Sunday, August 25, 2013

Penang Trip #2

Here goes the second post. This was the second day of our trip. 7am morning call by my mum. Lol. It has been ages since I woke up so early. HAHAHA. So, heading to our usual breakfast place, Pulau Tikus which nearby our hotel.

Penang Hokkien Mee *KL called Har Mee*
3 Layer Tea~
Putu Mayam~

And yea, done with breakfast. Start explore our journey. Heh! This trip was very different compared to the previous trip I came 2 years back, because..........we went to many different historical places. I got the "power" to choose where to go cause daddy knows I wanted to take pictures. *thankyouuu* HAAHAHA. =P


Pinang Peranakan Mansion
The Peranakan is also known as the Babas and Nyonyas..... Click here for the history!

2 years back came here once with friends, RM10 per entry per person. Now, the price increase double. Lol. RM20 per person now. ><".. But it was worth to explore here if you haven't came here before. Since my family haven't visit here before so I suggested this place. :)

From the outside, it looks small, seems nothing inside, but inside was rather big. There were also some food selling inside. This place was also use to film some of the Singaporean Nyonya Baba dramas. A nice place to visit and take pictures. :)

Old old spectacles.

The place for ancestors. 

Nyonya Baba Kitchen

I can cook. As if. HAHAHAHA. 

A really OLD camera. =]
Wondering if this was my camera, how am I going to take it here and there. Lol. =X

If you notice. My face was very RED- like tomato. 
The weather in Penang HOT till cannot be described, yet people like me, still go here and there taking pictures. I can stand under the HOT sun to take pictures for hours while my family hide at those cooling place. *Clap for me* Lol. =P

Special thanks to my dad who offer to take my bag and tripod. :)
He looks so handsome *from the back* LOL. HAHAHAHA. =P

Place where they play cards. 
Those cards look so cute. Heh! :) 

Living hall :)

A random picture we took before leaving.
Mirror in the mirror. =P


Later on, went to the Penang famous street art area. I don't know what's exact place name as we randomly stop by all places everywhere whenever we saw those street art. Lol. But it should be located at Georgetown area. I didn't manage saw those art drawing, only those steel rod sculptures. =]

Random building I took.

All these steel rod sculpture filled with stories behind it. :) 

Where's my husband? =P
I love this the most! HAHAHAHAHA.

Barely see our eyes. It was SUPER DUPER HOT at Penang! 
Sweat like mad. @@"..


Penang Blue House
Next destination, Penang Blue House or also known as Cheung Fatt Tze Mansion. Need to pay entrance fees as well; RM12 for adult, RM6 for children and RM10 for those who have student card.

It's also a very big house, but as compared to Peranakan, this place was more towards listening to history. Lol. You can't go anywhere as you like to take pictures; "tour guide- the person who explained those history thingy" are there to chase you. There were time constraint and we have to follow their schedule, so less pictures taken. =/

This wasn't blue mansion. Lol.
This place was just opposite Blue Mansion. :)

The blue thingy is BLUE Mansion, very obvious. O.O

While waiting to enter since there are schedules. @@"~
So, I randomly took this picture. 
Don't ask me what am I doing. I don't know. -.-

There's every single reason why and how this house is built.
Most of the thing is gold in colour which represent the wealthiness of the owner of this house.

In this picture, it says that there are 8 particular angle on each box, which stand for wealthiness. So, when you step on it, you can feel "HUAT". =]

There are actually many other more beliefs/stories of this house, but I can't manage remember all of it. The "tour-guide" explanation was rather too fast and somehow unclear. -.- 

Left side: Those wall art is made from pieces of broken bowl.
Right side: Window

Raining for a short moment. 
That's why it make the weather even hotter. =/

P/S: This post is full with pictures which it has been ages ago since I post like this. HAHAHA. Some people actually told me they prefer to see more pictures in my blog. What to do, I got tons of pictures but too lazy to upload. Lol. And now, I just realized my blog is alive again! HAHAHA.

Happy la for those who always said I rarely/never update myself. Now you can stalk me here, hmmm at least for now. =P.. And I wonder how many of you actually read from the beginning till the end? HAHAHAHA..XD

Yay! Second post done! HAHAHA. 
Stay tune for the third post! =P