Sunday, December 14, 2008

Golden Brain Mental Arithmethic

Took group photo after the prize and certificate ceremony

Finally, I get back my Grand Level certificate....I think I've waited 2 to 3 years to get back this certificate.....So long time wehy......I learn arithmetic when I'm 14 years old (I think).....Well, and now, due to the laziness to practice....I'm kinda slow to calculate those figures....lolx =.=''' Yala, now got calculator....So, used calculator laa.....Hahahaha =p

Friday, November 28, 2008

3rd Day of Study Group

~Chee Ching & Me~

~Raeshyl and Me~

It was the 3rd day of study group and this was also the last study group we will do for this semester.......Exam will start on Monday.....Soon! Really soon! Today, just 3 of us doing Study Group......but yet, we still had a lot of fun =) Hahahahaha =p

Well, I took Taxi back today....No one fetch me......Haiz! I dunno my mum went out already......This was the first time I took Taxi back from Suntex to my house....And now only I know, the fees were so so so expensive!!! What the.........Well, I have no choice laaaaa.....
Let me post up some pictures.....I took their pictures again! Hahahahaha =p
This picture took yesterday...
I bluetooth this from Rae today.....
Hehehehehe =)

Discussing about FA2....

I capture your picture again, darling!
Hahahhahhaha =p

Raeshly took de.....

Hahahahahaha =p
It's you again!!!

Well, most of the pictures is me today....
Because I took too many of their photos yesterday....
Today is my turn lol...
Hehehehehe =p

3 more days to go!!! Am I well prepared yet??? Or still blur???

Thursday, November 27, 2008

2nd Day of Study Group

This was my second day of Study Group in college.....5 people~ We went to 1 Cafe to do our revision because our college library discussion room was a bit small.....Not really can fit in 5 people...... Well, we did revision for FA2......This paper was tough laaaa.....Hope I can do it in my exam.....Anyway, let me post up some pictures......Took their pictures secretlyyyy~ Sorry laaaa......Hahahahaha =p


Too excited to take photo's!!! Hahaha =p

Smile =) Smile =) Smile =)

Chee Ching with her food! Hahahahaha =p

I'll end the post with my friend...Chia Xin~

I have 4 more days to go......Time is becoming lesser and lesser!!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My first Semester Results!!!

I easily look through??? I mean people will know my mood easily??? Through my expression??? Hmm...Ya, I think it's true...I try to cover it up, but it seem I've failed...Hahahahaa =) My friends ask me, why you look sad today??? I have no idea why, I'm back to the moody mood again...

I tried many hundreds times not to think about it but it just can't...It's just naturally, I not purposely wanna think back...I think I still need to take some time to recover...Anyway, I know god will always stay beside me whenever I met any problems and difficulties!!! =) I've to be strong!!!!!

Oooops....Oh ya....My first Semester result was out!!! I felt nervous when I take the results...I really scared that I will failed any of the subjects...In addition, I was not in mood today, I have no idea how, if I failed...Looked even moody??? Or, I'll cry??? Well, about the results...I satisfied with it =)

I really suprised when I get the results...Especially, accounts paper... I have no idea why, I hate account...Just no reason!!! Hahahaaa =p I think this is one of the reason that I didn't choose Accounting course....Hahahahaa =p

Hey! About the Malaysian Studies, I really really really satisfied with the results although I get C+...I thought I will failed this paper because I did many mistakes in the exam.....

