Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday present 2012

Been busy for CNY outings for the past few weeks. Less time to online, taken many pictures and all are still here. -.- Most of the pictures are done, but yet I am just way too lazy to upload all of it. -.- LOL.

And as what I've promised. I'll update a closer view of my birthday present. A special and lovely present I get from my friends this year. Hahahaha! Here it goes......

Tadaaa.. My present!

My birthday present for the year of 2012! Hahahaha~
Still not clear huh? 
Okay, a closer view! =P

Tadaaa! My babies! 
Boy boy and girl girl~ Hehe..XD

This is my girl girl..
But unfortunately, she's sick, eyes can't barely open.. =(
Thinking of letting her go.. T^T..

And yeah, this is my boy boy!
Superb active...XD

And this is the conclusion...
Climb up high high and always fall down.. Hahahaha~

Detective Boy Boy! Hahahahaha~

Their paradise.. ^^ 

Banyak pose when sleeping.. LOL.. =]

And yeah, I bought them a new house! Hahahaha~XD

And yeah, I found out that my boy boy got talent! He can walk/crawl backwards! Wahahaha.. And I always trained him to do that.. Cute.. Hahahaha~

Oh yea, record down a short video of my boy boy crawling backwards.. I always play with him like that.. Hahahaha.. 

Isn't it's just so CUTE? ♥ XD

P/S: Thank you for the present! Thanks to my college mates who also bought me a birthday present! And........ It's time to sleep now! Nightss! =D

Thank you for everything! =D

Thursday, January 19, 2012

CE Results!

CE results was out late yesterday night. The moment when I check my results through the UK portal, I seriously hope I can see a "P" while NOT a "F" there. *Currently no grades were out, we only knew whether pass or fail* My heart beat very fast.. Don't really dare to look onto my results.. The moment when I click into the web page, I even feel more anxious about it... Afraid that I might fail the paper. T^T...




When I checked, I saw "P" in my results list, which mean I PASS MY COMPUTER ETHICS PAPER!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The hardest paper ever!!! And yeshhhh, I am very happy!!! This is the BEST present for my CNY and my coming birthday!! *Remember my birthday?* Hahahaha.. =P

Well, got pass of course got failures too. Sighh. Happy that I passed, but sad for my friends who failed the paper. As I know, quite a number of people fail this paper. Nothing I can do, just wish you guys good luck for the resit paper. Don't give up! =)

1 result was out, left 3 more to go. Hopefully can pass all the papers. I know I might not get flying colours results, but at least I already did my best in it. I did what I can, and I prepared everything before the exam. I might not get good grades for it, but I am still happy that at least I PASS it. =)

Lord always listen to my prayer. I always lack of confidence in doing things, thought that I might "F" it. *Touch wood* But HE always blessed me and gave me infinity of surprises. Thank you so much Lord! Amen. =D

P/S: Bought myself a book yesterday. A nice book to read... =)


3 more to go, hopefully all PASS too. 
Not only for me, but for all my friends. =)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Human are complicated.

When you grew elder, there are just way too many things you need to think of. It doesn't really matter whether is it a small or big matter, as long as there are worries keep wondering you. Sigh... =]

Sometimes, I am afraid of making decisions, because I scared I make the wrong decision.

Sometimes, I like to hide my feeling from others just because I like people to concern about me. *Yesh, I like being pampered.*

Sometimes, I refuse to admit that I am moody, but in fact I want people to asked me about it. 

Sometimes, I don't feel to pleased people which I don't like. But my attitude always ruined everything. -.-

Sometimes, I don't dare to say out the things I wanted to say because I scared I might say something which hurt others feeling.

Sometimes, I miss the person so much, but I don't dare to admit it.

Sometimes, I hate myself so much because I am stubborn to let go things which I have to let it go.

Sometimes, I seriously prefer to be alone. 

Sometimes, I don't dare to put too much hope on it. I seriously don't like to have hope now. I rather I don't hope for anything.. So that the answer I get won't be disappointing me. =(

Conclusion? Human are always complicated. =/

Time won't wait for us. 
Chase your dream!

Friday, January 13, 2012

CNY Decoration @ Pavillion

Went to Pavillion to walk today with my family and had brunch over there.

First intention wanna go to Suki-Ya, because we get free vouchers from the previous vouchers we bought. But who knows, we only can claim the voucher with the condition of dining in for the buffet treat. Cheh! Term and condition didn't stated out properly! Your fault! =X

So, we went to Ying Ker Lou for our brunch. First time for me, taste not bad. More towards Hakka food, portion of the food just so-so only. If you are those big eaters, I don't think you're enough for it. LOL. Overall the food taste not bad! Haven't went there before can give it a try! But the price a little bit expensive la. =D

Seafood noodles... RM21++..

Oh yea, not to forgotten about the CNY decoration. Hah! The CNY decoration at Pavillion was great! I can't say it's the best, but it was really a nice one! Welcome to Dragon year~ Hahaha!

Dragon~ Dragon~ Dragon~

Long long dragon~XD

 Upper view from the highest floor..XD

Dragon went into the shop. LOL. =] 

P/S: Working in the next 2 days at edu fair. Hopefully everything goes well. Having dinner tomorrow, oh no... working + dinner at the same day... Gonna rush, rush and rush again. @@"~ God bless... =]

Everyday is a brand new day~ =D

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pulau Indah + Port Klang

Yeah, another day which I went out with my family again. =P

Satisfied day, bought 1 pant which I wanted long long time ago! Hahahahaha! Happy!! Happy!! Happy!! =P

Took many pictures since my Baby Canon back to me. Wheeee~

Lazy to write much today, pictures time!! =P

Went to Pulau Indah to buy fish~ 

The smell really horrible. -.-

Pulau Indah view.. =)

These yellow sand make my shoe become yellowish colour. Zzzzz..

Oppps. Dark dark sky.. Raining soon!! =]


Without water~ =]

Later on, went to Bukit Tinggi Jusco to have a walk~ Took some CNY decoration over there. Errr, the decoration was just simple, KL is definitely better. Hah! =]

This is the conclusion when my Baby Camera is with me. =P.. Non-stop taking pictures till no battery. =/.. And yeah, now "feeding him" eating. LOL. Hahahahaha~XD

Nights and sweet dream.. =P

I love my family... =D