Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Blessed 24th Birthday Lover! :)


Once upon a time...
She don't know me. I don't know her.
When I first saw her, I only had a so-so feeling with her. 
*cough cough cough*

But as times goes by, I get to know her bits by bits.

Kept telling me she is fat but she is NOT. -_-

She is fierce. =/

She is STRONG.

She will go emo. T_T

She is also flexible too. HAHAHAHA.
I mean, cheerful. XD 

Taken in 2010.
We know each other by a middlegirl, named Piggie (middle).

We get to know each other slowly. 
By plucking the apples, uhmm leaves. Lololol.

The 3 are getting closer and closer.

I somewhat, somehow, anyhow.....tend to ignore the close one.
*Don't ask me why lol*
But, that doesn't de-value our relationship.
Instead, it gets us closer and closer, because...
They understand me. :)

She / They understand the reason behind my smile. 

They both are taking picture, but I'm still in the picture lol.
*jealous la*

We go trips together. :)

Took a lot of memorable pictures! :)

When we argue.

The best thing is... We are all FINE in awhile. ;)

We are posers too. HAHAHAHA.

We fight too.

See, I always kena bully. Haih. T_T

Sometimes, not much words are needed.
Because we know each other by heart. :)

We celebrate important events together and they are there for me all these while. :)


Friends won't let you do stooooopid things alone.

If you don't know how to swim, don't worry, I'm NOT gonna save you.
Learn yourself lo.

My favourite quote with them: 不知所谓!
Yea, she also always 不知所谓 me. Lololol. =/

I don't talk much. I listen more than I talk.
I always tell them; Hey, I'm fine. BUT they know I'm not.
Uhmm, interesting. Are they reading my mind? 
NO NO NO. Psychologist don't believe in reading mind, I observe behaviour. =P

We don't talk to each other often.
We don't meet up often as well.
Because we are all in different field and path.
But we make sure we still keep in touch with each other at times. :)

When I do wrong, they'll correct my mistakes.
They told me to be myself, do what that makes me happy.

My appearance are tough, but I'm not.
I promised myself I will change for the sake for myself now.
ONE call, ONE text, they will ALWAYS ready there for me.
Even though there are asleep or in toilet poo-poo-ing.. Lololol.
Yes, I know you all do. =P

She will be there for me when I need someone to accompany.
Wait me for hours without complaining anything. :)

P/S: Wahh. We are so YOUNG; past and now lol.

2012. :)

I used to always carry my baby around, but it really depends on my mood. So, this explained why some pictures are missing lol. Plus, don't know which nerves of mine dakik dy, I got a period of time I HATE taking pictures. Lol. Ehem. But, nothing makes us apart despite all the journey we've went through. It makes us grow stronger instead of weaker. We tend to understand from each other perspective instead of judging it. I love them NOT because of what they are, but who they are. Thanks for these awesome memories and years we've been through together. 6 years of friendship and still counting! :)

The many faces of US.

 Happy Buttday dear Lover. :)

May all your wish come true. :)

Happy Birthday once again, Lover.
I hope you enjoy your day and always be happy and stay healthy. :)
- 15.5.2015 @ Elilai -

P/S: Speedy recovery for your beautiful leg. :]

Happy Blessed 24th Birthday! :)

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