Thursday, July 31, 2014

My holidays short update. I'm still at Penang! :]

Ohaiyooo people! I'm back......again. I know, errr, my blog is kinda dead. I's dead. Ehem, as usual la. I'm busy, alwaysssss. Lol. Been away from home for the 15th day. The exact current location where am I now is, Penang, Straits Quay - Starbucks. Lol. Miss my family so much, and well...... Uhhhm, my bed. Loool. =]

It won't be a long update. For more detail update, wait me back to my "own nest" first. Using WI-FI outside is somehow. Line is soooooo SLOW. To post a picture, it takes FOREVER. Meh. -.-

So, you might be wondering, how come I still can blog since I'm out? Using phone?

Definitely NO. I tried using my phone to blog last time, and seriously, it keep hang halfway. Zzzz. So, the answer is just very obvious right? Tadaaa~ Yaaaa, I bring my lappie along. Lol. It has been following me travelling around. HAHAHAHA. But yea, what to do. Needa do my thesis, so, this's so called my "working holidays". Kinda sad, but I still get to enjoy. Lol.

I ENJOY. I PLAY. But also WORK AT THE SAME TIME. I'm just superb I know. BAHAHAHA. =P

Well, trust me, my holidays / schedules are just too pack. It's like my holidays already started, but still I didn't get to rest most of the time. Uhmm, at least better than studying la of course. This is play till tired. Exam is stress-pressure-tired-dying and whatever things you can think of.. Lol. =]

And when I was clearing my phone rubbish a.k.a PDF files yesterday, I randomly saw those last semester's documents. Feeling kinda sad though. Cause during the exam, I made mistakes in every single subjects. Study so hard, know the answer, but misinterpret the questions wrongly. Gahhhh. Stooooopid. T____T.. *Exams results gonna out in less than 3 weeks time anyway. Hmmm...*

Err, sowieeee, off topic again. -.-

So, exam ended on the 11th July (Friday). After exam, went to Ikea with my Uni mates to eat meatballs. Slurrrps. *No pictures taken* =]

Next day (Saturday), went to Pavilion for Sukiya buffet in the morning with Uni mates and bro tag along. :)

My gang. Uni mates. Group mates. 
From the left: Dirty Dino, Mama Kek, Elephant and Blur Pao. =]

Then, 3 days 2 nights family trip to PD and Malacca, till Monday only back. :)

Uhmm, the duckieee.
Nothing to do with Malacca actually. 
Just feel it's kinda cute. I mean, the duckiee la. 
Looool. =P

Then, get to rest for like 1 day, but ended up using most of my time packing my luggage. -.-

Then, went to Sunway Lagoon trip with Uni mates on Wednesday. Lol. Whole day gone and homed around 11:30pm..... *Tired die die, but very happy* :)

Thanks to my Baby Z.
My waterproof phone is very useful now.
Pictures quality come out not bad though. :) 

Then, early morning woke up around 530am+ on Thursday to take bus to JB. *Thanks to my brader for fetching us to the bus station* Then Singapore trip. Then fly to Penang...... and awesomely, I'm still at Penang now. Hah! Loloool.

Amazing, right? I know. Ehem. =]

A selfie to end my post.
Don't laugh. LOL.
Babaiiii. >.>

P/S: 3 weeks till my new sem start. My holidays continue..... Hopefully I got the motivation to update my blog once I got home. *Normally, I don't...... Zzzz*

Mamaaaaaaa is coming tomorrow, see you. 

Year 3 Sem 1 ended.
Another sem to go, then will start our internship.
God bless. :]