Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Decoration @ Mid Valley

Since Christmas is around the corner, I'll update my post with Christmas theme too. The first post is at Mid Valley! Haha! =P

Went to few places to took pictures this year with my Baby60D! Woohoo~ The more I took, the more I learn how to handle it. Getting more and more interesting for me now! Hahaha! Wherever I go, Baby60D will hang along with me.. Took quite a lot of photos this time, but mainly... Noo, I mean all also without my face there. -.- Because I am the photographer, and no one help me to take picture. LOL. -.-

2 more days to go, then it's Christmas 2011. Woots! Time flies... 2011 ending and 2012 coming soon! And I seriously since don't know when I started don't feel like it's a celebration day. It's just like an ordinary days or holidays where shopping centre pack with people! That's all! =/

Well, less talk or else my post it's getting bored! Hahahaha! By the way, I went here for more than 1 time to took all these photos. Hehe.. And yeah, here is the last year MV Christmas decoration photos link, MV Christmas Decoration 2010. I prefer last year more compared this year. Anyway, it's pictures time!! Enjoy!! =P

This year theme MAZE~ 

Warm feeling yea.. =D 


I love this photo to the max!!
Stars.. Finally I knew how to took this type of photo!! Hahahaahahaha!! 

P/S: Got improvement on my photography skill yea? Muahahaha!! As I always said, practice always make perfect! =P

Christmas Collection 2 is coming soon! 
Stay tune!! =P

Tuesday, December 20, 2011










 流泪的时候 却忘了为什么

 淡红色指头 陪我煎熬
 黑夜破晓 在嘴边咬了又咬
 我好想忘掉 为何烦恼

#下次微笑 你会看到
 种一片草原 看我奔跑

 下次微笑 我会骄傲
 我那熬过风暴 真的微笑#




P/S: 读了这篇文章请不要责问自是否像我所说的那样。我只是想分享,我没有意思要伤害你——们的。晚安~


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

杨丞琳 Rainie Yang ♥

It has been quite long time ago since I admire someone. I guess 5 years ago? Hmmm, and now...............

Woohoo... Currently fall in love with Rainie Yang!! After watched "Love You" this drama, I absolutely deeply fall in love with her now. *Ehem, repeating the 2nd time now.. =/* And don't know why I kept finding her previous and current shows/MV and watch it again and again!! But I still can laugh out so loud!! She was just so sweet, cute and real for me for no reason. I love her with short hair!! Hahahahaha..XD

杨丞琳 (Rainie Yang) is just so cute. 
张孝全 (Joseph Chang) is just so handsome.
Hahahaahahaha!! =P

I listen her songs everyday now! Repeat, repeat and repeat! LOL again I know. Deeply fall in love with 我们都傻 this song... Even my brother asked me: Eh, you very boring de la, can you changed song?!! Hahahaha.. =P

Nice! Nice! Nice!!! =D

By the way, just a short update of my life now. Been so far so good, yet BUSY. ==".. Redo-ing ASSignment is NOT fun.. Our lecturer say this and blahhhh... BUT UK module leader say that and blahhhh... Ehhh, BOTH ALSO SAY DIFFERENT THINGS LAAAAA~!! Same coursework title, but different style and format. Which one should I follow? Zzzzz...

KILL ME LAAAAAA....... =="...

But..... But..... But... After watching her movie, show, MV, it relax my mind so much. Hahahaha.. Oh yea, just a sharing with you guys. Found 1 show from Rainie Yang just now. Just a short one. And I kept repeat, repeat and repeat it non-stop.. lol.. Seriously, it really made my day!! Hahaahaha.. Enjoy~ 

P/S: Woke up around at 6am and accompany my mum go Pasar Pagi. Help her to take things and become her body guard.. Hahahahaha.. I know, I know, I am a good girl.. Wheeeee. =P

Take a nap and continue do my work~ =D

杨丞琳 Rainie Yang ♥

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fat little Kitty Shooting

There were few little kitties stay at my house's carpark. And the one I taken photo here was the one I love the most. Hehe. She used to follow me all way long to the place where I feed her food. Or when I park my car, she will usually "run" towards my parking lot. BUT....................with the condition of when she's HUNGRY. After she's full, she will usually ignore me. -.-

I usually feed them with biscuits and milk. You know what, one thing I always tell her, I said "Wait me, later take milk milk for you". *Ehem, I know sounds funny. ><"~* And guess what?! She really waited me at the lift there. Hahahahahaha. I don't know whether is she really understand what I said or she just appear at the place with the right timing out of the sudden? Hahahahaha...XD

And so, I took the opportunity to take pictures of her. I usually called her "Shui Mao", something means naughty cat. Hahahaha! Pictures time! =P

Biscuits which I've mixed with milk. Yummy! =D 

Fat Little Kitty. =P

Open mouth big big. =O

Another kitty, seldom will appear.  

