Saturday, December 28, 2013

BBQ celebration after exam! :)

Hellllo, I'm back after months! And yea, I'll be having looong holidays. 3 months! Yayy! :D

Ended my exam on the 19th Dec. Like finally... Struggling for almost a month for my revision. Day and night staying in Uni, from Monday till Sunday. Lol. It wasn't easy to go through it. I know I couldn't have smoothly gone through this without God, family and friends support. :)

Seriously, they help me a lot, and I wanna say million of thanks. Thanks for being with me all the time when I need all of you. When I almost feel like giving up, all those encouragement and support means a lot to me. And I sincerely apologize if I make any of you mad due to my lack of sleep mood during my revision month. I know I'll be groggy, grumpy, blur and whatever it is..... ><".. Thanks for being with me all the time. =]

BYE BYE library!
Not gonna see YOU for the next few months. =P 

The last night we stay at Uni while walking back to carpark. =]

After exam, having a small BBQ party with Uni friends, then Singapore trip with family and I just came back from my PD trip with friends. Such a tiring but yet blissful holidays I had! Hehe. And so, this post I gonna blog about my BBQ celebration after exam with my Uni mates and friends. :)

99% of the photos credit to my daughter. Cause that day having headache due to lack of sleep. -.- So yea, not so in the mood to take pictures. Lol. Anyway, enjoy~ Hehe. =D *My daughter taking pictures skill not bad. =P*

 One thing I can remember very well.
My daughter accidentally wore the same shirt with this OCD or vice-versa.
So, they both ended up having "great conversation" with each other.

 Mama choosing chicken wings. :)

Inside Pyramid Jusco taking group selfies. =P
Then went to Mydin to bought other things...

 Bro lighting up the charcoal~

3 Sakais. =P

Taken by me a.k.a professional photographer, as if. XD 

 Saw 2 people which is not Uni gang? 
Bahahaha.. =P

Yumm Yumm Yumm.. =D

I look so like a beggar waiting someone to feed me food -.-

Hangus Chicken Wing~ =P

Lack of sleep = headache = superb blur = talk less...
Conclusion, pampered by them to the max. Errrr... Heee. =]

Ignore my blur face.. o_o

Moo Moo, it seems like you're feeling cold? Lol. XD

Tadaaaa~ =D

Initial plan, picture with my gang before leaving.
Then, OCD came in...... Lol. =]

Elephant, I can see the marshmallow taste very awesome. =D 

The next morning....

Group photo before leaving. :)

Happy Holidays people! :)

P/S: There's a lot of pending photos and posts I wanna post. Like seriously, too many. All those photos still with me, too many activities, keep taking pictures but busy till I got no time to transfer it to my lappie. Lol. And now, since I'll be having a looooooong holidays this round. Let's see how much motivation I have to post all those pictures up. Hee. =]

Very tired and sleepy, desperate for sleep. Nights people! :)

Happy holidays people!
Will see you guys in 3 months time!
Enjoy and have fun! :)