Sunday, December 2, 2012


In another week, I'll be having my finals. I was like.........exam? So fast? I thought I just started the course like few days ago? Hmmmm? Less than 1 more month, 2013 is arriving. Time just flies without waiting you. I've studied Psychology course for like 1 year? Wow. Surprisingly, I'm still alive! lol..

Life just became miserable since the first day I step into Psychology. I like what I'm studying and I enjoyed. At the same time, I'm in the process of die-ing. Uh-huh... =/

Only last week we finished our last presentation, and exam is just next week. Yeap, is NEXT WEEK! 2 weeks to finished 5 subjects is IMPOSSIBLE. *Though I started earlier, it's still insufficient time I have now* Like seriously, 1 subject 12 chapters, so 5 subjects 60 chapters.....

Thank god! God seems to know I'm stressed out with it, SOME lecturers do gave us tips! Just unexpected! Really glad they do so, or else, I can assure that now I'm DEAD. Hahahahaha~

Yes, if you're wondering how I look like, I'm half-dead with information overload. It's just DO or DIE! Wish me good luck! =]

FYI, I sleep with my notes and textbook day and night!

Love what you do.
Do what you love. =)

Friday, November 16, 2012

3 months and I'm back!

More than 3 months disappeared in my blog. Uh-huh, can see how busy my life is? O.O

Not really into blogging nowadays, sometimes busy until I don't have anytime to do others things. Daily routine, go Uni study, do assignments, presentations and blahhh.. Uni life is tough but challenging. Exams are scary and I'm still like the old me, lack of confident in doing anything. -.- So yea, nothing change on me, just that I might look exhausted sometimes, LOL. =]

So what I fully utilized in this week holidays? Sleeping like a dead pig for some days. 15 hours. Muahaahaha, regain back my energy! =P

Oh yea! This week is the best week of this semester!  Even my semester break I still need to go Uni. Uhhh, but this week, so syok! Many holidays this week because some lecturer cancel class! Hahahaha.. week all replacement class. Which mean normally is full, so next week will be PACK. Uh-huh. -.-

No guarantee how long will be back for another blog post, maybe after finished my exam which is just less than 1 month to go. Ohmygosh. =(.. Wish me luck! =/

Before I MIA again [very sure], post one pic of myself when celebrating Halloween in Uni 2 weeks back. =D

The blur witch. Hah! =P

Good Night people! =)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Dato LCW enter the Olympics 2012 finals!

Second weeks of holiday gone. Left approximately 26 more days. Oh gawd. Felt so demotivate now. Once results haven't out, which mean I'm still in a worried mode. =(

And yea, Olympics started, and one of my favourite thing to do is to watch the Olympics 2012! Muahahaha.. I have no idea since when I'm really into in and watch till 3am in the midnight?! I seriously don't know...... Just no reason. =P

I didn't watch all of it, just few selected sports; Diving, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Archery and of course BADMINTON!!!! Hahahahaa! =P

The one and ONLY one sport which Malaysia can get for the very first Gold Medal. Aiks. And I had a good news, which is IF Dato LCW won and get the Gold Medal, all people can get a scoop of BASKIN ROBIN ICE-CREAM FOR FREE, Click and view here! Muahahaa...XD

And yea, the latest news, Dato LCW get into the Olympics 2012 Finals! Congratulations again! Keep it up! One more step to Gold Medal, and also FREE BR Ice-cream. Yoohoo~ =P

And yea, my boy boy also watch the match together with me. Hehe.. ♥ =D
All the best and good luck in the final match! 
Fully support!!! =D

And yea, tomorrow I'm gonna participate in the 30 Hour Famine Camp. Hopefully everything goes well. And yea, wish me and all participants all the best! Cheers. =)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Zooming Technique

Holidays pass one week. OMG. Time flies... I don't wanna start class so soon.. I want to have more holidayssss seriously! ><"~

After exam ended, I take photos like mad. During studying time no time to go out to take photos, and now, since I got the time, of course I will fully utilize it to the max! Muahahaha.. =P

And yea, I just back from my trip with Psycho gang! One word, ENJOY! Hee. =D.. And currently, most of my time I spent outside. Hmmmm.. Reason 1 is due to WEATHER IS TOO HOT!!!!!! Stay at home keep sweating, so my family take the opportunity to go shopping mall to fully utilize the cold air-condition. =P.. Reason 2 is because my family are extrovert. LOL. O.o!! Have to go out everyday... Ehem... Oh well, no comment. =/

So, people like me, I don't really fancy with shopping at all. Usually girls like to shop for clothes, bags, accessories and blahhhhh... But I am the one who got exception. -.- LOL. Last time at least I used to followed my mum walk around. Now, I got my new hobby, which is sitting at MPH/BORDERS to read books.

A big HUH I know. =]

If they shop for 3 hours, I will sit at the MPH/BORDERS to read books. What books? Wanna make a guess? Errr? Hmmm? Huh?