Financial Accounting 1 ---> A
Cost Accounting ---> A
Introduction To Business ---> B+
Business Communication ---> B-
Microeconomics ---> B+
Malaysian Studies ---> C+

As you can see now, I'm back to normal =) Maybe because of the results...I felt really happy and thanks to all my friends that concern me in the class...Appreciate a lot =)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Message from HIM*

Wow....He* send me this message...I have no idea why, suddenly, he wrote about the way he feel about me... Should I happy or not ??? Hahahaahaa =p Hey~!!!! I just treat him* as my friend...No others ya... =)

" I'll give you the moon at night, I'll give you the stars that shine in your eyes, I'll give you the sun that made just one more dawn so another day may come, I'll give you my heart and soul, I'll be there to catch you when you fall. When I asked myself what I would give you, girl I'll give it all to you!! Honestly, this is giving me sleepless night, I wonder the kind of person you are, I mean you are God sent, I cherish the way we talk, I admire the way you talk, I feel the gift of your voice through God and I appreciates our knowing each other, when I ask you for love, I was waiting and I was scared, if you will say no, I was crying because I don't want to lose you, I was heart wet if you will turn back on me but I was very happy when I saw your reply, I felt good in me, I felt relive, I felt the whole world is mine, I know you are... "

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Semua Tentang Kita

This song I heard in NS....I love this song so much...The lyrics was so meaningful~

Time passes really fast...The year 2008, for NS had finished... Everytime when I listen this song...I will think back the days in NS =)

~Semua Tentang Kita~
Waktu terasa semakin berlalu
Tinggalkan cerita tentang kita
Akan tiada lagi kini tawamu
Tuk hapuskan semua sepi di hati
Ada cerita tentang aku dan dia
Dan kita bersama saat dulu kala
Ada cerita tentang masa yang indah
Saat kita berduka saat kita tertawa
Teringat di saat kita tertawa bersama
Ceritakan semua tentang kita
Ada cerita tentang aku dan dia
Dan kita bersama saat dulu kala
Ada cerita tentang masa yang indah
Saat kita berduka saat kita tertawa

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yo~ Finally...KLCC~PetroSains, here we come... lolxx.... Hahahaha :p I've went there many times before, the last I went there I think was last year-English Society trip...
Boring to stay at home...Really had fun with my darling and honey there...Enjoy it so much~ We reach KLCC at 10:15am...The first thing we do is....Buy SHOES (not me laaa)...lolx... Some reason behind it :) Lucky we did bring our student card...Got discount...We only have to pay RM9.60 per person...Oringinal price is RM12 per person...
~Chee Ching & Pei Voon~

Okey~!!! Let's begin our journey.... >>>>>>

~Me & Darling & Honey~
~Love you guys~

~Nice Nice~
~Chee Ching & Pei Voon~
Heheheheee :)
Pei Voon~
Chee Ching~


Between these 3 photos...Who suits the most ??? They say me wor... Hahahahaha :p


Wahhh~!! Behind got 1 big dinosaur :D
Jungle ???

Smile :)
~Darling & I~
Heheheheheee :)
Non-stop taking photo...
Darling took this photo using her hp~ :D

Both of them look like model ??? Hahahahaa :p
Nice pose ya...darling~

So sweet :) Honey~
Chee Ching & I
Pei Voon & I
Haaahaahahaaa :)

Yeah !!! Smile :D
Yo~ Go Go Go~!!!!
What am I doing ???


Always take picture so close one :)
Stick together~
OMG~!!! Thinking something ???
Hahaahahaaa :p

I also not sure whether what game is this...Alpha & Beta...Huh ?? Whatever laaaa~ lolx :p
What are we doing ??? Sleeping ??
So concentrate~ Kakax :D
Yes~!! I'm winning...
I want win~ Gambatae~!!!
Whey~ You better be careful when driving...lolx :p
You also~ :)

3D movie...RM2 per movie...
Walauyeh....So cool man~ Wearing black glasses...
Hahahhaaa :p
Well, time passes really fast...4 hours pass... And now we're hungry...We went to food court there to had our lunch...3pm~
Wah~ Burger~ Hahaha :)
Finally, it's me...
Wow~Today really a happy day...Spend my time with my friends in KLCC... ^^ My dad came and fetch me....Emm~ Because he just nearby there...Reach home at 5pm...We have took 70+ photos....Hehehee :) So many~!!! Hope we have more chance to hang out....It's fun to hang out with you guys~