Sunday, October 31, 2010


My mind is so complicated now. I guess I get affected by the "trend" now. Those emo feeling really killing me. It can make me drop tears out of the sudden with or without any reason.

Mummy said, if I felt unhappy, please tell her. Don't kept everything inside the heart.

Sometime I have no idea what am I thinking of. Everything seems to be unclear. Out of sudden, I remember someone told me before that [A] is not trusted. And without any doubt, I denied it that [A] is not. Why? Because I TRUST. I trust with all my heart. Without any doubt till now. 

Things make me changed. Wondering now, should I continue to remain silent or should I go ahead for it? I knew which is the right way I supposed to do, but just that I don't wanna do so. Just because of 1 word, TRUST. Some of my friends said that I'm too kind or so-called it as "stupid". Hmmm, whatever.

I trust you with all my heart no matter what people says about you. Please show me that you're trustable.

***Today is Sunday. As usual having class on this day. Finally, Corporate Finance assignment was out by today. Thank god. This was a group work assignment. Hopefully we can did it well. Good luck everyone. :)

I don't want to ask, because I trust...
I'm still waiting for your promised...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

We have to let go no matter how

Currently I felt that many people around me always moody and sad. Sigh. What happened? Why everyone also having this kind feeling? Is it because of the trend thingy? LOL. -.-

Sometime I do wish time can turn back. I wish I could go back to those chilhood days where I can do whatever I want. No worries at all! As we grew elder, problems tend to kept arise. :(
How good if I'm still a small little kid. I can cry whenever I felt sad, need not need to pretend to anyone. After cried, mummy and daddy will come and comfort me. Hmmm..... I did not meant that now we can't express it to them, but it was quite hard for us to tell them everything what we faced. Agree?

I do think before, if I never grew up, then I'll always be a BIG BABY in my family. To become one of a good member in the family, we must learn how to face problems and solve it by ourselves. At the same time, if they face problems, we have to help them out too. We grew in physically, either mentality. Don't always rely on others.

If you felt stress, try to find your own way to express it out. Just like me, I will either find my besties to say it out or either express it in my blog. Don't kept everything inside the heart. Here, I did not meant that I'm telling everything to them. I do kept some towards myself. Even my family members won't know it. 

Well, I believe everyone has their own small little tiny secrets. This is normal. I do have too. But please remember, "small tiny secrets" are those secrets that we can handle it by ourselves. If we can't handle it, please find your own ways to solve it. It would be really difficult for you to take everything towards yourself. Trust me, it does.

Today was just an ordinary day for me. Nothing much happened. Went out with my brother and his friend. Had Shabu 1 as our BRUCH. Hmmm, food quality were not as good as last time. Please do improve it. *Thumbs down* :(

I understood that sometime some certain things can't be forced. 
We have to let it go no matter how.

Monday, October 25, 2010








很快的就放学了。我们俩还是很“静”。我在前,她在后。就这样到达了火车站。平时总觉得这段路很短的,但今天,不知为何我总觉得它特别的长。甚至走到有些累。途中收到一封信息。看了过后,“................”。 算了,别提。



回到家了,当做什么事都没发生过。我的鼻子,眼睛已没那么的明显了。妈妈也在休息,所以也没什么去注意我的。幸好! >"<~!! 我把所有的讯息通通都撤除了。 然后就坐在电脑前,上“面子书”



星期三约了Honey 和 Raeshyl 去吃Jogoya。哇~期待这一天的来临~ =)


Thursday, October 21, 2010


19102010 is a happy day. I went out with one of my primary friend, Amy. Enjoy it to the max. I can't describe those feeling, it's just awesome. ♥

We had a lot of fun although it's just a 5 hours "dating". I miss her so much. I'm eager and waiting for the next "dating" with her. Yea, she booked me already. Anyone who wanna date me out, sorry, I'm not available at the moment. HAHAHA!! xD

Within 5 hours, we took about 200++ photos. Wow! Amzing! Hahahaha! Well, let's make it short and sweet. It's time to post those pictures up, enjoy. :)

Jojo Little Kitchen 

This shop we went is located at Cheras Mahkota. It was famous with Pan Mee.
And it was really nice. Yummy. ♥
Enjoying her Soya Bean
Focus on her finger nails.
Natural pose. =)
Amy's Pan Mee. 
Soya Bean
Spicy Herbal Chicken Pan Mee.
This is real delicious. You should go try it. ♥
RM7 per bowl. 
I can't live without chili's.
Especially the left one, I ate 4 "plates" of it. ♥
Chili's sauces
With her, photos will be taken non-stop. xD
I miss YOU. ♥
2 cameras. 
One is my handphone, another was my camera. :)
Good. :)

Gosh, I don't know why I followed her pose.
Those waiter thought we were gone crazy. 
I know you, is the greatest blessing from god. :)



While drinking my water. Hahaha..xD

Chat, chat and chat.... Snap, snap and snap at Jojo little Kitchen there. Crazy!! HAHAHAHA!! Then headed to Cheras Selatan Jaya Jusco for a movie. Wheee~ Later on, went to OldTown for chit-chatting and photosnap session. Heeehe~ ♥.. Enjoy~ :)

Old Town Menu~

While ordering~

She took my camera and non-stop snapping photo! x]

See, again~!


Nice one! :)

We watch Reign of Assassins~
Amy cried 3 times inside the cinema~!! >"<~!!
Wahahaha~!!! xD

She asking for help. 
Anyone willing to help her? HAHAHAH!! ^^!!

My chocolate enrich. Yummy!
I love chocolate! =)

Adding ice.

The Kaya and butter toast bread I ordered.

Eating bread. I like this pic though. =)


Quite natural yea? Hahaha..

RAR~ Bread~

Chocolate is the best drink. I supposed.

She asked me took.

Kissing the bread. x]

Same face 1

Same face2

With flash..

Amy, 8 years of friendship.
And I cherish it, thanks for being my friend. =)

I'm eager for the next dating with YOU. ♥

Hahahaha, her yellow PAINT on her fingernails. x]


The last picture we took.
Amy, I miss YOU. =)

Your laughter bright up my day.
Seriously, I MISS YOU so much.