Sunday, October 30, 2011

HomeDec 2011 @ KLCC

Went to KLCC yesterday with my family. Wow! KLCC has changed a lot! With new renovation, new boutique, new shops, many NEW things, but too bad. No money buy. Forget about it~ -.-

Oh yea, went to HomeDec to have a look just now. The purpose went there is to buy MOP, for my mum purpose. And yea, at the end, bought it. Then walk around the exhibition hall for hours....... Zzzzz... I started to feel bored with it. And so, the clever me luckily brought my baby camera out. Hahahaha! =P

No need I mention also know I will many pictures la!! Wakaka.. Even after my family left the hall, I still wanna stay there and took pictures. Until they called me only I go out the hall to find them. =/

I didn't took every photo inside the hall, I just took about water and light picture. Mostly is water picture because I am learning how to take it with slow shutter speed. Many picture also blur because the shutter speed is too low and my hand not enough steady. ><"~ the end, I also success to learn how to took it! Damn happy!! =D

Photos effect was original taken from camera, no effect is added BUT some minor edit to the photo's colour. Slow Shutter Speed of the day! Tadaaa! =)

Fruits! Healthy~  



Crystal light.
Using MF shot~

Light! Niceeee and warm feel~ Keke.. 


Purple water~ 1/2 shutter speed~
First time ever for me to take this shot! Water very can be seem very SMOOTH. =D

It's really hard to shot photo with low shutter speed.. 
Especially when my hand not steady enough~~ 
Many photos also KO!! =/



Nice environment! 
Romantic feel~~ =D

I just make it brighter... And the photo become like this. 
Not bad... Hahahaha..

3 BALLS...
Big, Small, Medium..XD

After walking around the other end, I came back the same place to take photo AGAIN!


 Love this so much! 
A bit like fairy tale feel..XD

Nice!! Happy!! =D
Consider okay la? Can see the effect? =D

One of my most satisfied photo!!! 
The light star and the water effect, damn NICE!!!
Without adding any effect on it.. 
Finally, I knew how to take this type of photo!!! Wahahahaha!! XD

Also satisfied with this too!! XD

With higher shutter speed.
Can see the difference? The colour wasn't that obvious now.
And that water doesn't look so smooth now too. =)

Being crazy playing with slow shutter speed.
The people like GHOST. LOL! =]

I love this shot too! Taken when dinner time.
My mum don't give me go over here to take photo, so, I just simply took when I'm eating..
The effect was just so NICE!!! Amazing!!

Inside car.. Hahahaha!!
Not bad huh? 

Errrrr, SPERM? =/

Last shot! Nice too! Kekeke...

P/S: Another 2 assignments on my hand! Ughhh. I wanna finished it asap so that I can concentrate on my final exam!! God bless me. ><"~

Practice always makes perfect. =P

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Homemade Salad

Today's topic, Homemade Salad~

People like me who don't really know how to cook also can made some dishes. Of course, not those complicated one, easy easy one I still can handle it~ Hahahaha! Don't worry, I got no potential at all also can make it, for sure you also can make it. =P

I remembered that I post up on Homemade Sandwich post at about months ago! Haha.. And now, I post up another homemade food. It's easy to make, yummy and healthy too! Hehe.. =D

- 6 pieces of Crabmeats 
- Vegetables
- Mayonese [Less than half bowl]
- Thousand Island [Less than half bowl]
- Lemon [Depends on your sour level]
- Ebikko

The ingredients~ 

Optional: Just to recommend this brand of sauces. 
Taste nice! =D

1) Slice the crabmeat into slices.
2) Mix Mayonese and Thousand Island + Lemon juice together.
3) Put the vegetables on the plate with the sliced crabmeat on top of it. 
4) Add the sauces on top of the sliced crabmeat + some Ebikko. 
5) Done!

Recommended: Put the salad into fridge after made it. Maybe about 30 minutes... Just let it be cold. It taste nicer! =)

Tadaaa! Homemade Salad~
Yumm Yumm Yummy!! =D

My first try on making this. Taste not bad! Seriously! At least nothing bad happened on me after I ate it. Hahahahaha! =P.. A simple dishes, but yet I really "kelam-kabut" when making this. Ehemmm... But no worries, at the end I also success to make it done! =D

Practice makes perfect! 
The next time I make it would definitely faster! Hah! 
Nightsss! =D

Thursday, October 20, 2011


This song make me think back a lot of thing. Hmmm... Such a meaningful song.









请陪我熬夜到明天 嘿依也
请陪我熬夜到明天 呼wu~

People often say, memories is always the best to think of. Those sweet moments make me feel happy, those sad moments make me feel touch where I think back of how you support me always and those crazy moments make me laugh alone. =/

Will these happened to me again? Sometimes, I missed all the moment we've been together. But, I guess all of these has become part of my memories. =]

This whole week class cancelled. 
And for today, I ended up sleeping whole day. ><"~

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sometimes, a smile confuses people.


Hi, Monday. I guess I've gone insane for the last few weeks. My timing was totally upside-down. Dead tired... But everything gonna back to normal soon, I mean SOON. =/

Something about Aquarius.....

You know what, sometimes, a smile confuses people. =/

Bye, Sunday.
Hi, Monday.
Insomnia. :(

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Arghhhh! 4am now and I'm still doing my final project. T.T~ I've been sitting here and work for 14 hours!!! Backbones are pain, eyes can't barely open and my mind is blank now. Why my supervisor so rush? Others still got chance till December, but why my Supervisor only till next week?!!! WHY..........?!!! T^T...

Ughhhhh. Pissed off. Don't know what am I doing. Simply write something, but I guess I have to redo it after let him check later. Ishhhh. Having class tomorrow and gonna meet him for the 9th times. Dead tired......

The 2 photos are taken from my house. The sunset is just so nice. Feel so warm. And I'm going off to my bed now. Nights people! =]

Using different setting to took this picture.
Not bad also yea?
2 colours, blue and orange. =]

Something new about me.

Had a new hair cut yesterday. The kakak at there so friendly and funny. She says I'm so cute, and she says I look like budak kecil. ><"~ She even pinch me 2 times.. LOL. Btw,  this hair style not bad yea? My mum say I look nicer with this hairstyle. Heheee. =D

Final project, I  wanna finished YOU by next week!
God bless me! =/

Sunday, October 9, 2011


A day full with clouds, make me feel so comfortable when looking at it. Love it so much. Blue blue sky make me feel so peaceful. Out of the sudden feel like wanna play with the clouds. But raining in the next moment. Same with my mood now. Annoying!!!

Today is a beautiful day, I should be in happy and relax mood too. Cooling myself down...

Taken at my house. Nice view and nice clouds! =)

Monday is coming. 
Another new day.