dessert. This time not much photos were taken. Most of it are not humans, but NON-LIVING THINGS. Heee :)

This month gonna be a financial crisis month for me. Money all going out, didn't come it... >"<~ Anyway, we do enjoy our moment there. Although just a few hours hanging around together, but yet, it was FUN. Waiting for the next outing. :)

Little Ben Kafe


Raeshyl Beloved~! ^^

Honey and Darling can eat? Hahahaha...xD

Our food... ^^

Include drinks and fruits!

Chicken Rice~
Happy Birthday Kutu E-1~ :)
Took by Kutu E-1~
The cup is bigger than my face! =="
Bulbs inside the shop!

After finished our lunch, stomach already full. So, we went for a walk at supermarket (Forget what the name called...) so that our stomach can fit in the dessert later. xP
Stabucks bottles shot

Japanese food shot

Stabucks cans shot

Kutu E-1 favourite FROG!

After finished our walk inside the supermarket, it's time for us to find for the dessert shop. It's a SNOWFLAKE shop which sell some SPECIAL kind of dessert. As for me, I called it as WEIRD. I don't know what combination it is. The taste was just so...... Hmmm......


Waiting for the UFO to landing...

The UFO arrived

Taufu Fah + Pearl- Raeshyl ordered this..

Ubi + Yam + Barli + Pearl + Ice- E-1 ordered this...
This combination of the flavour is just WEIRD >"<~

Closer view of it

C U T E~ Hahahahaha..xD

Looking at an ALIEN~




Failed shot!

Finally! Hehehe...xD

I'll end my post with me and Raeshyl :)

Friendship is made in the heart,
Unbreakable by distance..
Unchangeable by time..
OnCe a friend, Always a friend……
 and place into deep heart~~~~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

王力宏- 你不知道的事

Found out one of Alexander Wang song. I'm not really his fans, but yet, I felt that this song was quite nice. 你不知道的事... I just like get into the story when he sang these song. It suits my mood now. The lyrics were meaningful and the rhythm was very nice. Sharing to all of you. Enjoy! :)

蝴蝶擦几次眼睛 才学会飞行
夜空洒满了星星 但几颗会落地

我飞行 当你坠落之际 很靠近
对不起 我却没捉紧你


你的泪滴想倾盆大雨 碎落满地

多的是 你不知道的事

蝴蝶擦几次眼睛 才学会飞行
夜空洒满了星星 但几颗会落地

我飞行 当你坠落之际 很靠近
对不起 我却没捉紧你


你的泪滴想倾盆大雨 碎落满地

多得是 你不知道的事

我飞行 当你坠落之际

碎落满地 在心里惊醒

多的是 你不知道的事

 My heart is full with mysterious,
多的是 你不知道的事,
No one will ever know what my heart is thinking about,
No one.......

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My car on TOW

22/08/2010, 12am.

My car on TOW. What a nightmare we got! Went to Salak South Pasar Malam at Saturday night with my brother and his friends and of course my with my friends too. Had Asam Laksa as our dinner. Then went to HomeTown there for the "Yam Cha" session. Back from there around 11:45pm.

On the way while fetching Tracy back home, my brother accidentally knock on some parking bricks. Before that, I told him "Please becareful, infront there got bricks!" But my clever brother thought I'm joking with this. So, at last, all of us heard the BANG sound together! LOL. >"<~

Well, we thought it was not a serious case. And so, we just keep driving without any look at it. After awhile, I think after around 5 minutes. We felt that our car got some weird smell. Like those "hangus" smell. All of us were curious about it. Lastly, we decided to stop aside after paying the toll.

My goodness. Our car got smoke coming out! Thank god we stop aside, if not, we do not dare to imagine what will happened. And so, waited there to check what's happening. Later on, car dripped those black oil out. Without 10 minutes, the tank left nothing. >"<~

4 of us calling for help. Finding for the solution of it and what to do. Standing beside the roadside in the middle of midnight was really weird. But we do ENJOY it. HAHA... xP

Been wondering what to do, there are 2 ways, the first way is to buy black oil to refill it back. Once finished, buy again. The second way is to called TOW car service. Conclusion is, we choose the second way. RM80 for the tow car services.

Waited the person until 1:15am in the midnight or so called MORNING. Hmmm... Really tired as later on (Sunday), I'm having morning class. Reached home around 1:30am. Finished all those things and slept around 3am. T.T~

Get back my car on that day afternoon (Sunday), RM250 for the repairing part. Total RM330 gone. Anyway, the important thing is all of us are safe. :)

It was a wonderful experience. (Please no next time!) First time hanging beside the roadside in the middle of midnight. The feeling was just so weird. Wanna thanks to honey's brother for calling us and taught us how to solve this and Jin Hong sister for fetching us back home. (She pass by the same toll like us. How lucky are we? If she did not pass by there, who going to fetch us back?) Thank you so much! :)

But so, I still thank god. (You might felt weird why should I thank god in this case.) Not because of this incident happened to us, while it happened when we're NOT alone. Can you imagine that it happened to us alone in the middle of midnight and while our handphone is run out of battery. Hmmm, no comment! [x.x]~

Even how worse the situation is,
GOD always prepared the best solution for us.
Lord, thank you so much!

