Sunday, May 27, 2012

Updated! Enjoy your life as like today is your last day.

Helloooo everyone! I'm finally here to update my blog. Sorry for the superb long time disappeared this round. My life has been superb BUSY. Yes, just too busy. -,- Somehow, I got no time for myself too. Everyday just study, study and STUDY....... Homework, homework and HOMEWORK... Assignments, assignments and ASSIGNMENTS........ What a life.......... T^T..

Well, I don't think you guys know what happened to me recently as I just MIA for no reason. Hahahaa. Oh yea, update a bit of my current life. I finished my Degree in B.Admin on 2012 beginning year. Now, currently, I'm taking up Psychology course.  Hee, what a surprised huh? LOL. Most of my friends were in working field, and I am still in studying field. How weird is it? Hmmm.. =]

Although study life is hard, especially FULL with assignments and exams as usual, but yet I still think that I'm always a lucky one as I can proceed for my further studies. I heard from my friends who were working currently, most of them told me the same thing: "LIFE IS JUST SO DAMN TOUGH NOW". Uhhmm, they now told me studying is 100000000x times better than working.

People who work, they want to study.
People who study, they want to work.

Hmmmm, interesting facts huh? But not a surprised though. I seriously appreciate my life now, friends urged me not to so fast step into the "grave a.k.a working life". Enjoy study life as long as you can. And yeah, I think I should. Hee. =)

Will update as often as I can. Hopefully I got the time and yeah, please pray for my studies too. Having hard time to cope up with new environment, new syllabus and new knowledge. But I know I can do it. Cheers. =)

P/S: Blogspot has updated? Just 2 months for not logging it, it changed. LOL. Time really flies. And my 1 week semester break ended. And it so-not-look like holiday at all. -.- This "holiday" fill with lovely assignments, revision and blahhhhhhh.. How good if I can have more holidays now. Aiksss..


You see, I am enjoying my life now. Life is tough, but with positive minded, I believe we can make it through. =D.. One thing to fulfill your life is to play like a children, work like you're the boss and eat as much as you can. It's never too late to enjoy now. Hee.. =P

Enjoy your life as like today is your last day.
Everyday is a happy day. Cheers.  =D