Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, 2011..

Many posts haven't update yet. Getting lazy and lazier. ><"~ Or I should say as, getting busy and busier. Hahaha..

Been out for continuos 3 days non-stop. Enjoy! First day, went out with Honey and Tracy on Wednesday, having steamboat. Had a lot of fun chit-chatting and taking those FUNNY pictures. Hahaha.. Haven't edit yet, no time. ><"~ Will upload it later ya. =)

Second day, which is Thursday. Hang out with my beloved Kutu and Wenny. Wenny is my new friend. Hehe. Nice to meet you ya~ Singing-K with them. And I'm really sleepy and tired that day. I even can fall asleep while Singing-K. LOL. Fantasic huh? x]

Friday is the third day. Went out with my auntie and brother, having Thai Steamboat buffet as our dinner. Nice and yummy~ Ate till full~ Hehe.. Don't know what happened to my auntie car, suddenly the car light didn't work. Conclusion, reached home 12am. -.-

And for today, the last day of 2010. Going for a trip later with my brother and my aunties. Yay~ Will not be at KL this year. Wheee~ Slightly different this year, didn't countdown in KL. I still remember last year, where me, my brother and his friends, we went to countdown 2010 at Sg.Wang there. The first time ever went to countdown till late at night only back. Nice one. Hahaha..

This year gonna end soon. 2011 is coming. Time flies really fast. One year just gone like I just passed 1 day. Say Bye to 2010, Hi to 2011. A new year, a new beginning. Gonna be a challenge for me. Degree Year 3, I'm coming. Hopefully I can pass all the papers. It's hard, and I'm gonna strive hard for it!

Happy New Year Everyone. Have a blast one. :)

P/S: 不是每一句“对不起”,都能换来一句“没关系”。
Happy New Year everyone!
Have a good year ahead! :)

Monday, December 27, 2010


乘着岁月的成长,我们都慢慢的成长了。人越大,烦恼就越多,这是无可否认的事实。要烦的东西多得很- 学业,事业,将来等等..... 





很多事,我都藏心里,因为我不是一个善于将我自己的心声告诉别人。在你们的面前,我不知道该如何的表达我的谢意。不好意思,我这个人比较‘木’嘛~ 不是很会和别人沟通..... ><"~






Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let it go..

I should let it go. Many people worried about me. And sincerely, I wanna say million of thanks. It's really hard for me to forget it. Yes, it's really hard. But yet, I'll do my best to forget about it. I did feel better now. Glad to hear that ya? :)

The previous few posts I've been real moody. Like I said, no reply anything from status, wallposts or inbox. Hmmm, still wondering what's happening now? Hmmm...... Well, it's not important anymore. Everything is cleared now. It happened. I can't changed anything. It's all PAST. I should not kept thinking back about the past. Life stil goes on no matter what. :)

Be frank, if you asked me whether am I happy now? I guess I will say NO/MAYBE at the moment. If you asked me whether am I okay? I'll say okay I supposed. Although it's past. But I really need to take some time for me to forget it. Hmmmm, hard. But I knew I'm not gonna be alone with it.

Yea, I should go ahead with it. I'm NOT alone. From this incident, I knew that many people concerned about me. I got many friends around me kept cheering me up. Although I did not replying all those status and wallposts, but yet, they still came and cheer me up everyday. Even without sending those messages, but yet I still know it. I really knew. Thanksssssssssss!

I have no idea what to do else than saying thanks. Although I did not really mentioning what's really happening, but I guess you guys knew it. Get information from my friends or whoever who's close to me. Hmmm, my news just like CNN report. Spread it out very fast. LOL.

Well, just give me some time. I'll be okay. I promised. Everything just remain the same now. Although I did not get to buy a new one. But yet, I appreciate what I have now. It's more than enough. It's not important to me anymore.

 Went to Mid Valley yesterday.
My smile still not natural yea? 

Although what I have now is not better than last time, but yet.... I treasure~
我现在所拥有的虽然不比以前的好,但..... 我珍惜~

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mid Valley Christmas Deco..

Before I update this, I just wanna shout out loud, which is.................. 

