Saturday, December 28, 2013

BBQ celebration after exam! :)

Hellllo, I'm back after months! And yea, I'll be having looong holidays. 3 months! Yayy! :D

Ended my exam on the 19th Dec. Like finally... Struggling for almost a month for my revision. Day and night staying in Uni, from Monday till Sunday. Lol. It wasn't easy to go through it. I know I couldn't have smoothly gone through this without God, family and friends support. :)

Seriously, they help me a lot, and I wanna say million of thanks. Thanks for being with me all the time when I need all of you. When I almost feel like giving up, all those encouragement and support means a lot to me. And I sincerely apologize if I make any of you mad due to my lack of sleep mood during my revision month. I know I'll be groggy, grumpy, blur and whatever it is..... ><".. Thanks for being with me all the time. =]

BYE BYE library!
Not gonna see YOU for the next few months. =P 

The last night we stay at Uni while walking back to carpark. =]

After exam, having a small BBQ party with Uni friends, then Singapore trip with family and I just came back from my PD trip with friends. Such a tiring but yet blissful holidays I had! Hehe. And so, this post I gonna blog about my BBQ celebration after exam with my Uni mates and friends. :)

99% of the photos credit to my daughter. Cause that day having headache due to lack of sleep. -.- So yea, not so in the mood to take pictures. Lol. Anyway, enjoy~ Hehe. =D *My daughter taking pictures skill not bad. =P*

 One thing I can remember very well.
My daughter accidentally wore the same shirt with this OCD or vice-versa.
So, they both ended up having "great conversation" with each other.

 Mama choosing chicken wings. :)

Inside Pyramid Jusco taking group selfies. =P
Then went to Mydin to bought other things...

 Bro lighting up the charcoal~

3 Sakais. =P

Taken by me a.k.a professional photographer, as if. XD 

 Saw 2 people which is not Uni gang? 
Bahahaha.. =P

Yumm Yumm Yumm.. =D

I look so like a beggar waiting someone to feed me food -.-

Hangus Chicken Wing~ =P

Lack of sleep = headache = superb blur = talk less...
Conclusion, pampered by them to the max. Errrr... Heee. =]

Ignore my blur face.. o_o

Moo Moo, it seems like you're feeling cold? Lol. XD

Tadaaaa~ =D

Initial plan, picture with my gang before leaving.
Then, OCD came in...... Lol. =]

Elephant, I can see the marshmallow taste very awesome. =D 

The next morning....

Group photo before leaving. :)

Happy Holidays people! :)

P/S: There's a lot of pending photos and posts I wanna post. Like seriously, too many. All those photos still with me, too many activities, keep taking pictures but busy till I got no time to transfer it to my lappie. Lol. And now, since I'll be having a looooooong holidays this round. Let's see how much motivation I have to post all those pictures up. Hee. =]

Very tired and sleepy, desperate for sleep. Nights people! :)

Happy holidays people!
Will see you guys in 3 months time!
Enjoy and have fun! :)

Monday, September 23, 2013


CAUTION: This post contains my personal random thoughts and feelings. It might make you feel emo. Please click "X" if you feel so. =/

For those who are reading my blog, this is just a random post where I just feel like wanna crap whatever thoughts I'm having now. I'm fine and so, no worries. :)

Hmmmm, sometimes, I wonder, what am I doing now is it right or wrong. It seems right sometimes, but the next moment, it seems wrong. I don't know how to describe my current feeling right now. Perhaps, confused and annoyed are those feelings I'm having now. Hmm.. =/

I don't know how to handle people-relationship situation. Or I should say, I'm not really good at handling all these things. Most of the time I'm very quiet in front of those people I don't know. And those who know me well, you should know how I'll react to when I'm really close with you. No doubt, you'll find that I'm actually crazy, funny, blur, talk a lot of craps and blahhh. So, please bare with my insane-ness. Lol.

I'm everywhere. I don't belong to any fixed group. I mean......... People come and go. Friends that I'm really close with leave without noticing me. I told myself, it's okay, I should be happy because they found a better one than me. But, when all these incidents pile up, it ended up with a really deep scar. It makes me become even more sensitive and having those insecure feeling now.

I always blame myself for causing all these problems. I guess that's one of the reason why I really protect and give full attention to those I really care. I love them as I love my family.

My principle: They happy, I happy. They sad, I sad. Just that simple.

