Friday, June 27, 2008

All about Mc Donald's!

Today my 'Intro to Business' class is movie week...
Interesting and Disgusting !!!

Arghhh !!! .....After watched this... I don't think i dared to eat McDonald's in these few months... Who ever watched this before you will know... I didn't say that you cannot eat, but it's your choice...

Let's me describe to you a bit about the movie~ It's actually all about McDonald's. It's a REAL documentary film... This guy eat McDonald's. If u want to belanja me to eat MC Donald's...Thanks ya...You can just give me your money larxx...Wahahahaaa :p
3 meals per day for 30 days...Can u imagine it ??? He's actually put himself in a danger zone... He start to gained weight and he felt sick after kept on eating it... After 30 days, he gained 11.1kg, a 13% body mass increase, and his body mass index rose from 23.2 (within the 'healthy' range of 19-25) to 27 ('overweight'). You will never think before that !!!

Let's watch this... (=.=')
Experiment: How Mc Donald's food stay after some time ?

What's this ??? Sales ???
Hahaaha :p
This is what we brought to class !!!

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