Saturday, August 27, 2011


 I saw this lonely little bird at the staircase.
"His/Her" wing get hurt and nobody is willing to give "him/her" a hand.
Nobody is beside "him/her".
Pity this little bird.
It makes me think of those days where I do have the same feeling too.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Advanced Birthday Kutuu [23082011]

A day out with Kutuu and brother on this Tuesday to celebrate my Kutuu advanced birthday. Went to Mid Valley and The Garden to have movie and dinner. Watched "Love is only the answer" in the afternoon session. Not that bored, but a little bit funny. Still acceptable for me..

Usually I don't often went to cinema, especially those Hong Kong movie, because I don't feel there are any storyline and plot at all. Waste my money and time. LOL. Can't be deny, those movie was really funny, but sometimes, it wasn't logic at all. Funny till crazy? ==" Anyway, this movie for me overall are still acceptable.. =/

After movie ended, went to Sushi Zanmai to had our dinner. We sit there for like around 2 hours. Met one of my friend, Irynn there. She came later than us but went off earlier than us. LOL. It seems that we're occupying space there! We just sit there and chit-chatting without pitying those outsiders who line-up for hours. So bad........but who cares? Hahahaha..XD

While Kutuu was busying with her handphone. I secretly take out the card I made and stuck it at her cap there. But.......................she didn't even bother about that.. T^T.. After I told her then only she realize that. -.-

3 more minutes later, while she was reading my card, I take out the present which I hide inside my bag whole day long! Kutuu, this is the reason why I don't let you touch my bag earlier!! Hahahaha.. She was really happy and surprised to received this I supposed? Hehe.. As long as you happy, I'm happy too. What I've promised, I'll do it. This is me, and you always told me this. =D

Anyway, Happy Birthday Kutuu. It wasn't an expensive gift. I hope you'll like it. Last but not least, wish you always happy and all the best in your future. Don't always so naughty. Learn from me ya. =P

Pictures time!! Go go go~

 I'm shorter than you.. T^T..

I drank Enfa-grow..
See, I grow taller than you now.. 

My Kutuu..


 Bullying her cap~

Can you see STARS?

Me and You..

Taken by my brother~



 1st take.. Mr.Wood. -.-

Take 2, Mr.Wood tongue stuck. -.-

Take 3, Mr.Wood wanna kiss, but shy shy..

Take 4, the best shot of the day!!
We are just so CUTE.. =P

Our tea~

The birthday card I made. =D

Birthday card and present!
Hope you like it! =D

Happy Advanced Birthday!! =D

Soft shell crab maki~

 LOL =="

Mr. Wood a.k.a my brother~

Hungry monster~

California rolls~

Hahahaha, terbalik eat this. =O



Ramen for 3 person~


LOL. =]

Leng Zai!! =P

Met her at Sushi Zanmai... Irynn!!

My iBaby~

 Leng Zai. =]

Mr Wood.


Bullying her cap!!

Smoking with toothpick


Leng Zai!! =]

Crazy us~

Smile.. =)

Sad =(



Kutuu, you're taller than my bro.. =]


My bro cannot wear cap!! 
Look so FUNNY!!!

Professional.. Lalalala.. ^^

After finished our dinner, went to take some pictures around outside The Garden. Get attracted by the water colour. Hahahaha.. Kept taking photo non-stop outside there. Upload few here.. =D

Purple fountain~

Pinkyy Fountain~~



 Looking at the sky~

Hahahaha... This pic so FUNNY!! LOL..

Come, fight!! =/

I guess it's enough for the pictures.. There are just way too much. Phewwww.. Hope you guys enjoy reading it..

Had a lot of fun when we took picture together.
Had a lot of fun when we chat together.
Had a lot of fun when we laugh together.
Had a lot of fun when we talking non-sense.
Had a lot of fun whole day with you~

P/S: Tomorrow is a busy day again. Hopefully can get what we want. Ciaooo..

It's a memorable day with you. ♥