Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Exhausted yet Thankful

Exams just 3 weeks away and I'm still unprepared yet. This semester is such a tiring semester. Way too many things to do. It's really hard to balance between study and family. I got no time even for myself. :(

How I wish I can just give up and don't bother anything about it. Sometimes, I don't think I belong here. Giving my self so much pressure till I cried sometimes. I don't think I can handle somehow. I'm struggling. But no one knows because cause I keep everything towards myself.. =/

Sometimes when I think of giving up, God whispered to me "I'M always there for you, anytime and anywhere." And that's the reason why I'm still here. =)

Even though I faced challenge, but HE always prepared the best solution for me. HE planned everything for me accordingly so that I can follow HIS step, becoming better and better. HE guide me the way. HE is the reason why even I'm stressed and exhausted, but yet, I'm still smiling around and cheerful as usual. =)

Instead of keep grumbling about it, I should be Thankful all the time because HE is always there for me no matter how. Through good and bad, I'm becoming stronger now. Life is always challenging, that's why it's called LIFE.

Be thankful and positive minded always, because I'm a lucky girl. I'm always NOT alone; family, friends and God always with me. =)

My Video Shooting mates. =)

My Babyy Dino. 
She says: "I'm your ONLY daughter." =P
And thanks for becoming our Special Guest! =D

P/S: Sorry for blur-ed my group mates. =P

P/S: I don't pray for more time; pray for how should I use my time wisely.