Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Officially GRADUATED in Psychology!

Halo halo. Happy 2015 peoples! Although it's 27 days late for this wish but... It's better late than never right? Right. Lololol. Since I'm off at work today and I got nothing to do staying at home. I shall update a bit to make my blog alive for a moment. Heh.

On the 22nd Jan 2015...

Proudly present you my GREATEST achievement of the year..
My thesis!!! Lolol.

Finally, done with thesis submission on the 22nd Jan! The feeling is superb! Been really lazy since my exams ended last year. Exhausted from all the things happening around me. Motivation level is at my lowest. At that time, I just wanna give myself a break. And yes, of course I did. In fact, too much break for myself. Lol. Can get my work done way earlier, but I kept procrastinate it. Ehem.

Anyway, I get it done at last! I'm so thankful that I did most of it during semester. I was struggling with my thesis, assignments, presentations and exams at that time, but still, I'm stubborn enough to force myself to do it. And yeap, I did NOT regret for all the sleepless nights I went through during the semester.

I thank Him for letting me to be as stubborn as I can. Lol. Suffer first and relax later. I prefer this way. Thinking back, He's preparing me for all these cause He knows what I can handle the best at that time. So, I'm glad and happy I made that decision although I would say, it's really tough to balance all things at once. :)

Thank you for those who help me out in my thesis. Thank you. I could never have done it without all your support. I thank Him for guiding me throughout the whole process. Thanks to my supervisor for all the guidance and support. Thanks to all my friends that help me to distributed my questionnaires. And also thanks to my Pika for helping me out too. :)

When I'm busy, I wanted to blog but no time. When I'm free, I'm too lazy to turn on my lappie. LOL. Yeap. Feeling even more lazy after done with thesis. I rather spend my time going out with people and exploring stuffs than facing at this freaking rectangular box in front of me; which is the reason why I'm dragging all my post like forever. =]

On the 23rd January 2015...
WHAAAAT do you mean I'm officially graduated?
p/s: Current most favourite natural pic of myself. LOL.

So, exams results out exactly on 23rd Jan, which is my day. Lol. I prayed so hard that I wanna get all pass, even all D's also I'm fine with it. It was my final year paper and I don't want to resit it in any possible way. Plus, this exam I know I didn't do well (taking the risks to skip questions in the exams which NEVER happened in my life before) which make me even more afraid. FML.

So, take up my courage and checked my results before sleep. *Click click click, heart beat increases* The moment I click into the page..... I saw ALL PASS!!! I THANK GOD FOR LETTING ME TO PASS ALL SUBJECTS!!! This is the BEST present for myself! *touched, feeling accomplished* Thus, I'm officially GRADUATED now!! Heh! :)

3 years in Psychology is like fighting in a battle field. Many times I felt like giving up. I never thought I could make it through. I'm more than blessed for getting so many support from my family and friends, and of course His guidance. With all the struggles, challenges, stresses, difficulties, sleepless nights I faced, I'm proud to say, I pass ALL subjects. Even though I didn't get straight A's, but yes, I'm happy enough. For all the effort I put it, it's worth for it. :)

When I told my mom and aunties this, they were so happy for me as they knew how much I'm struggling within these 3 years studying in Psychology. Especially my last semester. Phewww. And now, I'm done with studies. Doing my 3 months internship now, I'm glad I'm on my own now. More than happy. :)

As for now, I don't have any plan to go for further studies. I want to work and get some experience. Maybe in the future I'll decide to go back to study life, but definitely not for now. :)

Okay, it's my ME-time again.
Gonna watch drama, lying in bed and HAE myself for the day. HAHAHA.

God, continue to show me Your way.
I'm lost at one point and I wanna get back on track.
And even do it better.
Amen. :)