Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My first Semester Results!!!

I easily look through??? I mean people will know my mood easily??? Through my expression??? Hmm...Ya, I think it's true...I try to cover it up, but it seem I've failed...Hahahahaa =) My friends ask me, why you look sad today??? I have no idea why, I'm back to the moody mood again...

I tried many hundreds times not to think about it but it just can't...It's just naturally, I not purposely wanna think back...I think I still need to take some time to recover...Anyway, I know god will always stay beside me whenever I met any problems and difficulties!!! =) I've to be strong!!!!!

Oooops....Oh ya....My first Semester result was out!!! I felt nervous when I take the results...I really scared that I will failed any of the subjects...In addition, I was not in mood today, I have no idea how, if I failed...Looked even moody??? Or, I'll cry??? Well, about the results...I satisfied with it =)

I really suprised when I get the results...Especially, accounts paper... I have no idea why, I hate account...Just no reason!!! Hahahaaa =p I think this is one of the reason that I didn't choose Accounting course....Hahahahaa =p

Hey! About the Malaysian Studies, I really really really satisfied with the results although I get C+...I thought I will failed this paper because I did many mistakes in the exam.....

Financial Accounting 1 ---> A
Cost Accounting ---> A
Introduction To Business ---> B+
Business Communication ---> B-
Microeconomics ---> B+
Malaysian Studies ---> C+

As you can see now, I'm back to normal =) Maybe because of the results...I felt really happy and thanks to all my friends that concern me in the class...Appreciate a lot =)

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CY said...

what r u studying actually? Is it business?