Saturday, August 21, 2010














我害怕被人冷落。当我觉得纳闷时,很想找个朋友聊天。但我又害怕他/她不要理会我。所以,我总是把“MSN” 关了。若不是有朋友约了我在那儿聊,我根本就不会把“它”打开。因我害怕没有人会理会我。






Friday, August 20, 2010

Meaningful Sentences

Hmmm, as usual, being nothing to do at home. (Currently only, because assignments haven't out yet...) Brother back, cannot used PPS to watch movie, because.....HE DON'T ALLOWED ME TO DO SO! What a good sister am I huh? Yes, I am! Hahaha.....xP... So, what I can do is to read my emails, roughly 17,000 of emails I had. Gosh! =.="~

While reading through, I found out that there are some meaningful sentences. And I really like it so much. It motivates me. And here, just some sharing to all of you. Hope all of you do like it. :)
  1. Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.
  2. There's always going to be people that hurt you, so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.
  3. When anger rises, think of the consequences.
  4. Argument is the worst sort of conversation.
  5. Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.
  6. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
  7. True good friends, does not mean that there are endless topic to talk about when together. But when together, even if not talking, will not feel embarrassed.
  8. Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart.
  9. It takes years to build up trust, and just seconds to destroy it.
  10. Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
Wanna shared a short story pictures with all of you. I guess many people will have read this before. I really found that it's really true. Human always tend to find a 'short-cut way' to achieved what they want. They want the easiest and fastest way. But yet, they will not think about the consequences of it. This is human mind.


No Pain No Gain. Accept the Pain, Future will be Fruitful.

Don't feel the work you are doing is pain, because there will be always a reason for that pain or work. So face the pain, for the pain you face, there will be definitely happiness a head.

Hope all of you do enjoy it! Cheers! :)

Carry a Heart that Never Hates.
Carry a Smile that Never Fades.
Carry a Touch that Never Hurts.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shabu One

16/08/2010....Went to Shabu One with my friends again. Nice. It's steamboat buffet. My favourite! Having our lunch there. The shop renovated, more varieties of food and drinks now. Student price, around RM21 per person. Cheap, right? Enjoy it so much with them! Waiting for the next round. :)

Attention!!! Your computer might HANG/LAG/EXPLODE due to the large amout of photos we've took. Within 3 hours+, 150+ photos. Gosh. Anyway, I'm not going to upload all of it, but most of it. Enjoy ya! :)


Sauces Stall

Those sauces that you can mix it whatever you want.


Garlic, chili, chili padi...



All seafood.. Yummy..

Seafood.. Delicious..


Wantan, seafood, meat..

Fishballs.. All balls~ xD


My Kutu E-1~


Tomyam and Chicken Soup

I can't live without chili~ xD

Lemon Shot

Gonna eat soon~ Hungry~~

Eating Time.. ^^



Soak it inside the soup

We start playing with the "FLOWER"~

Deer~ lol...

Me: Will you marry me?
E-1: Yes, I will~

Me: Will you marry me?
Rae: No, that "FLOWER" are not fresh enough still~

Raeshyl and E-1~

Starring at each other~

Very YENG~ Hehehe..xD


Varieties of mee

Fu chok, yam...

As though we didn't saw pigeon egg before... >"<~

Yea, normal egg also I didn't see before...o.O"
Hahahahaha.. >"<~

The 2 little cute stick is Spaghetti...

Rabbit.... LOL =.="

Chicken Wings~

Fried Rice

I think it's salad.... >"<~



2 sakai....xD

Dessert and Fruits


8 flavours of ice-cream~

Drinks corner

Photoshot of the stall :)

Later on, after having our 3 hours lunch there, our stomach was almost BURST. HAHA. The next stop we went to Pavillion to took pictures. But we only manage to took a few over there. First is because there's nothing much to take and secondly is because Raeshyl have to rush back home. :)


Decoration Trees. :)

My lovely beloved E-1 and Raeshyl :)

Model of the day. LOL.
Okay, I know I failed laaa... >"<~

Every stories behind me.

That's it, our day ended with our laughter and joy. Even it's just a few hours we hang out, I bet you can't imagine we had how much fun on that day. We laugh, talk, doing those funny action non-stop. I enjoy the day with you guys! :)

A world without a friend, what would it be?
It would be like a world without water, something you need.
Friends are like glass, once broken, they are hard to fix.
Keep your friends, as you would keep your water.