I FINISHED MY EXAM!!!!!! FINALLY ENDED!!!!! Yeahhhh!! Relaxing now! Stress free! HAHAHA! Went out with my UAD friends just now. Had dinner and movie together! Had a great time! Gonna miss all of you! :)

I shall now enjoy my 3 weeks holiday to the maximum. Yes, everyday, every moment, every second! Wheeeee~ Got people date me out? Ermmm, yes or no? I don't know~ Hehehe.. At home I still can enjoy it~ As long as there's NO EXAM~ Hahahahaha~

I guess I'm just too hyper. -.- Well, let's back to the topic. This was a really old post. Took this last Saturday. But just that I got no time to update this. Yea, I went out again. I mention before right? My family LOVES shopping. x]

Hmmm, writting too much might make you guys feel sleepy. And I'm sleepy too. Because of the exam, didn't sleep well. So, let's make it sweet and short. Pictures time. Took pictures at Mid Valley there. Christmas Deco. Nice. For those who love Christmas decorations, you guys should go there! It was really nice. Enjoy! :)
At The Garden. :)


I want all of it~ ♥

 HUGE bear~

 Christmas Feeling~

 My siblings

 I'm blessed that I'm not alone. ♥

 The Bear is even bigger than me~ Haahahaha...xD

My sister and I

Exam finally ended! Wheeeee~
Hopefully I can PASS all the paper..
God bless..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Please faster END.

It has been quite some times I did not update my blog. Sorry. Having exams recently. Pressure really hitting me. But I guess I've changed a lot compared to my Diploma time? I would not really dare to think what would I do if I was still having the same kind of attitude just like my Diploma level. 

"I might used a stone to hit my head I guess???" LOL. ><"~
By the way, what time now huh? I'm still awake and blogging huh? Hmmmphh! Yea, it was 3:30am in the middle of the midnight or so called 'morning'. Gosh. Having exam in another 12 hours. But I'm suffering from insomia now. Hope I can concentrate on the exam later. T.T~

Anyway, it's gonna END soon. Real soon. Yes, just 12 hours more, then I'll be FREE from exams! No more exams after the Bridging course. Yeahhhh! Merdeka~!! LOL..

But..... The main thing is I have to pass all the papers in Bridging course. Please... Please... Please... I've did my best to prepared it, and I hope I can get what I want. I'm not greedy, at least please give me a PASS. It's more than enough. Please....

God, please bless me and all my friends so that we can make it through this time. Please give me strength to handle this paper. This paper is really tough. I'm worried about it. Please come out those questions which I spot. If not, I'm DEAD. T.T~

Gambatae everyone!
Let's fight for this paper together!
We can do it! Sure we can!

P/S: Got many posts haven't update yet. @@~ Will update it when I'm free. Stay tune. :) 

Dear EXAM, please faster end. You're really killing me. 
Even I didn't drink any caffeine drinks, I still insomia. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Soon. 1-Utama Deco..

It's time to update my blog. Well, I know my blog been DEAD like ages. -.- Sorry. Well, exam coming soon. Yea, real soon. Less than 10 more days. UK paper! Hard! But I will do my best!

Since exam is coming soon, and I guess I should relax a bit. Can't always face the book, but FACEBOOK. LOL. Well, seriously, compared with last time, I'm now NOT that nervous. Hmmmm, I duno why though..

I got plenty of things wanna blog, but no time. So, I'll just some briefly update for this post. I'll make this post short. Went to 1-Utama last Tuesday. Bought some stuffs for CNY. Wheeeee~ Christmas haven't pass yet, but I'm now buying stuffs for CNY. Hahahaha!! 

Christmas is coming soon. What's your plan? Going anywhere? Hmmmm, everywhere also full I guess. So, better to stay at home? Hahaha... But........I don't think so, my family usually won't stay at home. Just like I went to 1-Utama almost EVERY week. LOL. Wonderful family I have. x]

Decorations at 1-Utama was really nice. Really got Christmas feel. Took some pictures. Enjoy. :)

At Christmas play, and make good cheer,
For Christmas comes but once a year. ♥

 Christmas feel~

Christmas Decorations.

 Christmas Trees! ♥

 Nice! ♥

 Flowers Christmas Tree! ♥

Presents Christmas Tree! ♥

The view from the top.

 Christmas Presents ♥

 Cuteeeee ♥


 My lovely Mama ♥

 The decoration really nice!


 Old building decoration ♥

Christmas Feel.
How good if it's snowing in Malaysia. 
Hmmmm, impossible. Hahahahaha..

 Present, I want present from YOU ♥

P/S: At first wanna do revision, but now, it seems that I can't concentrate anymore. Been attracted by 万千星辉颁奖典礼2010. ><"~ Don't care, revision later only do, watch first. Hahahaha..xD

Gotta catch up with my revision. Hopefully I can finished it on time. God bless me and all my friends! Gambatae everyone! :)

Exam, exam, exam!!
I'm NOT gonna scare you. Buuuu!! x]