Saturday, January 24, 2009

My 19th Birthday

Happy Moment =)

Too tired yesterday...Can't manage to blog the 2nd part of my birthday with my family....Nevermind, I'll blog now! Hehehe =) Well, we had our dinner at Puchong....My favourite Japanese Food =) And, my mum buy me a cake.....Hehehe =) Thanks mummy!!! ^^
Well, wanna say thank you to my little brother....He buy me a present! Really suprise me!!! Hehehe...... He knows I love Wuma-Wuma....Hahahaaha =p I'm so happy to receive his present......Thanks a lot ya =)
My Birthday Cake =)
I'm 19th with 19 candles ^^
The cake shop~
My lovely mummy and daddy =)
My brother, sister and me~
Hehehehe =)
My little brother and me
Smile ^^
I'm wondering what's inside???
Hahahaha =p
Deng! Deng! Deng!
My lovely Wuma-Wuma....
Thanks a lot ^^
Hehehehe =)
How was it???
Cute arr???
Hehehe ^^

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