Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Being a midnight ghost again. ><".. Feeling sleepy but don't want to sleep. LOL. This is what I do during my holidays. HAHAHA! =P

Been wondering around on FB just now and by simply clicking, I found out those horoscope quiz or whatever thingy it called. I have no idea how true was it, but I think it was quite true about me? I think? Heh, nothing much to write on this post, basically is just to share what I read just now. Nights. =D



你真爱的门槛:专情 善良 纯真。



不清楚想做什么 觉得迷惘。



For more picture, please click ----> Vanzy Photography

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Outing with friends AND tomorrow is my day?!

Hellllllo, I'm here to update again! =P

Went out past few days with 2 gangs. Within 4 days, went out 2 times. Hahahaha. Enjoyable, it has been quite some time since all of us last met.

Gang 1, 4 people. The longest time since we last met was like 5 years back and some is around 1 year. Wow, we still look the same. Hahaha.. Went out quite late around 8pm, and surprisingly my car got clam by the management. Stup*d... Wasted like more than 30 minutes for waiting the guard to unlock it. -.- Forget it, back to topic. Went there to YamCha, chit-chatting and playing poker cards. Nice session we have. And surprisingly, I reached home around 2am. Hahahaha, what a miracle happen to me. LOL. Anyway, I enjoy the session and our next outing will be Feb/March according to them? Heh! =P

2 of them were my primary school mates and 1 is secondary. =)

Gang 2, 3 of my Psych coursemates. Went to MV yesterday with my girls. Had Sushi Zanmai for our lunch and walk around. We spent a lot of time in chit-chatting as this is what girls mostly will do during outing. Hahaahaha. Enjoy my day with them and take some crazy pictures too! =P

Have you seen before ghost like to self-capture? 

Can you notice a FOUR alphabet from the Lego that me and Dione build?
Hehe.. ^^

Hahahaha, me and my Baby Dioneeee..XD

I'm Mamii and she is my babyy..
Big penguin and small penguin...XD

I know both of it looks like me =P 

And lastly, my green baby Dioneee of the day!

And yea, not to be forgotten, tomorrow is my day?! Uh-huh? Anyone remember? Hahahaha.. But anyway, as I won't have any grand celebration as usual, so yea, it's just another normal day for me. Hehe. =D

P/S: Tomorrow gonna go MV again with anothe friend, most probably? No idea, let's wait for my next update! =D

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Healthy Organic Homemade Salad with Sesame Dressing

Hellllllo, today is Thursday, 17th January. LOL. Non-sense? Hahahaha. As I've promised earlier, I will try to make my blog alive again when I'm free, which mean now. I left 2 months+ for my holiday. Woohoo.. =P

My schedule currently really upside down. I mean my daily activities, sleeping time and my eating schedule. LOL. I wanted to sleep early, but I couldn't. ><.. So ended up sleep in the midnight and woke up only in the afternoon. 3pm? Ehemm, bad bad me, please don't learn. =P.. Then due to I only woke up during afternoon, I mostly only consume 3-in-1 meal daily. Which mean I will eat around 3:30pm, then dinner can't eat anymore. -.-

So yea, please don't learn it from me, bad habit you know. But what to do? Holidays are mostly eat, sleep and play, right? HAHAHAHA. Btw, of course, I'm still looking for part-time job as well, IF I could get any job which I'm interested. =]

Oh ya, today gonna blog about Healthy Organic Homemade Salad. One of the reason I made this is because of my eating schedule, since I've mention that I only eat my 3-in-1 meal around 3:30pm, of course dinner I can't eat. So, around 10pm I will surely hungry. Oppps. =P

So yea, I made salad and eat rather than eating maggie *not healthy food*. HAHAHAHA. Don't worry, it's very easy as I'm not those people who really like/know how to cook. As I only tend to homemade some simple food as I've blog before ---> Click here and see.... Homemade Salad & Homemade Sandwich.

The difference between last time salad and this post is the dressing. Last time I used mix mayonnaise + thousand island, as for this time, I used another type of dressing known as Sesame dressing. I don't really like originally eat those "raw" sesame, but for this salad dressing, it taste awesome. Nice! You guys should have a try. =)

As I mention, it's very easy, just that you need to have those ingredients. Here you go. =)

Ingredients (Can be served for 2 person):
- 5 pieces of crabmeats [Cut into slices/pieces, depends which you prefer more]
- Vegetables [I used lettuce]
- Japanese Sesame Dressing salad sauce [Half bowl]
- Lemon [Depends on your sour level, but I put 1/4 lemon]
- Ebikko

Ingredients =D

1) Slice the crabmeat into slices or pieces.
2) Mix the Japanese Sesame salad sauce and + lemon juice.
3) Put vegetables on bowl with putting those pieces of crabmeat and ebikko on top of it.
4) Put the sauces on top of it.
5) Done! =D

Cut in into slices or pieces =)

Squeeze lemon into the sauces =D

The final product........ Tadaaaaa... =P

Isn't it's so simple?
Easy, fast and healthy! =D

Enjoying my holidays.
Will try to find part-time job. Heh! =P
Bye. =D

Monday, January 7, 2013

To be or not to be, that is the question

The one you always care, are the one who always make you feel miserable.

Tolerate wasn't always the right way.

To be or not to be, that is the question.

 The naughty me =P
I look a lil dumb-dumb with this new hair style. lol. =X

The first date with them @ Station 1 + Caribbean Cafe~
The red shirt: SLOW TURTLE playing poker card~!

P/S: I'm gonna to design a new blog header for my blog soon. And, planning to delete some of my old post and pictures. =]

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 2013

This would be my first post. Happy 2013 people! I'm getting older. LOL. What-so-ever, who cares? =P

I'm having my looooooong holiday this round. Muahahaha.. 3 months! Yesss! I will definitely enjoy it to the max with no regrets! =P.. Oh yea, my blog seems so dead now. Even my FB too. Internet 24 hours for me means nothing. I don't used it at all. I would rather play with my iBaby or watching drama now. I just love my life now.

Haven't been taking any interesting pictures currently. Went for a 4D3N trip on 23rd to 26th Dec 2012, a Christmas trip.... But "LUCKY" me falling sick during the trip. Thanks to my lovely exam. Ehem.. -.- So yea, LESS pictures due to this reason. =P

Gift from the hotel. Hahaha..
Christmas gift. =)

My crazy besties~ I crazy they also crazy.
That's why we are FRIENDS. =P

I look so blur as usual. Hahahaha. =P

Blue blue sky =)

Night shooting


That's all for now.
Will update if I feel so. =P