Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back To Camp Open Day!

- 20th April 2008 -

When we reach there, I go to “ Padang Kawad ” to see our juniors performance…It’s really a great job they did…Then, I met Cikgu Nadia, which she is my Company Teacher…Charlie !!! I miss her so much and others too…

The weather was so hot and we go to “ Koperasi ” to buy drink…Then, we met Cikgu Syarina…She is a physical teacher…Last time, I really afraid of her~ Hehe (^^) I also dunno why leh ??? But now, I like her a lot… She also “ belanja ” us a drink… Thank You oo. Later on, we also met Cikgu Bard and Cikgu Azami. Both of them were in Company Charlie too…

As time passes, we have a small gathering with Cikgu Nadia and our juniors in Dewan Makan…We also taught our juniors some “ Sorakan ”…Haha (^^) It’s 3pm…My daddy came and fetch us back…But~ I’m still waiting for Cikgu Nadia to say BYE ! Luckily, she came out…~ I really miss a lot!!!

I reach home at 5pm…Later on, at night I have dinner…It’s really very tired and tomorrow I have classes but I felt very happy because I can back to my camp open day… I hope I can back to visit my camp again !!!

It’s really a happy day…I went back to my camp open day with my friends…Trixie, Thong and Ee Lei. There are only few of them back…Banana Family got 4 members, then is 2 Bravo girls, 6 chinese boys and 1 malay boy…

KJ and I
Cikgu Bard, Me, Cikgu Azami, Cikgu Halim, Ee Lei and Trixie
Cikgu Bard, Me, Cikgu Azami, Cikgu Halim, Thong and Trixie

Dewan Makan...With Cikgu Nadia

Cikgu Ramesh
Cikgu Noor and I
( PK 2 )

Cikgu Ayu and I

With CB teachers and ex-trainee

Charlie and Bravo...with Cikgu Dino

Only these Chinese back to Camp Open Day !

Cikgu Azami, Cikgu Sam n Me

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Wackygurl89 said...

Glad u guys had fun! Well, if only I can make it on that seems so much fun..