Sunday, June 1, 2008

Back from SLC~

(26th May to 28th May)
Yeah! I’m back from camping. Do you know what I think when I first reach this camp ?? ~ It’s the days in NS… Haha ^^ It’ true ! I have no idea why ??? Wahaha :) The activities here is almost the same in NS…All is about team work !!!

On Monday, my mum fetch me to the LRT Station, Tasik Selatan. I reach college at 8:40am. When I reach there, my friend told me that the bus will only leave at 10am… Oh No~

4-stories Rock-Climbing / Abseiling / Flying Fox

About flying fox~ Although it's the 3rd time I've played, it's also scary~ Haha ^^


Whale Watch

.Looks like a big SEA-SAW ??? All of our team members have to balance it...
The Spider Web
SPIDER WEB ??? We need to cross over it...Without touching the web...One hole is just for 1 person...Our team have 16 people...
My dorm

Can fit in 20 people...but my dorm only got 10 people !!!
(I have to wait 1 hour)… Finally, we reached SLC at 1:30pm…First, we have briefing. After, we have our lunch! Then, look into our dorm and blah blah blah...

These were some of the activites we've done in this 3 days !!!Few days ago, I receive a sms from college that I need to be at college before 9am…

Smile :)
This is just a part of the activities, we have done more than this. In this camp, I've learn a word, it is RESILIENCE, meaning is DON'T GIVE UP! When we play those activities, we really face a lot of problems~ We also have "sorakan"...Our sorakan sounds funny... "Alamak, Ulamak, Fulamak, EXTREME!" Wahahahaha :p
For this year, we only have land activities...Now I'm hoping for next year camping because we will have water activities...!!!

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