If I got the chance to choose, I prefer to have a fixed group that I can hang on with. Not to say I don't like mixing around, I'll still mixed around with other people. Perhaps, having a fixed group of people make me feel more secure and easier to communicate.

Trust is an issue I need to deal with. I don't know how to express myself to others, not even with the closest one. I'm not trying to hide, but.....maybe.....perhaps.... I guess I'm just being pampered by them too much. They know what to do when I'm not in the mood. They'll try to approach me and try to "force" me to say whatever I wanted to say that I kept inside my heart. So, it become a habit for me now. =/

Yea, as I said, they really know me too well. I'll say it out after being "force" by them, but my habit..... Hmmm, I always say halfway.....then stop somewhere along the line. So, ended up I'll make them mad. Lol. *Sorryyyyy* =/

Sometimes, we really need to find someone whom you can trust to share your feelings out. It definitely makes you feel better. I don't know why it is so hard for me share my feelings to others nowadays. I wanted to, but the moment when I want to say it out, some voice inside me ask me not to. So, I stop myself from being expressive. Then, slowly.....I choose to keep everything to myself.

Few years back, I did. Can't be denied, that's the most memorable and happiest friendship I had ever. Not to say who give in more or whatever. I enjoy all the moments I spent with the one I really care. Yet, that's also the most hurtful friendship I experienced. And it's now all left with memories.

I'm just scared I'll trouble them when I find them. I told this to the one I'm really close with. Anything you guys need help, someone to listen or talk, you're always welcome to find me. But the respond I get from them is exactly the same like me.

"Scared they'll trouble me". Lol. =]

Don't worry, as I've said, I'm fine. Just a random feeling I had. As usual, because of my over-thinking and over-sensitiveness, I always ended up thinking non-sense. Seriously, sometimes I feel like banging my head on the wall. 


Ughhhh. Byeeee. 

Always smile no matter how heart broken you are. :)

My promised; If you need me, I'll always be there for you; anytime and anywhere. Thanks for those who always be with me too. You know who you are. :)

We met people for a reason. 
Either it's a blessing or it's a lesson. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Penang Trip #3

Yay! Friday got no class! It's a so called holiday for me. A very lazy Friday~ Heh! =P

So, basically what I did was......sleep half of the day. Lol. Slept for 11 hours and additional of almost 3 hours of nap once I back from my brunch at Jojo. Yay! Sleep so much.....or too much. At least I can sleep. Lalalaaa... A lot of work haven't done yet, bet tonight gonna burn midnight oil or worst case, tomorrow only continue? NOOOO. Tonight must settle at least part of it, or else really! =/

So yea, let me take some time to update my bloggie. As I've promised, I'll update my Penang Trip #3 now. Enjoy. :)

Penang Trip #1
Penang Trip #2

Chew Jetty 姓周桥 (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
This was the third day of our trip. A very sunny and hot day. Like seriously, if you said KL is hot, please pay a visit to Penang and you'll know what is called HOT. Lol. =]

Drawn by Ernest Zachaveric

The cloud looks like a fist. HAHAHAHA. 


Straits Quay
A very nice and beautiful shopping complex. It looks classy and selling all those high class stuffs. Lol. And on that day when we went, there's an event by Anime Culture Japan Convention Fair going on, I actually took pictures for each car, but too lazy to upload here. So, this is the overview of all those cars. =]

Charlie Brown Cafe~ 

If you're wondering what my mum was holding...
She was actually holding a pair of slippers she bought at Straits Quay. 

 Come, eat my fist~

 Let's kick together! XD

 My turn. Hahahaha~

Come, drink water. XD

Last pic I took before leaving Straits Quay..
My mum hugging fatty bro...... HAHAHAHAHA!!!


To end my post.
Here are some random photos I took.

This is what happened when you bring your fluffies along. HAHAHAHA.
The housekeeper help us to arrange it nicely.
I bet they thought this room are kids room. LOL.
Fyi, the red big bolsters were provided by the hotel. =] 


Don't be surprised. LOL. 
3/4 of the lift was fully occupied with our luggages and things we bought. =]

P/S: It was a very happy and satisfied trip with family. Though it was tiring but yet, all of us enjoy a lot during the trip. Laughter here and there. And yes, I feel really blessed to have them in my life. :)

I'm a happy child. :)