Sunday, August 30, 2009

PD and Malacca trip with family...

PD and Malacca Trip:
28-08-2009 ~ 30-08-2009

Had a lot of fun in my trip with my family! :) Lazy to describe what I've did in my holidayssss! So, I'll just upload part of the photo's......... Kinda lazy to upload all the photo's that I took......Because it tooks time and it's a bit troublesome to upload photo's in bloggie.......Hahahaha.....

Before that, we changed 2 rooms....... Huh??? It's because the previous room, there was short circuit appear...... So, we request it to changed another room....... And yet, the management give us upgrade to a sea view room........... Hehehee :)

Just enjoy those pictures! :)

Here we come!!!
It tooks us 1 hour 30 minutes to reached here!
'The Legend Water Chalets'~ :)

The main building...

The side-bed that my brother sleep!
Hehehehee ^^

Me sitting outside the chair :)

My auntie-Ah Yih Eng ^^

My auntie-Ah Yih Gaik and I :)

The view ouside our room....

Me and the bear! lol....

omg!!! My brother took

The boat......

The sky...

The view from my 1st room......Nice??

The view from my 2nd room....Nice, right?? :)

I love the sky! :)

The night view....Took this from carpark...

Night time light reflection! Nice!

The place where I sit at night! :)

I turn on the music and sitting there with windy winds........


On the second day, we plan to go Malacca to have a walk.............. If not, just staying at PD there, it would be really boring.. Hahahaha... It tooks us around 1 hour 30 minutes to reached Malacca... But for me, it was just like short distance because the job for me in car is.....Sleeping! lol. Hahahahahaha :p

Nothing much to buy in Malacca.......... We walk until where, eat until where......... Hahahahaha :p Ate 2 bowls of Cendol in Malacca~ Nice ^^ My skin tone turn The weather there was really hot! @.@~~~

Took this in the hotel lobby! :)
Before we start our journey to Malacca!

We reached Malacca!
The weather was really hot!!!

Brother and Ah Yih Gaik :)

My whole family! XD


Old old rocks...

Smile! :)

冰糖胡老.....RM2 per stick....
Bought this in Joker Street! :)

Went here to have a walk....
Big shopping complex... Hehehee ^^

My mum! Hahahahaha :p
She's wearing my cap~

The Eye-of-Malaysia.......

The sunset in Malacca :)



The last day, have our breakfast then have a walk along the beach! Hmmmm, please don't compare those sea water with others places.. The sea water there was really dirty. I don't dare to play also. Hahahahha :p

The view from the sea side..........
Those were the place where we stay! :)

Aunties and I :)

Background a bit dark.....

Me~ :)


Me looking at the sea!
Hehehehee~ XD


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


BOWLING! So big! Hahahahaha~ XD

As my brother said he has nothing to do at home during the holiday.. So, I decide we go Times Square to play bowling today.. But, before going there, we went to Pasar Seni there to buy the Rapid Monthly Travel card. Haiz~ T.T~ Price will start to increase on the first September. Not a good thing for everybody!

Later on, after finished our things, then go college there to meet my college friends... No need to introduce who is them.. Hahahahahaa :p Just find them to pay back the money.... lol... I know I purposely go there la, because I don't like to owe people money.... Hehehe :)
And after that, we went to TS there to play bowling.. Had a lot fun! But, now my hand so pain! :( Hmmm, due to the Ramadan season, bowling there having some promotion, that is Buy 1 game Free 1 game :) My brother and I bought 2 games = 4 games.. Per game only RM3.50 for student price.... Cheap! Hehehehehe :)
Ahemmm, most of the time I play, the ball also 'Masuk Longkang'~ lol. Hahahahhahaa :p Not professional enough....... Have to practice more lo~
After that, we also went to Leisure Mall. Because mum and dad have to go out, so they leave the car at LM there, then my brother drive it back. Reach home at 5pm. Feel tired. Heheheheee :)

All the colour balls! Hehehehe :)

Mr Lee~ XD

Me :)

Me and the
Pink colour...... Hehehee ^^

Nobody believe me if I say he is my bf.....
Hahahahahaha :p

Looks alike, right? XD

He smile jor, see his teeth also.......Hahahaha :)

My brother and my bowling shoes........


Sunday, August 23, 2009

My day with my family

As usual, went to church in the morning.. After that, it's shopping time! Hehehe :) Went to KLCC today with my family. Have our lunch at the food court. Today lunch, McD~~~ :D

Later on, after finished our lunch, have a walk around KLCC. My mum bought Bed Sheet again! lol. I have no idea why she loves to buy this.. Maybe attracted by '%'~~~ The one that my mum bought was 70%........ The price after discount, RM 300++~ >.<''
While my mum buying it. And this's the time, my sister and I go take photo's. Hahahahahaha :p Took photo's with some teddy bears there :)

My sister and I :)
Just ignore the pink and blue thingy....
Hahahahaha :p

This photo a bit blurzzzzz.........
My sister took one.......
Technique not good :p

Me :)

omg! This photo was really blurzz.......
Sis, you really have to improve your take photo de technique........
Wakakax~ XD

Grrrrrr! I look fierce? lol..
Well, I think I look funny......
Blekkkkk :p

My sister and the bear............
I love this bear! Cute~ (^0^)
After that, while on the way when we back, my mum went to Pudu there to buy bread.. And my mum bought us ice-cream...... Hehehehee ^^ Lucky my cough recover already (just recover only). Hahahahaaa. If not, I got no ice-cream eat, only see my brother and sister eat.......... XD

Took pictures also :)

The ice-cream that my mum bought for us :)

Eating ice-cream..........
My brother face just half~ Hahaha :)

Hehehehee~ :D

End my post with Miss Lee = My sister~
Hehehhehee ^^