Thursday, February 12, 2009

Semester 2 Results Out!

The weather was so so so hot today! Arghh! Rain laaa~ Hehehe ^^ Well, I still thinking that whether should I change course anot? Huh* Maybe Yes? Or maybe No? Thinking~Thinking~Thinking~
About my results.......I was so nervous when I get my results.....I don't even dare to see it......Gosh! I thought I will failed 2 subjects because I knew that I did not did well in the exam........But, thank god! I pass all..... Hahahaha ^^ I was so so so happy =) Congratulation to all my friends that did well in their exams ya ^^ Hmm, this was my results......

Introduction To Finance ---> A
Financial Accounting 2 ---> A-
Macroeconomics ---> A
Principles Of Marketing ---> B

P/S: Write my results here just wanna share my happiness with all of you that read my blog~ Cheers ^^

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RaE~EviLks said...

Why dint you include our emotions and facial expression at the moment we see our results lahhh