Monday, June 29, 2009

Parent's Day Thanksgiving

I'll start the post with my sister, me and brother.....
These are my siblings!!!!
Hehehehee ^^

3 of us.......
Looks alike??? =)

Hahahahahahahaa ;p
So funny!!!

Yesterday having celebration of Parent's Day Thanksgiving with church members at Crystal Palm Restaurant...... The food was, no comment...... You know what I mean.. Reach there around 6:30pm and it end at 10pm........ Kinda on time... Hahahahahaaa ;p
Well, having a lot of fun with my brother and sister........ Took a lot of pictures with them........ It was really hard to get them took pictures........ Whenever ask them to take pictures, they will say this and Many excuses. Heheheheee ^^
This was a Christianity celebration, usually they will have a short talk by pastor........... Errrmm, truly say, kinda bored~ Can't just sitting there doing nothing, right??? The talk was about an hour........ So, this is what we do~ Wahahahahaaa ;p
My sister and I.......

Wakakakakax ;p

Me ^^

Smilezzz =)

Please don't focus on the 'Sign'.......
I just simply made a pose while my sister took this.....

Brother act cool???
Hahahahahaaa ;p

Me and my sister.......
Heheheheee ^^

Cool pose with smiling face......
Wakakakax ;)



Saturday, June 13, 2009

What about me?

1. What is your True Fear?
What is your True Fear?
Your Result: Losing Someone
You love affection and the people in your life more than anything. Your greatest fear is that one day someone you care about won't be there anymore. You are a very friendly and inviting person, who draws in a lot of friendships with your kind, considerate, and loyal nature. However, deep down you are slightly insecure and unsure of yourself. You couldn't deal with it if you didn't have one of your loved ones in your life anymore. You don't have too much to worry about though, because with a friend like you, no one will want to lose you either!
Being Alone
Looked down on
Where Your life is Going
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz
What is your True Fear? 

Saw this from one of my friend, so just took some time for me to try on this quiz........ Surprisingly, this quiz was quite true! Sometimes, I was wondering, what is my fear???

Here shows the answer- losing someone is my biggest fear...... And yes, it was right!!! The worst that can happen to me!!! My greatest fear is that one day someone I care about won't be there anymore. This is so true! Either my family members or my friends..... I'm fear of being alone~ I don't wanna be alone!

Commitment is what I fear the least........Hmmmmm, I was not really sure about this...... I get 0% for

2. What is your personality for Real?
What is Your Personality For REAL?
Your Result: Many Personalities
You are shy but at the same time outgoing. You know that once you get to know somebody, you can easily be yourself around them. You're a good friend, but at the same time, you like to spend time alone to think about things. people will like you for who you are. be yourself.
Nice Person
Down To Earth
Selfish Know it All
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz
What is Your Personality For REAL?

Hmmmmm, took another quiz.......I get many personalities..... That's mean what??? I've no idea also.......But I agree with this......'I spend time alone to think about things'~This is so true!!! Just be myself.....Heehehe ^^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ASUS! Bad Service!

Hey! How long and how many times have my laptop been service??? What the...... Until now it was not fixed yet, what kind service is this??? The service provided was not good, not satisfied with it.... It was so troublesome =(

My dad was not satisfied with the services provided~ Angry~ They were not responsible in it.... Bad bad =(

And, I gotta have assignments to do soon! Maybe this week or next week....But my laptop was still...........omg! Arggghhh! The technician said that my laptop dunno occur what problem, they still can't find it out...So, they ask me to take back my laptop first......(T____________T)
So, conclusion, I still have to wait! My laptop was not fixed yet! When only can get it fixed? How long do I still have to wait? Speechless~

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Connaught Pasar Malam with Rae =)

Me with the love cushionzz =))))))))

Went to Connaught Pasar Malam with my brother again......Hehehehee ^^ Today was a bit diferent from last week.....Why??? Because my LouGongZai = Raeshly joined us~ Happy and fun time we had together just now! Received a sms from her that she said she will be going to Connaught Pasar Malam today with her bf. =)

This was my very first time went out at night with college friends..........It's fun going out and we can have our time to chit-chatting with each other........... The weather was really hot, so we plan to go 'Fun OK' cafe there to have a drink first........This place was not bad! Nice nice ^^ Later on, we had a walk around the Pasar Malam.

Oh yeah! Let me post up the pictures that both of us took just now. Hahahahahaaa. We had so much fun there =)
She loves to hug me.......
Heheehehe ^^

Smile Smile =)

Happy everyday..
Hahahahahahahaaa =p

I drinking also want take photo?
Hahahahahaaa =p

Me and you =)

Lovesssssss =)

Happy and fun!
Heheheheeehe =D

Ermmmm, who's hand???
lol =p

Almost same........
Except the colour.......
Wahahahahaaa =P