Monday, July 30, 2012

Zooming Technique

Holidays pass one week. OMG. Time flies... I don't wanna start class so soon.. I want to have more holidayssss seriously! ><"~

After exam ended, I take photos like mad. During studying time no time to go out to take photos, and now, since I got the time, of course I will fully utilize it to the max! Muahahaha.. =P

And yea, I just back from my trip with Psycho gang! One word, ENJOY! Hee. =D.. And currently, most of my time I spent outside. Hmmmm.. Reason 1 is due to WEATHER IS TOO HOT!!!!!! Stay at home keep sweating, so my family take the opportunity to go shopping mall to fully utilize the cold air-condition. =P.. Reason 2 is because my family are extrovert. LOL. O.o!! Have to go out everyday... Ehem... Oh well, no comment. =/

So, people like me, I don't really fancy with shopping at all. Usually girls like to shop for clothes, bags, accessories and blahhhhh... But I am the one who got exception. -.- LOL. Last time at least I used to followed my mum walk around. Now, I got my new hobby, which is sitting at MPH/BORDERS to read books.

A big HUH I know. =]

If they shop for 3 hours, I will sit at the MPH/BORDERS to read books. What books? Wanna make a guess? Errr? Hmmm? Huh?

Okay! The answer is PHOTOGRAPHY book! Get it correctly? Yes? No? =P

Been seriously addicted to read photography books nowadays. Can't afford to buy it, so, just sit at bookstores to read about it. Clever me. =P

And yea, currently I just learn a new technique for photography skill which is Zooming Technique. I am really into it now. I love the effect to the max. And yea, not perfect yet, just learned. Hee. =D

Hari Raya Decoration can be viewed at my page, Vanzy Photography. Thanks for the support people! =D

Original Effect, Colour Edited. =D

Another 2 more photos can be view at >>>

Monday AGAIN. 
Another week pass. ><"~
Good Night people! =/

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