Saturday, September 20, 2008

Message from HIM*

Wow....He* send me this message...I have no idea why, suddenly, he wrote about the way he feel about me... Should I happy or not ??? Hahahaahaa =p Hey~!!!! I just treat him* as my friend...No others ya... =)

" I'll give you the moon at night, I'll give you the stars that shine in your eyes, I'll give you the sun that made just one more dawn so another day may come, I'll give you my heart and soul, I'll be there to catch you when you fall. When I asked myself what I would give you, girl I'll give it all to you!! Honestly, this is giving me sleepless night, I wonder the kind of person you are, I mean you are God sent, I cherish the way we talk, I admire the way you talk, I feel the gift of your voice through God and I appreciates our knowing each other, when I ask you for love, I was waiting and I was scared, if you will say no, I was crying because I don't want to lose you, I was heart wet if you will turn back on me but I was very happy when I saw your reply, I felt good in me, I felt relive, I felt the whole world is mine, I know you are... "

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Yin's said...

wow... is the the guy sweet talk to u ar?? hehehe