Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Homemade Sandwich

Been so far so good recently. Bloggie seems to be dying soon. Busy-ing with my final projects and all my courseworks are all coming out already!!! Which mean my life will be miserable again like what I used to do last time. LOL. =/

Ohhh, my topic, homemade sandwich. Suddenly got the mood to do some side dishes yesterday. Be frank, I don't like cooking at all, but if you ask me to do some side dishes and decorate it, I think I'm still possible to handle it. Hahahahaha.. =P

Since I got nothing much can write, so I'll just teach you guys how to make a tasty homemade sandwich. Very simple and easy to do it. Hehe. Don't worry, I've tried it, and nothing bad happened to me anyway.  =P

- 4 slices of bread
- 6 pieces of Crabmeat [4 pieces of bread]
- Seaweed
- Mayonese [Less than half bowl]
- Thousand Island [Less than half bowl]
- Lemon [Depends on your sour level]

1) Slice the crabmeat into tiny small pieces.
2) Mix Mayonese and Thousand Island + Lemon juice together.
3) Mix the crabmeat and the sauces all together.
4) Put slices of seaweed and apply the sauces + crabmeat on top of the bread.
5) Cut the bread into half and served it on plate........

How simple it is yea? Heh! =D

Tadaa! DONE! =D
Yummm Yumm Yummy!!
Cannot eat also can see la.. Hah! =P

P/S: Been seriously thinking about my future now. Whether should I go on to the field which I am interested in or enter the field which I'm studying now. Hmmmmm, it seems that it's a real complicated questions. I've give myself a challenge, if I can get "THAT", which mean I should go into my interest field. Or another option, I'll be choosing for further studies. Which one should I choose now? Hmmmmm, wondering now. Just see what God lead me to. =]

Forget about that first, there are still 2 more months before I ended my Degree life. Enjoy first.. Wheeeeee~XD

Assignments life back to me again!!! =/

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woahhh nampak mabeles gile...hu3