Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Show Lo, 罗志祥 DANTE 但丁 EP + DVD Japanese Album

My blog seems so dead I know. Been wondering around and don't know what to write currently. Been unmotivated to write blog nowadays, just don't know why. My life? So far so good. My mood? Most of the time also happy, sometimes emo la. Hmmmm, whatsoever.

Well, since I got nothing to write, I mean my own personal life. So, in order to make my blog alive again, I'll just post few pictures of Show Lo Japanese Album. [13.3.2012]

Oh yea, short story about this. =)

I bought this Album through online. My very first time of buying an album myself and buying online things. Turn out not bad! Maybe will buy other things in the future? Who knows? But currently really PK to the max.. Who willing to sponsor me? Hah! =P

Wanna know what are the reason that I bought this album? Don't want tell you guys and I bet you guys can't guess it! Hah! =P

Pictures time. =)

Haven't unpack it. =P
Show Lo, 罗志祥 DANTE 但丁 EP + DVD Japanese Album~ 

Haven't unpack it. =P

 After unpack it~
Arghhhh.. Handsome! =P

Tadaaaa!! My new collection!!
Limited edition poker cards!! 

Finally, I open it! ♥ =P
I know very nice! =P

Give you guys free chance to look on my limited edition Show Lo poker cards!
See, I so good. =P

He's just so handsome.  =P

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