The milk taste nice! Hah! =] 

Anything over there? =/ 

Hahahahaha. Love this shot so much!
Can see the tongue~XD 

Cat walk! =P 


Last picture, I guess she wanna say THANK YOU to me. 
Hahahahahaha... =P

P/S: Only slept for 2 hours yesterday. Ughhhh. Gonna went to bed earlier today! Very sleepyyyyyy!   Hopefully can sleep tight! Good nightssss! =/

This kitty got potential to become cat model! Hahahahaha...


Changed my blog header! But still with the same name header...XD

Oh yea, I'm here to update my blog now since I'm stuck with my ASSignments. Been almost DEAD doing it. You know what, the one which I always think it is the most EASIEST will ended up the HARDEST for me. Ughhh! -.-

Seriously stuck somewhere now. And I really feel like burning all those journals now!!! Sometimes, I don't think hard work will really pay off. No one can guaranteed that work hard can get good results. But, what I think was if I really work hard for it even though I don't get good results, at least I have did my best. No regrets. Hmmm, yea..... Sometimes life is unfair! =]

Sometimes, people who didn't work hard can get better results! How come? Unfair to me! Okay, well, I admit I am stupid! =(

No worries! I won't give up! ASSignment life is always hard especially it is 100% based. I don't know, I willing to learn! I learn from mistakes! Wrong just redo! Just like what I usually did. LOL.

Once I try, try and try, I bet it will getting better! Just like how I learn how to Photoshop. From totally don't know anything, I keep on try, try and TRY until I know how to use it. Although still not really PRO la, but at least I know some basic about it. =D

Nice? =D

Later having morning class. And it's 4am now! Hmmmm, tomorrow sleep in class la! =P And, and, and........................ My mum can't sleep too, and guess what she wanna do now? 1.....2.....3.....

I bet you can't! Because she wanna..................................

COOK now! LOL! Mama, you so CUTE! ==" But I still wanna say many thanks to you that you cook nice and healthy food for us everyday. Muacksss! =D

Mama, I love you muchie muchie! =D

Going off to bed now.
Good night!! =/

Sunday, October 30, 2011

HomeDec 2011 @ KLCC

Went to KLCC yesterday with my family. Wow! KLCC has changed a lot! With new renovation, new boutique, new shops, many NEW things, but too bad. No money buy. Forget about it~ -.-

Oh yea, went to HomeDec to have a look just now. The purpose went there is to buy MOP, for my mum purpose. And yea, at the end, bought it. Then walk around the exhibition hall for hours....... Zzzzz... I started to feel bored with it. And so, the clever me luckily brought my baby camera out. Hahahaha! =P

No need I mention also know I will many pictures la!! Wakaka.. Even after my family left the hall, I still wanna stay there and took pictures. Until they called me only I go out the hall to find them. =/

I didn't took every photo inside the hall, I just took about water and light picture. Mostly is water picture because I am learning how to take it with slow shutter speed. Many picture also blur because the shutter speed is too low and my hand not enough steady. ><"~ the end, I also success to learn how to took it! Damn happy!! =D

Photos effect was original taken from camera, no effect is added BUT some minor edit to the photo's colour. Slow Shutter Speed of the day! Tadaaa! =)

Fruits! Healthy~  



Crystal light.
Using MF shot~

Light! Niceeee and warm feel~ Keke.. 


Purple water~ 1/2 shutter speed~
First time ever for me to take this shot! Water very can be seem very SMOOTH. =D

It's really hard to shot photo with low shutter speed.. 
Especially when my hand not steady enough~~ 
Many photos also KO!! =/



Nice environment! 
Romantic feel~~ =D

I just make it brighter... And the photo become like this. 
Not bad... Hahahaha..

3 BALLS...
Big, Small, Medium..XD

After walking around the other end, I came back the same place to take photo AGAIN!


 Love this so much! 
A bit like fairy tale feel..XD

Nice!! Happy!! =D
Consider okay la? Can see the effect? =D

One of my most satisfied photo!!! 
The light star and the water effect, damn NICE!!!
Without adding any effect on it.. 
Finally, I knew how to take this type of photo!!! Wahahahaha!! XD

Also satisfied with this too!! XD

With higher shutter speed.
Can see the difference? The colour wasn't that obvious now.
And that water doesn't look so smooth now too. =)

Being crazy playing with slow shutter speed.
The people like GHOST. LOL! =]

I love this shot too! Taken when dinner time.
My mum don't give me go over here to take photo, so, I just simply took when I'm eating..
The effect was just so NICE!!! Amazing!!

Inside car.. Hahahaha!!
Not bad huh? 

Errrrr, SPERM? =/

Last shot! Nice too! Kekeke...

P/S: Another 2 assignments on my hand! Ughhh. I wanna finished it asap so that I can concentrate on my final exam!! God bless me. ><"~

Practice always makes perfect. =P