Monday, May 30, 2011

Everything is upside-down

Another week passed. Life has been so far so good, quite enjoying my holidays I supposed to. Did hanging out with friends last week. Chatting do really help me to release a lot of moody things. And what I can say is, I did feel better now. =)

One of the thing which make me feel mad is my sleeping time were upside-down now. Insomnia for the last whole week. Can't really fall asleep at night and I slept around 4am midnight everyday. Ohmygosh. I'm forcing myself to sleep, but it was just too hard? =(

Another thing which is I realized that I'm getting lesser and lesser to expose myself in Facebook. Not as much as last time. People who wanna find me, they will find me automatically. People who I feel like wanna find so, I will find them. Just that easy, communication to me now means nothing sometimes. Well, it depends. =]

*By the way.. Yeah.. Someone is missing me caused I seldom online-ing these few days.. Wink Wink.. Happy-ing~  =P...*

A photo of me. Interested in? And yea, if you don't want to have NIGHTMARE. Don't see the below photo ya.  =]

Scary huh?
The NEW me. =]

Everything for me now is just upside-down. 
I just feel tired with everything. 
God bless me. =]

Monday, May 23, 2011

80th Blessed Birthday

This was last week post. 15/05/2011.

Happy 80th Blessed Birthday.
Wish you always happy and stay healthy. =)

On that Sunday, I attended 2 birthday celebration. Wow! Out from morning till night. It was just a fantastic day where I do enjoy from morning till night. Woke up early in the morning, but then we go out almost around noon time. Mummy's fault.. Woke us up so early.. T^T.. My sleeping time gone.. ><"~

Celebrating my mum's side relatives 80th Big Birthday in the afternoon. And then, rushed back home to celebrate Tracy birthday celebration at night. I do enjoy my day. Frankly, morning one a bit boring la~ ._. It was mostly all adults or so called elderly people.. Even there are few youngsters around, but we don't know each other. Even if I met them face to face, I think I will just treat them as strangers. Hmmmm....

The 80th birthday was not held at those restaurant. It held at their house. It was simple, but yet, a memorable moment all of us had! Yea, everyone... Pictures time! =)

We're not having those expensive food. 
We had KFC, Pizza Hut and those normal local food.
It was simple, but yet, we do satisfied. ^^

Red egg~

 The antique swing.
The swing where we sit when we're small. 
Now can't fit in anymore. =]

Happy Blessed 80th Birthday

Green-Tea cake.

Lightning up the candles~~

My eldest auntie~

Closer view of the cake~

Yea, finished~
Sing Birthday song time.. ^^

Too nervous?
Too happy? 
Forget to blow candles before cutting cake. x]

Blowing cake~

Cutting cake..



 Zoom mode~


 Look like Mango?
Pineapple? =]

Family Photo..

The one and only photo which got me~ =]

As close as sisters

Mom and Daughters.
She was 88th years old. Wow!
She looks so different compared with last time.
So thin now. =(

 Mummy, auntie, brother, sisters and relatives~

Today was a tired day. Play badminton for 2 hours with family members today. And it was fun! I released a lot of stress. Slept quite late yesterday and woke up early in this morning. I'm really sleepy now. It's time to sleep! Night~~

Wishing you always happy.
Stay healthy as always and god bless. =)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I live for myself, not for others...

ATTENTION! I am not mentioning anyone here. No hard feeling ya. I just wanna express out my thought. For those who are not interested to read it, please go to the upper right corner and click "X". Thank You...

Holidays started. And I'm trying to find something for myself to do. Whatever things that can occupied my time with. Sometimes, when I got too much time, I tend to think too much. Just too much I guess? I started to realized how human act, their attitude, their mindset. It seems to be scary and some people are just tend to be so fake. Yea, this was just reality.. =]

My mood turn bad since last week. And till today, it still seems that I'm still having it now. Hmm, still a little bit I guess. And mummy said, don't let others know too much of your own things. Such as thinking, personality, weaknesses and blah blah blah...

And somehow, I felt that it was so true now. When others knew you too much, they tend to act and pretend, and take advantages from you. This is reality. Quote from one of my friend, "Be good to others equal treat yourself cruel".

  • Sometimes, when you tend to protect yourself, you need to be selfish.
  • Sometimes, when you tolerate too much. You need to be real tough and force to change yourself into another person. Changed to become not always a WHATEVER person. *I'm learning this*
  • Sometimes, lying in a good way which doesn't harm others or yourself seems to be a good choice. So that others won't easily attack you. And this can be a protection for yourself too.
  • Sometimes, you have to learn to be mature, try not to believe every single word that others said. Think carefully before you replied. Your replied might let others to take advantages from you.
  • Sometimes, learn to become a little naive. I like this somehow, because these were where you can tend to pretend not to know anything. So that you can get out from the danger? Hmmmm....
  • Sometimes, you need to learn to become independent. Lose something, but yet, you did gain something too. Remember, you live for yourself, but not for others.

I can't understand human attitude and mind sometimes. It's really hard to please everyone. Yea, it was just so hard. When you tend to become a good person, they think that you're acting good. On the other hand, when you tend to become a bad person, they don't like the way you act. Hah! Funny, right? This is human mind.. It's just scary...

I'm tired with everything. I feel like wanna disappear for sometimes, so that I can have my own time to think what should I do. Can you imagine that this also tend to appeared in my dream? It does happened for not only once, but yet, TWICE. It was just so scary. You might say, you must be joking right?! And I'm gonna say. Noooo, I'm NOT.

It seems that I really get out of control this time. This is just not-so-me. Don't ask me why, because I don't know as well. Bye.

I don't really mind what others think of me. 
Whether am I ugly, fat, short or what-so-ever..
Because I live for myself, not for others.

 God, I'm exhausted..
I wanna be myself..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Penang Trip 2- Dinner at Simpang Ampat

I'm here to update my blog. Sorry for the late again, almost 10 days didn't update it. ><"~ Haizz, blame the internet! Cant online for few days. Finally, after complaint it, problem solved. Thank god~~

This was one of my favourite shot! Yeehaa! 
It make me feel relaxing. Love it! =)
More to come... Read more! ^^

Busy week passed. Everything seems to be completed now. In the moment of relaxing now~ Semester 2 gonna start in July, which mean I'm so gonna have 1 month++ holidays. Yeah! Hooray everyone. Holidays... Holidays... Here I come now. Gonna enjoy you to the maximum no matter how! =P

Let me post about my Penang Trip 2- Dinner at Simpang Ampat. Forget all those sadness yea. Come, come. Picture time. =)

The lake.

The Boat.

 Zoom Mode. 

The shot which I really love a lot! =)

The water seems to be dirty. Ehem..

Sun reflection. =)

Water reflection. =)

Water waves..

Lonely Bird. =]


Chuk Tan. *I don't know what it called in English* -.-

 Taofu and Crabmeat. Yummy~
But way a bit too expensive. RM45. ><"~

 Crab! Our all time favourite! =)

 Man Tao

 Eat eat eat!!

 Mr Lee eating~


 Love the sky!! =)



 Can you see the cloud reflection on the water? =)

 Orange orange~ I love sunset!

 The sky is just fantastic!

My Papa and Mama~

 My family.

 The sun is going to sleep soon. =]

Finished!! Yummy~

Outside the restaurant

Prawn Village

Today is a tired day.
Hopefully everything will ended fast..