Friday, March 20, 2009

Pictures in 1-Cafe

I'll start the post with 3 of us.....
Raeshyl, Me and Chia Xin.....
Happy Happy ^^

'Y' french fries....
Kekeeke ^^

Well, class ended at 4:35pm and reach home at 6pm......Well, 2 hours 30 minutes class, and what we really did in IS class is surfing the web, check mails, on facebook, blogging and blah blah blah.........only 30 minutes for learning Microsoft Access >.<''

At first we plan not to attend IS Lab class, and just hand up the assignment to the lecturer....But, the lecturer say NO, attendance is compulsory and important......So, choice-less for us~ Well, only Raeshyl and I attend IS Lab class today, Zhi Jing back home already.......

Oh ya, now I'll upload those pictures that we took in 1-Cafe during our lunch......
My lougongzai and I...
Heheehehe ^^

Smile Smile =)

Both of us FOC advertising books...
Cooking and Law books~
Hahahahaha =p

And now, 'Sprite'
Hehehehe =)

Chia Xin & I
Kakax =D

Lai Sin eating her Nasi Lemak with Chicken.....

She looks cute....
Hahahahaha =p

Esther in shock?
Wahahahaha =p

She's enjoying her lunch so much! =)

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