Tuesday, January 20, 2009

School Days

Woke up at 1pm in the afternoon...omg! I have no idea why I sleep until so late.....Maybe too tired??? or just lazy to wake up??? Wahahahaaha =p

Being whole day at home..... What to do???? Yeah!!! It's watching drama~ Hahaha =p I have no class for today and tomorrow! Free!

Hmm, saw this picture while looking from one of my friend friendster.....It's a photo that we took after the Moral 'Choral Speaking' presentation....Almost 1 year+ already I've graduated from SMKDN.... I missed my teachers and some of my friends! =)

Hmm.....There were happy memories and of course also sad memories in the school days...... >.<'' So, how about college life??? Ermm.....not said that I don't college life....But, it just driving me crazy when there's a lot of assignments and have exam right after we finished our assignments! Time were always just like not enough! Agree??? Hahahaha =p

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