Okay! The answer is PHOTOGRAPHY book! Get it correctly? Yes? No? =P

Been seriously addicted to read photography books nowadays. Can't afford to buy it, so, just sit at bookstores to read about it. Clever me. =P

And yea, currently I just learn a new technique for photography skill which is Zooming Technique. I am really into it now. I love the effect to the max. And yea, not perfect yet, just learned. Hee. =D

Hari Raya Decoration can be viewed at my page, Vanzy Photography. Thanks for the support people! =D

Original Effect, Colour Edited. =D

Another 2 more photos can be view at >>>

Monday AGAIN. 
Another week pass. ><"~
Good Night people! =/

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Page, come support! [Vanzy Photography]

Ohaiyoo.. Dear readers! I've just created a page for Photography. The main reason I create this page is because some people added me in my personal, but sorry, I only will add friends that I knew in my personal FB. So, I created this page for those who are interested with photography and people who wanted to share their experience there. Anyone also welcome to drop me a comment there. =D

I will try to update as often as I promised. Of course, with the condition of I need to have the time. Hee. Happy weekend! =D


And yea, please support my page! Thank you! Cheers!  =D

Friday, July 20, 2012

IKEA beef meatballs

IKEA famous beef meatballs! Yummy.. 
RM16 per plate. =D

After been like years I went to The Curve, till today only I knew there were such food! LOL. I know, I'm outdated la. -.- I didn't really walk at IKEA side. So, it's still acceptable la. =P.. Btw, I actually knew this place from one of my classmates. Hee. =P

So, today me and my family take the opportunity to come here to pay a visit. It taste not bad! Niceee! For those who haven't try before, should give it a try. Never try, never know. =D.. We order a set of 20 pcs beef meatballs + french fries, RM16

The beef meatballs were one of the favourite here. I saw every tables surely will order this dish. And yea, it actually turn out not bad for us. My dad don't eat beef also said OK! Hahaha.. For those who don't really eat a lot of meat, you can actually share the food, like what we did. It's sufficient for us and we take this as our dinner. =) 

The meatballs is made from minced beef, served with cream sauce and "strawberry" jam, with french fries as well. 

IKEA Damansara
No.2 Jalan PJU 7/2,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7726 7777
Fax: 03-7726 6255

Open Daily: Sun – Thurs: 10am to 10pm
Fri, Sat and Eve of public holidays: 10am to 11pm

Yumm Yumm Yummy! Heee =D

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Helllooooo, people! It's time to update my dear bloggie. Hahahaha.. Oh yea, just to informed to all my dearest friends... I'm NOW having holidays!! Like finally?!?!! Yess.. Muahahaha...=P

It has been ages since I really relax myself. 3 months are like 3 years. LOL. Not because of the subjects were tough (I meant currently subjects ONLY), but there are just way too much memorization to go through! ><"~ Unfortunately, no tips also. Ehem.. -.- Sad huh? T_T.. My brain I think almost half-dead, left partially can function now. LOL. Not joking. =]

Anyway, it's OVER. My exams finally OVER!!!! I'm so so so GLAD to said that, it's NOW ALL OVER!!! I seriously wanna enjoy my holidays now. No more like revision WHOLE night, then blur blur for the next whole day. Hoo hoo hoo... =P

Eventually slept for like 17 hours after the exam ended. OMG. Tired like nobody business. 7pm+ sleep till the next day 1pm+. LOL. Crazy huh? Yes I know. Now, I fully recharge my energy. =P

Start from 17th July 2012 onwards, I gonna have my holidays until almost end of the August. And of course, before I can really relieve myself which is I have and MUST PASS all the subjects! No XXXX please..... *finger cross*.. ><"~

And yea, took some pictures.. HAHAHA.. Wanted to do this like since don't know when. Since that now I got the time, of course, I will do whatever things I wanna do.. Hehe.. ^^

Drawing on a piece of tissue paper. ^^

If you know what I mean. <3 =)

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything. =)

Happy Holdiays! =D

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Depressed... It seems that whatever I studied and revised, it means nothing and I don't even know a single thing about it. =(

Today was a hectic day for me. I woke up late, screwed in R.Methods test (I think...), getting back my Eng for Psycho test marks, and lastly, revise back last week SPSS test which I can confirmed I gonna failed it.

Why? Can anyone tell me why? I can answer all the questions exactly during the revision time, but why when it come to test, I seems to know nothing about it?! =(

I felt so upset about myself. It seems that my effort to revise means nothing to me. I am so worried now that I can't even passed my assignment. So, what is the purpose for me to go for the exam then? =(

While driving back home, my tears drop. I feel so useless. I feel stupid. I feel dumb. I ask myself why would this happened to me? I did revision on it, and I know and knew how to do it, but how can I failed the test? When the lecturer revise back all those questions just now, I manage to get 90% of the answer correctly.

But why and how can I did badly in the test? It just doesn't make any sense to me. It was just so simple and now, I feel like banging my head to the wall now. I..................just got nothing to say now.

What I hope is to pass all my assignments as well as my final exams. God bless.

Don't worry, I'm fine. 
Little crazy monster girl will be back!

Whoever give up first is a loser!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mickey Mouse Fair at Mid Valley

Like what I promised earlier, let me update about the Mickey Mouse fair at Mid Valley. Been taking all these photos last week when I went to Mid Valley with my family. Niceeeeee.. ♥ I taken about 400+ shots! But I only update part of it here, or else, I think it will take forever to upload it. LOL. =]

No grandma story today, a picture paints a thousand words. HAHAHAHA. Sharing is caring. By the way, this fair is until 10th of June if I'm not mistaken. Enjoy. =)

There are way a lot more than what I post. Haven't went there yet? It's time to do so! Hee. =D

P/S: Dinner with an old old friend just now. Chit-chatting many things after long time didn't met each other. He's flying to UK next week for 3 months studying there. Sincerely wish you all the best in your studies. Hope to meet you up later after you back! Hee. =D

And it's time to back to reality, tomorrow is MONDAY again. Presentations, research report, quiz are all on the way saying HI to me.............. Zzzz.. Wish me luck! =]

One of the pic I took with Mickey!
HAHA. Nights. =P

Mickeyyy Mouseee ♥