Friday, June 25, 2010

Sunway Lagoon Trip

When you see this duck, first thing you will think is............. Sunway Lagoon, right? Hahahaha... Yea, it is! Went there with my college mates on Wednesday, 23/06/2010..... Tired but yet enjoy! :)

Talk about my journey, this was my very first time to drive to Sunway and Bukit Bintang. I can drive, but I'm bad in recognize those places. So, ended up looking at the sign board.

Went out at 9am, reach Ching house around 9:30am. And fetch Pei Voon along, then headed to Salak Selatan LRT station to fetch Raeshyl and Lai Kuan. Waited till 10:30am...... Then start our journey to Sunway.

While on the way going, a car hit my car butt! Oh god! Why this always happened to me? But thank god, luckily my car was not hurt, just some scratches. I do panic and felt moody after this. Afraid that I might get scolded by my mum. :(

Anyway, after this, we reached Sunway safely. Phewww! Finally........!!! Reached there 10:55am. Not late, time just nice! Hahahahaha..... There were 16 of us. Waited all arrived, then buy tickets, for those who have IC (MyKad), RM60. For those who are not Malaysian, I think RM80.

After finished chnging our clothes and put our things inside locker, it's almost 12pm. We play dry park first, then only play water park. Had a lot of fun during those moments. Not much photos is taken on that day, cause of playing those rides are not allowed to bring. And my camera is not water proof! >.<"~

This is the ONLY pic got me!

Her husband! :P

Her boyfriend! :P

Sunway Duck Butt...

She like the Sunway Duck butt so much!

What are you finding?

Wah Zai and Shawn..

Fei Fei and Ching Ching~

On the way going inside...

Focus on Ken's mouth! Hahaha...XD

Wagon Wheel...

Another Sunway Duck...

I know you very happy! :)


Sunway Map~

Wanna eat?
Sunway gold XD

So tired also wanna took photo!

After finished bath~~~

With "招财猫"~

Bye, Sunway~

Inside lift....
Can you trace me? Hahaha...XD

I know the car very nice...

I'm waiting you to buy this car for me!

Sunway Sign Board..

Outide Sunway...

Our dinner at Kim Gary...
Food not bad! :)

Ordering food...

Thinking which to choose~

Ah B Gor, Kai Tzeng and Wah Zai... :)

Well, finished our dinner around 8pm. Then back around 9pm from Sunway. Guess what time I reached home? 11pm!!! OMG! 2 hours! I'm not kidding! Drive the wrong way and traffic jam also. >.<"~ Looking at the sign board when back. Luckily we didn't "sesat"! >.<"~
Really tired! My eyes can't barely open! Anyway, nothing happened when back. Just that it took us time. Hahahaha.... Had a wonderful experience! Once reached home, straight away sleep!
And you know what??? I skipped the next morning class! First time for me to skipped class! >.<"~ Become bad student already...... Hahahahaha.... I promised myself, NO NEXT TIME! Kekeke.......XD

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to Miss Grace

Alone attending today's morning class. Bored! >.<"~~~

Well, celebrate Miss Grace Tan birthday, our Consumer Behaviour lecturer. Happy Belated Birthday Miss Grace. Wish you always happy and all the best in your future! ^>^~ Bought a cake for her, Mango flavour. The flavour taste a bit weird for me. >.<"~

The birthday cake we bought for Miss Grace...

Cut into pieces so that everyone can eat...

Miss Grace Tan...
She teach us Consumer Behaviour...
Hahahaha.... Cute! ^>^

Rae and Miss Grace....
Today whole day day-dreaming in class. lolz......... Didn't focus on what lecturer teaching. I'm such a bad student! Hahahahaha....... It's 9:15pm, I'm really sleepy...... Gotta go to bed early today. Night! :)

Chocolate~~~ Hahahaha...XD

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't say you love me because you don't even know me...

What is LOVE?

Don't say you love me because you don't even know me... Love. What is love? Love is patient, love is kind. It has no envy. Love is a feeling that happened between two or more individual. Love come naturally. No one can see it but we can feel it. :)

Well, these few days, through Facebook, someone tell me 'I LOVE YOU'. And I was...... "What? You don't even know me. I just knew you for 3 days I guess. And you told me this? You must be joking."~

In the previous post, I did mention that being in a relationship is not the thing I want. I just wanna focus on my studies now.

Nowadays, many people make new friends through internet. Not to say it was not good. But there was limitation. Please don't simply make friends that you don't know through internet!

When people ask for your phone number, please don't give them! When they invite you to go out, please don't dare to try! Even you know him for sometimes ago, but yet, you don't know the real personality of that person.

He can say anything to attract you. Like saying that you're pretty, you're the only one and blah blah blah........ But yet, who know the real him? No one knows. There are many cases happened that people making friends through internet. And no need I mention, you know what's the consequences. And so, please beware of who are you making friends with!

I'm not greedy. I just want everyone around me to be happy. Just that easy. Happiness can't buy from anything. When all of you happy, I also happy! Happy together! Just that simple. Cheers! ^^

Friday, June 11, 2010

4MB line is AWESOME!

5036kbs~ Wahahahaha...XD

Yea! Finally, TM came my house to install Streamyx yesterday. 4MB line is AWESOME! Before that, let me clarify first, I know I've been cursing and kept complaining about their service. But yet, it was not my fault! Their service was really BAD. My friend did agree it too!

Can you imagine or guess it took how long time to did this? 1 day? Well, it's definitely impossible. Maybe it would happen in dream, but in reality, NO! 1 week? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? 1 month? The answer is also NO! It took more than 2 months, almost 3 months! Gosh! Can you imagine it, been complaining it for 3 months, then only the problem is fix! ><"

Well, things had passed, just let it be. And now, I'm using 4MB line- Streamyx Cool Uni Pack. Line so fast! It was really amazing. It was cheap too! RM88 per month only, include phone rental, free wireless modem and netbook. Waiting netbook arrive. If you are a college student, you should apply for this package! Worth for it! :)

Streamyx Wireless Modem box~

The Streamyx Wireless Modem~ ^>^

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

谈情说案 The Mysteries of Love

Currently watching a new Hong Kong TVB drama called 谈情说案, The Mysteries of Love. Ohhhh! I love this drama so much! 林峯 is super handsome! Hahahaha..... Who haven't watched this movie yet, I recommend you all go watch. It's really nice! ^^

Watched until Episode 10~ Nice! Excited! Watched movie more than doing my assignment! Hahahaha..... Really lazy~ Lalalalala........ Almost finished my Consumer Behaviour assignment. Yeah! But I'm stuck with my Academic Language assignment. Don't know what to do. Blahh, don't care this first~ XD

Find some pictures from internet just now. Just wanna share it with all of you. Enjoy. Hehehe....XD


Professor Kingsley...
Handsome!!! :D

Cool~ Hehehe....

屎力妹 (Hope I write it correctly)

Bernice Liu~


Cool!! ^>^

Awwww! Handsome!!!

Wahhhhh~ Cool~

Professor Kingsley~


Investigating cases~

Cute! Hahahaha...XD

With 鬼佬~ XD

Day Dreaming~~~